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javaz On October - 31 - 2009

halloweenBeing that it is Halloween, I thought it might be fun if we all shared scary tales about things that go bump in the night.

I have two such tales, and they are true as far as I can attest, but then again, I was a child of the 60’s, so you decide.

Years go, when I was in my early 20’s, single and living alone, I had the strangest dream.

It had been a Friday night, and I stayed in Fridays because I had to rise early at 4:30 to head into work Saturday.

I’ll never forget this dream or the aftermath.

In my dream, I woke up and went to the bathroom and when I clicked on the light,  I was scared and shocked to see an older woman dressed all in black.  Her dress reached the floor, and her gray hair was covered in some of type of black scarf.

Before I could scream or open my mouth, she said to me, “Someone you know with blonde hair has died.”

I woke up instantly, and laid in the darkness trying to think of who I knew with blonde hair, and since it was the middle of th night and I was still half-asleep, I decided it was a stupid dream and could not think of anyone I knew with blonde hair.

I went into work the next day and had forgotten about that dream until I came home to a ringing phone.

A friend was calling to tell me that another very good friend had been involved in a hit-and-run the night before and was in the ICU hooked up to life support and was not expected to make it. He had been declared brain dead and his parents were the unimaginable situation of having to make that terrible decision on pulling the plug.

That friend had blonde hair and it still sends shivers down my spine every time I remember that night.

My second tale is harder to believe, since I actually have a hard time believing it myself.

I live in a rural desert area at the base of the Superstition Mountains outside of Phoenix, and the mountains themselves are filled with many mysteries even to this day.

In my area are several rock structures left behind by prospectors that came up to the mountains in search of the famous Lost Dutchmen Mine.

It had been a very hot summer day in mid-July and I was sitting in my office writing on the PC with my little dog napping on a nearby recliner.

I’m not sure exactly what happened that drew my attention, but I turned my head and from the corner of my eye I saw a figure, just the shoulders and chest under a brown shirt of some sort. At the very time, my dog jumped from the recliner and started barking furiously, while going in circles, and the temperature in the room dropped to freezing.

The apparition or figment of my overactive imagination was only seen for maybe a second, but the dog was in high alert and the room was so cold.

I pushed from my desk and walked out the door to the yard and into the heat. The little dog ran out barking and still going crazy, and as I was leading the way around the house, the dog stopped and turned to the patio and just went crazy barking his fool dog head off.

There was nothing there.

We walked around the house and went back into my office and that room was still so cold that I turned the air up higher to warm the room up.

I’m not sure myself what occurred, but all I can say is that I wish whatever that was that happened that day would happen more often during the summer to help us cut down on our electric bills!

Happy Haunting!

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Written by javaz

I am a retired aerospace engineer, happily married for over twenty-four years. My hobbies include blogging on PPOV, reading mystery/romance novels, playing guitar, learning the piano and writing. My husband and I love to travel in our camper/trailer, and have visited 45 states, besides having lived in France for 2 years and seeing most of Europe. "Today is the first day of the rest of your life? Well, that's true of every day but one - the day you die." American Beauty "All you need in this life is ignorance and confidence, and then success is sure." Mark Twain "A man is never more truthful than when he acknowledges himself a liar." Mark Twain

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  1. KQuark says:

    Thank you for sharing a truly wonderful story.

    Anything and everything is possible based on quantum theory no less. I believe there are quantum echos of spirits all around us. Not all of us have a way of detecting them.

  2. escribacat says:

    That is an amazing story. Your daughter was mending that relationship for you and telling you other important things at the same time. Wow.

  3. BigDogMom says:

    Javaz, thank you so much for creating this thread tonight, I loved sharing your personal experiences..

    Good night to all…

  4. FeloniousMonk says:

    Thank you for sharing that. I’d like to meet you sometime.

  5. BigDogMom says:

    Javaz…I love your story…Your daughter wanted to contact you, to tell you everything was alright with her. She had to go to a none believer, Helen to get through to you, because more than likely you were closed to her due to grief and fear…and what better way to get the two women in your daughters life that she loved the most to get together!

    Things happen for a reason I always say, ours is not to wonder why….

