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Posted by AdLib On Jul - 25 - 2014 ADD COMMENTS

           sillylittleme : night AdLib : Closing the Vox bar for the night, have a great weekend slm! sillylittleme : The timing was good… AdLib : slm – How sweet the sound! sillylittleme : My ipod is playing amazing grace. AdLib : Miles – There are harmless lies too, that […]

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Posted by AdLib On Jul - 25 - 2014 11 COMMENTS

Will Republicans try to impeach Obama? Will Europe finally take strong steps to confront Putin’s war machine? Will Michele Bachmann convince any reporters to ask her if she’s running in 2016? Chat about these issues and more tonight on Vox Populi!

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Posted by KillgoreTrout On Jul - 19 - 2014 278 COMMENTS

Summer is here and it’s time to thumb our noses at old man winter! Post your favorite Summer tunes, songs about the sun, warm starry nights, surfing, sailing, road trips or just sitting on the porch to enjoy the weather. As always, have some fun posting your faves or just enjoy the songs that others post. 😎

Posted by AdLib On Jul - 18 - 2014 ADD COMMENTS

pinkpantheroz : Well, that’s it for moi. hope the glitches of the new system are worked out. I like it. Take care everyone, and I’ll see you in the Music Thread. pinkpantheroz : Cheers, funk. Before you go, ponder this. Britain has so much to answer for. India/Pakistan, Ireland/Northern Ireland, […]

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Posted by AdLib On Jul - 13 - 2014 15 COMMENTS

The Sunday Funnies mean a lot to me and I enjoy doing them. They are my baby. My way of sharing my opinions here and there. I just wanted to let you know that we will be gone for awhile but we will be back.

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Posted by KillgoreTrout On Jul - 12 - 2014 412 COMMENTS

The business of our nation is still up, down or indifferent. The 4th of July has been duly celebrated, so I thought an “anything goes,” theme would be just the ticket.

Posted by AdLib On Jul - 11 - 2014 ADD COMMENTS

AdLib : Night pal! Harleigh : later adlib Harleigh : well I’m off to bed. see ya next week! same bat time… AdLib : Well, better to have them removed…and sold on eBay. Harleigh : Light up the night sky! Harleigh : Well we made over like 60,000 of them […]

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Posted by AdLib On Jul - 11 - 2014 2 COMMENTS

It’s been another big news week, young people from Central America flooding over the borders, Benhazimania hits a major roadblock and John Boehner investing heavily in tantrum futures. Much to discuss tonight in our weekly live chat on the week’s events, Vox Populi.

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Posted by KillgoreTrout On Jul - 5 - 2014 172 COMMENTS

Welcome once again folks to another Weekend Music Thread. Fortunately we have fought the good fight this past year long enough to see another Independence Day celebration. A truly momentous day in American history. A celebration of a monumental achievement by our founders.

Posted by AdLib On Jul - 4 - 2014 ADD COMMENTS

Beatlex : Hi,goodbye people,Happy 4th AdLib : Thanks! Miles Long : You as well… AdLib : Miles, looks like it’s time to wrap Vox for the night! Have a great 4th weekend! AdLib : Night Funk, hope you can get some sleep! Have a great weekend with the family! Miles […]

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Posted by Mopshell On Jun - 30 - 2014 41 COMMENTS
Obama and Boehner

In his weekly press conference June 25, 2014, House Speaker John Boehner confirmed that he will initiate a lawsuit on behalf of the House against President Obama over the administration’s use of executive actions. Boehner asserted: “This is about defending the institution in which we serve. What we’ve seen clearly […]

Posted by KillgoreTrout On Jun - 28 - 2014 461 COMMENTS

Welcome folks to another Weekend Music Thread! Since we’ve recently been discussing the animals in the world around us, I thought a music thread about animals would fit nicely. It is surprising to realize the vast amount of songs human beings have written about the world’s critters, both great and […]

Posted by AdLib On Jun - 27 - 2014 ADD COMMENTS

             AdLib : Yep, a good time to wrap a great Vox! Take care slm and have a great weekend! AdLib : slm – Time and again, the wealthy are hung on their petards through their hubris. In fact, I think their favorite dish is hanging petards over hubris. sillylittleme […]

Posted by AdLib On Jun - 27 - 2014 9 COMMENTS

There’s a lot on the Vox Populi menu tonight, your table is reserved and you are invited to join the banquet of weekly live chat about the week’s events.

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Posted by KillgoreTrout On Jun - 21 - 2014 362 COMMENTS

I offer a tribute to all the wonderful women who’ve made great contributions to the world of music. Female singers, musicians and song writers of all genres have been extremely talented and creative ladies and deserve a special tribute. So pick your favorite ladies’ work and sit back and enjoy the picks of other Planet peeps out there.

Posted by AdLib On Jun - 20 - 2014 ADD COMMENTS

kesmarn : Great, Murph! Thanks so much! Have a restful evening! MurphTheSurf3 : Kes..it is you and me (and maybe Beatlex) MurphTheSurf3 : Back for a moment….I submitted the article on the young vet for review. kesmarn : ‘Night, Harleigh! Harleigh : night guys! kesmarn : I hope so too. […]

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