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Posted by SueInCa On Jun - 21 - 2012 36 COMMENTS
Bidding Wars Are Back, Agents Say

All you really want is a home you can live in comfortably, have the family over, let the grandkids run through…well there are people out there who don’t want you to have it.

Posted by KillgoreTrout On Mar - 25 - 2012 38 COMMENTS

The book was the translation by Gia Fu Feng and contains beautiful black and white nature photos by Jane English. I was pleased with this gift and was eager to dive in get acquainted with the Tao Te Ching. Wow, it was so mysterious to me at first. I had very little understanding of what these eighty one ideograms meant and how they could apply to my life.

Posted by funksands On Mar - 16 - 2012 27 COMMENTS

It is illegal to ask party affiliation in Washington, so as long as you are willing to sign a sheet that states that you consider yourself a Republican and that you won’t vote in another caucus, all voters are welcome. With Obama safely installed as the incumbent, I figured I may not get another opportunity like this for another 8 years.

Posted by SallyT On Feb - 4 - 2012 24 COMMENTS

I moved to Salt Lake City, UT for a job.  I was divorced with two young girls.  The job was great and within a year I was able to buy a twin home for the girls and me.  We were excited!  Only after we moved in did I learn that […]

Posted by choicelady On Jan - 23 - 2012 8 COMMENTS

The Dickensian disdain for the poor resonates with some people today.

Posted by SueInCa On Dec - 23 - 2011 57 COMMENTS

  First off, I apologize to Kalima, Bito, KQ or Adlib for not asking permission to write this post but I thought I would do so prior to getting too busy, mea culpa in advance.  Yesterday I posted a recipe for a favorite cookie recipe that I relate to Christmas […]

Posted by Caru On Dec - 14 - 2011 3 COMMENTS

Hello, planeteers! Although I haven’t posted here in a while due to an overflow of work, I’ve been lurking from time to time and am glad to see that the quality of commentary here has not declined in the slightest. Keep up the good work! In my travels through the […]

Posted by AdLib On Dec - 9 - 2011 28 COMMENTS
GOP sociopath

Some say corporations are people. What if political parties were people? Could the GOP be clinically diagnosed as a sociopath?

Posted by KillgoreTrout On Nov - 25 - 2011 11 COMMENTS

There is not, throughout the whole book called the Bible, any word that describes to us what we call a poet, nor any word that describes what we call poetry. The case is, that the word prophet, to which latter times have affixed a new idea, was the Bible word […]

Posted by SallyT On Nov - 16 - 2011 27 COMMENTS

Married to someone with a childhood so terrible, he blocked it out for years.

Posted by Caru On Nov - 3 - 2011 8 COMMENTS

A late update from the 2011 Irish Presidential Elections.

Posted by Caru On Oct - 14 - 2011 21 COMMENTS

Stating that gay people were born with their orientation seems like the perfect counter to the conservative argument that being gay is a choice, but this life-affirming rebuttal opens the door to other attacks.

Posted by Marion On Oct - 7 - 2011 58 COMMENTS

When the London (and other English cities)riots rampaged earlier this year, I read with droll amusement, the armchair activist quarterbacks’ wistful comments in Huffington Post and elsewhere, basking in admiration and awe of what they thought they were seeing. Viewed from a closer range … like here in the UK … […]

Posted by Marion On Oct - 1 - 2011 13 COMMENTS

Toby Keith, Democrat, says:- I don’t know, but I expect the wealthy to write a check ’cause it’s as bad as it’s ever been. It would be unpatriotic not to try to save the country. I’m sure people will bitch about it, but if it meant we get to operate in this […]

Posted by ADONAI On Sep - 29 - 2011 34 COMMENTS

  America will never be destroyed from the outside. If we falter and lose our freedoms, it will be because we destroyed ourselves. ~Abraham Lincoln   Lincoln’s words are as true today as they were over 160 years ago when he first spoke them. Since the birth of our nation […]

Posted by Marion On Sep - 20 - 2011 2 COMMENTS

When I was growing up in a Democratic kitchen, my parents made the difference between Democrats and Republicans abundantly clear. Keep in mind that this was in the 1960s, and I was a small child, just starting school, when Kennedy was elected. Before I knew the real difference between Democrats […]

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