  6. javaz says:

    Okay here’s another.
    My husband was a widow with an 11 year old daughter at the time we got together.
    I’ve no children of my own, and let me tell you that coming in and raising that kid, especially when she hit her teens, well, I was the wicked step-mother.
    When she graduated from high school, my gift to her was first and last month’s rent.
    As she grew into her 20’s, we became the best of friends, and she even called me mom, which made me uncomfortable, because I did not believe that I deserved that special title.
    One of our greatest pleasures as a family was playing guitar.
    She actually surpassed us in her talent and we were so proud of her.
    She was killed in a stupid motor cycle accident, and no, there were no drugs or alcohol involved, but she wasn’t wearing a helmet.
    From the police reports, they estimated their speed was roughly 12 mpg.
    I think I can ride a bicycle faster than that.
    She died on the exact same day as her biological mother and my husband’s first wife.
    Her mother died from an epileptic seizure.
    I had a dream one night, whereby our daughter, and yes, she was mine, came over to the house we live in now, and told us to get the guitars out because she was bringing over George Harrison.
    My husband went and got all the guitars out, whereby I was freaking, because “My Sweet Lord” is not an easy song to play.
    I woke before George actually arrived, but I always wonder if she truly met him in heaven.

    Sheesh, I’ve got tons of these type stories, but then again, remember that I had much fun in the 60’s!

    • kesmarn says:

      It must be a consolation that you were on good terms when she left you. Very hard for your husband, I’m sure, to lose two loved ones on the same calendar day. He’s lucky to have you in his life.

      As for the other stories—keep ’em coming. It’s not the witching hour yet.

      • javaz says:

        Thank you, and yes, my husband suffers, but I am working on that even to this day, because he has much guilt.
        My husband used to say to me that he has a very tragic life, whereby I correct him, and I do agree that he has survived much tragedy, but he’s got me now, and honestly, knock on wood, I have had a charmed life.
        Don’t get me wrong.
        I’ve made more than my share of mistakes in life and have my tragedies, too, but for the most part, my life is blessed.
        Okay, I’m going to make another post about us losing our daughter, and it is a stretch, but there is something to it.

    • BigDogMom says:

      I’m so sorry to hear about your daughter, and yes I think you’ve earned the right for her to be yours…What a wonderful dream, maybe she did meet him in heaven and this was her way of letting you know that everything is OK….

  7. HITO says:

    Here’s my story:

    I moved north of NYC in 1988. I knew that my grandfather, who my mom had barely known, was buried up here. I found his grave, and went to it and laid flowers. I was pregnant at the time. Shortly after that time I had my daughter. My mom and dad came up to stay with me for a week when my daughter was about 4 weeks old.

    The weird stuff started around that time. I had a mainecoon cat, and I saw him go from complete repose to jumping like a rabbit for no apparent reason twice that week. The morning my parents were to leave, I overheard my mom asking my dad why he was stroking her arm the night before while they slept. He told her he did not stroke her forearm at any point. They actually argued about it over breakfast. I eavesdropped, became concerned, but said nothing to them.

    They left, and strange things continued to happen. Unknown noises being heard from my daughter’s bedroom and the cat continued to exhibit an unknown reactive behavior. Given that my house was brand new, was sited on a former horse pasture, the only thing of a supernatural nature I could associate these things to was the visit to my grandfather’s grave.

    I talked to a friend of my sister’s who suggested I get a bundle of dry sage and after igniting it, walk through the house, from corner to corner of every room with the smoke. I also very loudly asked my grandfather’s spirit to leave.

    I never had another occurence of anything out of the norm again. Nor have I been back to my grandfather’s grave.

    • javaz says:

      Welcome HITO!

      Why were you afraid?
      Okay, I know that’s probably a stupid question, because the weird things that happen in life can be scary, but there is nothing to fear.

      Keep an open mind, and rather feeling fear, accept it.
      There’s a reason for the unexplainable, and do not fear.
      It cannot hurt you or your baby, but is there for a reason.
      It could be for protection.
      You could be blessed.
      Your grandfather might just be a guardian angel.

      I am so sorry that whatever it was frightened you, but don’t shut down your feelings out of fear from your logical mind.
      You could talk to your grandfather in your mind, and ask him not to scare you.

      Ghosts or spirits cannot hurt you or your baby in this world.

      I wouldn’t be surprised if your child actually talks to your grandfather, because children are so open minded.

      Don’t fear the strange things.

      Were you close to your grandfather?

