Vox Populi, our weekly live chat about the week’s events, begins tonight at 7:00pm PST. Hope to see you then! AdLib a day ago

Hey Khirad! AdLib a day ago

Arizona just started selling legal weed. I waited two and a half hours. But… it’s worth it. Anyway. Khirad a day ago

Nice! AdLib a day ago

The wait makes it all the more satisfying. But it will go away with time. And there’s online ordering for curbside with many of them out here. AdLib a day ago

That was my mistake, they had two lines. I still wasn’t sure, but they still just do cash and I wasn’t dumb enough not to go to the bank first. I’m making it satisfying, but I recall it being cheaper in Oregon. I didn’t take any photos, but we were wrapped around and there was a cop there. It’s so weird. Khirad a day ago

Yes, they all have to take cash because federal banking rules prevent them from having bank accounts and taking credit cards. Sounds like the perfect setup for a stoner buddy comedy about a big cash heist. AdLib a day ago

Paid $125 and the tax came out to $155 or something. I don’t care, it’s more honest than some of my dealers. I’ll miss making friends with some dealers, but this is good stuff. Khirad a day ago

They had an ATM that ran out real quick. They don’t do debit either. But, me and old habits just figured to pull out $200. It will last me. Khirad a day ago

Alien Cookie Dough… Khirad a day ago

My friend in Oregon says they basically decriminalized almost everything. Khirad a day ago

Hey twilson117 a day ago

Hello! Khirad a day ago

Hey AdLib I’m back. twilson117 a day ago

AdLib made changes to a post I mentioned to you last week. So it should be good to go. twilson117 a day ago

What’s the topic? Khirad a day ago

Yes, the taxes are high, governments are brutal about it. AdLib a day ago

Hey PPO! AdLib a day ago

Hi all! the chickens have raided the Fox den! pinkpantheroz a day ago

Taxes? Who cares, I’m smoking and not paranoid. Khirad a day ago

Nice! Alien Cookie Dough! AdLib a day ago

TW – Thanks for the heads up, will schedule it for Monday! AdLib a day ago

Hey glenn! AdLib a day ago

Good evening, all. Looks like an early start tonight. glenn a day ago

PPO – So it’s the chickens guarding the Fox den? Billion dollar law suits and firing binges, definitely not the path to success. AdLib a day ago

hi glenn, TW, Khirad, Ad, I see the media have jumped on to Joe’s home visit! TanSuititis rampant! pinkpantheroz a day ago

Saw that yesterday, also they canceled Lou Dobbs twilson117 a day ago

Khirad – The first topic should be the final takeover of the GOP by the Lunatic Fringe. AdLib a day ago

Hello PPO Glen Khirad twilson117 a day ago

The GQP is history. First Kick to the groin by Kamala, passiing the Covid bill. Great! pinkpantheroz a day ago

I mean, the GOP is literally controlled by deranged maniacs who don’t care about any policy other than turning the US into a white nationalist dictatorship. AdLib a day ago

Twilson is in the house too! AdLib a day ago

Who here is unware of Qanon. I swear I never did write, and sorry if I missed you. I love conspiracies. I mean, I grew up with Fox Mulder and these people… Khirad a day ago

Khirad, I don’t know its origins, but can see they are even more RW than yur usual RWNJ pinkpantheroz a day ago

Khirad – This Q-On…I don’t even know who they are or what they are called but I bow to their control over me and the GOP. AdLib a day ago

Have you all seen the filing from Smartmatic, the company suing Fox? It is just brilliant. Starts out, “Two plus two equals four…..Donald Trump lost the election.” Just states the facts, no legalese, no bs, just gacts. glenn a day ago

facts… glenn a day ago

I grew up with the Militia Movement north of Portland. I knew people. They were fucking scary. It goes back to the milital movement and Birchers before the Birthers. It’s a long arc. Khirad a day ago

PPO–I know. How dare Joe Biden go to Delaware? glenn a day ago

The fact that GOP leaders saying they don’t know: a) you are going along with it or, B) you are that ignorant. Khirad a day ago

You have to wonder how the heck these wannabe soldiers really want. History is against them twilson117 a day ago

Khirad, that’s bs. they have staff to tell them when to pee! Ignorance is no excuse. pinkpantheroz a day ago

Qanon is a propaganda scheme devised to so disorient low info Americans that they reject reality and become pawns. It was a small cultish thing but Trump and many other bad actors blew it up to where it has taken over the entire GOP. AdLib a day ago

I’m thinking QAnon is a big ole con. How much money have people forked over to it? twilson117 a day ago

I actually want a good study on Qanon. I haven’t been this intrigued since Scientology – there is so much to get from this. Khirad a day ago

Ad, I see a lot of once-Qanon followers are desperately trying to undo their record within the group. Sorry, folks, too late. You’re damaged goods. pinkpantheroz a day ago