    • kesmarn says:

      “Chasing demons” was the term used to describe that kind of cat behavior in my mom’s family. Great story.

    • BigDogMom says:

      That just gave me chills down my legs…glad I only experience that once when I was a child, now I just have feelings…which are far easier to deal with…

  8. kesmarn says:

    This is a great thread!. I love stories like this, and I’m impressed with the writing talent in this group. You guys know how to spin a yarn!
    I must be too scientific or skeptical or something because this interesting stuff never seems to happen to me. But my Mom did have a few experiences of the unexplainable.
    Her own Dad had died when she was 12, so I never met him. But I felt almost as though I knew him because she told so many vivid stories. She was very attached to him and his loss was the most traumatic event of her childhood.
    He worked on the railroad on the “graveyard” shift as a roundhouse foreman. So what would have been his “lunch hour” was actually around midnight, and he would walk the short distance home to eat.
    Since the family was all in bed at that point, he would amuse himself with trying to see what stations he could pull in on the radio as he had his meal. After his death, my Mom reported that there were several nights on which the radio came on spontaneously--all by itself--at midnight.

    Sweet dreams all…

    • javaz says:

      I’m skeptical, too, but I have had so many strange things happen in my life, and grew up hearing other strange stories, and have had strange dreams, that I keep an open mind.
      I do not fear the unexplainable, but prefer to keep an open mind because who knows?
      It is said that when we sleep, that sleep is a form of death, yet our minds do not click off.
      So, it makes me wonder if we do die, because it seems as though our minds or subconscious cannot.
      Freud even wrote about it, and there are college classes at major universities, that deal in the paranormal.
      Keep an open mind, or open your mind, and never fear the unknown.
      Happy Halloween!

  9. BigDogMom says:

    Ok, here’s one….When I was younger, we used to spend our summers down south with my mother’s family, in the hills of Virginia, Wise, Va…appalachia…hillbilly country…Well one summer when I was real young, my grandmother, aunts and mother took me to a tea leaf reader in the holler, (a holler is a deep narrow valley), the house was a typical mountain shanty, with the washing machine on the porch..Well, the reason they brought me there was to confirm whether or not I had the gift of ‘Second Sight’…you see, my mother was scared for me….The Christmas before this particular vacation, I remember waking up and hearing footsteps, they went from room to room, pausing a little bit at each family members bed, when they got to my room, I shut my eyes real tight and hid under the covers, because I knew that this was not Santa, this was a something else…then I felt this weight on my chest so heavy that I cried out…my mother ran to my room, and she knew from the look in my face that something happened…later that morning after we opened all our gifts…we got a phone call, from the hospital…my grandfather died that morning…and then my mother asked the doctor on the phone what time did he die…and it was the exact time that I heard the footsteps and screamed out….3:34 am Dec 24, 1968… I remember this like it was yesterday….

    • javaz says:

      Gave me chills.
      Thank you.
      I love reading people’s experiences about the unexplainable.
      Do you have anymore?

      • BigDogMom says:

        Well I do….One morning my father called and said that they were taking my mother by ambulance to the hospital, meet them there…when I hung up the phone I remember thinking, ‘What do you wear the day your mother dies…’ she held on until my other sisters got there and she passed away that evenening….to date I have ‘felt’, predicted I guess you would say, several deaths and near deaths of members of my family…I have learned to discern whether it is my fears or the real thing…if it’s the real thing, I feel a sense of calm coming over me…and I have also learned that it’s not really that scary…

        • javaz says:

          Never fear and never doubt those gut feelings, or dreams.
          We all have them, but some of us are more open to the unexplainable.

          If you’ve ever watched crime shows, they always have the victim saying they had a bad feeling, but ignored it.

          Keep an open mind and listen to your inner feelings.
          I guess that’s what they call intuition, and all of us should listen to that little voice in our heads.
          Unless, you’re George Bush Jr. and going to invade Iraq!
          He’s a fake though, but then you already knew that.
          It really has nothing to do with religion, but rather a gut feeling.
          I can’t explain it, but I think you know what I mean.

          • BigDogMom says:

            Our higher self talks to us, also called gut feeling, inner voice, intuition..when you are a fair and balanced person that is open and receptive to all forms of thinking, philosophys, so forth…the voice is allowed to come through..it’s when we let all the outside stuff, like worry, hatred, bigotry get in the way the voice is drowned out..