Khirad–as twilson says, what exactly is it that these militia members want? glenn a day ago

glenn – I really like the Smartmatic filing and I think they will win a huge amount from all who they sue. AdLib a day ago

I’ll give the Una Bomber this. At least he made it clear eventually. Khirad a day ago

Ad, I agree and hope they set an example for other companies screwed by the Trump/Murdoch/Fox Collusion. More heads and billions to roll! pinkpantheroz a day ago

Ad–It’s not necessarily just low info voters. I’ve read a couple of articles lately that show that “middle class” folks are buying into this shit. I don’t know if they’re actually buying into it, but they’re certainly not rejecting it. I just don’t get it. glenn a day ago

we cpuld all make up better bs than qanon Harleigh a day ago

glenn – Like Repubs, they just want power to dominate and terrorize minorities. AdLib a day ago

PPO – This is the way to take down Fox, through lawsuits against them for the damage they do. AdLib a day ago

baffles me as well, glenn. I think I’m reasonablt smart, but cannot comprehend this type of slavish cult following. pinkpantheroz a day ago

Most people prolly don’t care about Marilyn Manson – that’s a thorny one. Is anyone surprised about Burma or Russia… and Salma Hayek can post whatever she wants. Khirad a day ago

Ad the problem with Repubs wanting to lord over minorities in the 2040 they will be the minority twilson117 a day ago

Yes, Ad, and the beauty of it is that Fox have millions of hours of damaging evidence. pinkpantheroz a day ago

faux is now number3, and they cancelled dobbs !!!? Harleigh a day ago

Gerrymandering and they still have the most power in state legislatures, yay census.\ Khirad a day ago

We all saw the Newsmax walkoff? Khirad a day ago

glenn – They are low info voters even if they aren’t low income. I’ve seen interviews with some of those who have left Qanon and they say the same thing, they weren’t that into politics, hence low info, then through Facebook they started reading more of Qanon, getting fed more by Facebook and eventually, flooded with all the confident lying by the group, accepted it as true and accepted their devious scheme to distrust all other media. AdLib a day ago

I’m still trying to wrap my mind around the fact that a mob attacked the Capitol Building of the United States, and it is now being treated as “normal”. These people illegally entered the Capitol Building, and they’re still walking around free. One of them is even being allowed to go on vacation to another country! They illegally invaded the Capitol Building of the United States, and it’s being treated as just another “news story”. I just can’t fathom this. glenn a day ago

Khirad – Maybe not so surprised at Burma and Russia since the election of Biden may have scared them into thinking they would lose power. So they made their statements that their power should be ultimate and unquestioned. AdLib a day ago

glenn, she has been barred from going abroad, and extra charges have been laid! pinkpantheroz a day ago

PPO–Not only is it the “following”; it’s the absolute lunacy of what they’re saying. I read an article the other day about a person who called into C-Span and was talking about how Dems were eating babies and needed to be stopped. What is wrong with these people? Rhetorical question, I know. glenn a day ago

Khirad – Which makes it very important to have AG Garland in place to take on all Repub states over civil rights to prevent them from preventing people from voting. And passing the John Lewis Voting Rights Act needs to happen but they have to get rid of the filibuster in The Senate to do that. AdLib a day ago

Ad–that’s a good distinction; thanks for pointing it out. glenn a day ago

People of color storm captol for freedom……. [yeah, imagine it] Khirad a day ago

i know, glenn. Anderson Cooper interviewed and ex member and the crap he was spewing was unbelievable. He never explained WHY he believed, but apologised anyway. pinkpantheroz a day ago

Khirad – Yep, saw the Newsmax walk off and then the Newsmax walkback by that guy the following day. So sad, you could see his soul die during that kissing up to the Crap Pillow Guy. AdLib a day ago

Khrid I know what would have happen if POC stormed the Cap twilson117 a day ago

I watch a lot of funny channels taking down flat earthers and anti vaxxers and stuff – I still can’t get them to take on Qanon – they counter that Boris Johnson and … Khirad a day ago

PPO–Well, that’s good. I thought I saw an article dated today, that she was granted the vacation. glenn a day ago

Ad, have printed out the impeachment managers doc and the Trump’s** lawyers doc and in the process of reading them and what the lawyers have prepared is a joke. twilson117 a day ago

Well…here you all are…..no sign tab at the bottom right until two minutes ago. MurphTheSurf3 a day ago

glenn – I know, I’m infuriated by these federal magistrates (so they’re not judges) letting seditionists go on Mexico vacations and eat organic food in jail. But have faith, the DoJ will be having very public prosecutions of hundreds of them at least and the awareness of what a horrible thing this was will be reinforced. Plus, the impeachment trial next week will make a powerful statement about what really happened in this sedition to overthrow our democracy. AdLib a day ago

PPO–I think the media is being even more irresponsible now than it was during the RTLB era. They keep allowing these morons to appear and to amplify their crackpot theories. STOP putting them on. glenn a day ago