  10. javaz says:

    Well, I have another strange story and since it’s only 6:30 in Phoenix, I’ll share.
    Years ago, when my husband and I were first together and “living in sin”, and for some Republicans that is a SCARY thing! 😉
    We had plans to meet a friend the following evening for drinks at a bar on the west side.
    The night before the meet, I had a a very frightening dream and in that dream my husband and I were in our car and stopped at a gas station for gas.
    In the dream we were going to see that friend.
    While my husband was pumping gas, a man came over to the car and reached in and tried to grab me, and I woke startled and on a scream.
    I woke my husband up and apologized and he said, “No, no, I was having this horrific nightmare and I’m glad you woke me.”
    We had the identical dream.
    Needless to say, we took that as a sign and called the friend and canceled the meeting.

  11. AdLib says:

    Popping in to wish everyone a Happy Halloween!!!

    javaz, thanks for posting the perfect article for tonight! Sorry about it getting sidetracked, a software glitch, emailed you on it.

    Took my daughter to a Halloween party this afternoon, now getting ready to run out for trick or treating.

    I might even bring my daughter with me for that.

    See you later tonight!!!

    • VegasBabe says:

      You “might even bring your daughter”? LMAO…dude, your cracking me up lately. LOL

    • javaz says:

      Have fun!
      And thank you so much for creating this freedom site!

      Try to share some of that candy with your daughter!

      • AdLib says:

        Thanks! This site runs on participation, that you and the other members supply. Thanks to you and all of them for that.

        As for sharing my candy, I may be a loving father and all but don’t you think that’s going a little above the call of duty?

  12. Kalima says:

    HAPPY HALLOWEEN to my American friends! Hope that you are all having fun. Have to pop out and hope to catch you all later.

    Cheers to things that go bump in the night!

  13. escribacat says:

    When I was a kid, I used to walk home from school and hang around with my brother while we waited for my mom and dad to get home from work. One time, we were out in the backyard playing and I looked up at the dining room window. Inside the house I saw a pale looking hairless creature-man standing in the window watching us. It was mostly just a white head with big black eyes. After that, I had to wait for my parents every day in the backyard because the house was too scary.

    • javaz says:

      Were there any other experiences you had or nightmares in that house?
      Was it the original home built by your parents or did they buy it from a previous owner?

      • escribacat says:

        We were the first owners. I don’t remember nearly as much about my childhood as my closest brother does (2 years older). My other brother claims that he was waiting for me to get out of the bathtub one night and when I was done he went in to use the bathroom and written in the mist on the tiles was “death is good.” He claims I wrote it. I was probably about 8. I don’t remember writing that!

  14. KQuark says:

    Again love the graphics. Where do you folks come up with your images?

    • AdLib says:

      Maybe ghosts put the image in this post and the one in KarateKid’s…


    • javaz says:

      I don’t know how to do the images, but whoever approves the article added mine and I appreciate it!

      • bitohistory says:

        javaz, This is not really off topic because there are some really scary stories With the politics in AZ. Sometime we will have to start a thread on it. McGrumpy and his new bill trying to kill “net neutrality” might be a good place to start.
        Now this is scary!

        • AdLib says:

          Hey bitohistory, I’m with you on that. Want to do the honors? If so, just Click the “Click Here To Write A Post Now” link in the right hand column and you can post it as a new article.

        • javaz says:

          I agree!
          There are lots of creepy cretins -- Sheriff Joe, Kyl and McCain, Trent Frank, well, the list is endless of old creepy white Republicans and they are very scary!

          • FeloniousMonk says:

            We all say that but right now 5 of our 8 Representatives in the House are democrats. And as much as I don’t like him, Shaddagg has kept a low profile.

            But I really don’t like Kyl, and I’ve met him.

            BTW, I live about exit 229 on I-17.

            • javaz says:

              I know this is off topic, and hope this will be allowed, but I’ve been reading your posts here, and I think we may actually know each other and/or you would know my husband.
              We also worked in aerospace as engineers.
              I worked in the 1207 building in Tempe as did my husband and then he transferred later after I took a voluntary lay-off during a RIF, and he moved to the airport.
              Sorry to hear that you are out of work, but hang in there, because that company is starting to call some engineers back.
              Have you tried any of the sub-contractor houses?
              They are always looking for experienced engineers to be checkers.

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