Vox Populi, our weekly live chat about the week’s events, begins tonight at 7:00pm PST. Hope to see you then! AdLib a day ago

Hey Khirad! AdLib a day ago

Arizona just started selling legal weed. I waited two and a half hours. But… it’s worth it. Anyway. Khirad a day ago

Nice! AdLib a day ago

The wait makes it all the more satisfying. But it will go away with time. And there’s online ordering for curbside with many of them out here. AdLib a day ago

That was my mistake, they had two lines. I still wasn’t sure, but they still just do cash and I wasn’t dumb enough not to go to the bank first. I’m making it satisfying, but I recall it being cheaper in Oregon. I didn’t take any photos, but we were wrapped around and there was a cop there. It’s so weird. Khirad a day ago

Yes, they all have to take cash because federal banking rules prevent them from having bank accounts and taking credit cards. Sounds like the perfect setup for a stoner buddy comedy about a big cash heist. AdLib a day ago

Paid $125 and the tax came out to $155 or something. I don’t care, it’s more honest than some of my dealers. I’ll miss making friends with some dealers, but this is good stuff. Khirad a day ago

They had an ATM that ran out real quick. They don’t do debit either. But, me and old habits just figured to pull out $200. It will last me. Khirad a day ago

Alien Cookie Dough… Khirad a day ago

My friend in Oregon says they basically decriminalized almost everything. Khirad a day ago

Hey twilson117 a day ago

Hello! Khirad a day ago

Hey AdLib I’m back. twilson117 a day ago

AdLib made changes to a post I mentioned to you last week. So it should be good to go. twilson117 a day ago

What’s the topic? Khirad a day ago

Yes, the taxes are high, governments are brutal about it. AdLib a day ago

Hey PPO! AdLib a day ago

Hi all! the chickens have raided the Fox den! pinkpantheroz a day ago

Taxes? Who cares, I’m smoking and not paranoid. Khirad a day ago

Nice! Alien Cookie Dough! AdLib a day ago

TW – Thanks for the heads up, will schedule it for Monday! AdLib a day ago

Hey glenn! AdLib a day ago

Good evening, all. Looks like an early start tonight. glenn a day ago

PPO – So it’s the chickens guarding the Fox den? Billion dollar law suits and firing binges, definitely not the path to success. AdLib a day ago

hi glenn, TW, Khirad, Ad, I see the media have jumped on to Joe’s home visit! TanSuititis rampant! pinkpantheroz a day ago

Saw that yesterday, also they canceled Lou Dobbs twilson117 a day ago

Khirad – The first topic should be the final takeover of the GOP by the Lunatic Fringe. AdLib a day ago

Hello PPO Glen Khirad twilson117 a day ago

The GQP is history. First Kick to the groin by Kamala, passiing the Covid bill. Great! pinkpantheroz a day ago

I mean, the GOP is literally controlled by deranged maniacs who don’t care about any policy other than turning the US into a white nationalist dictatorship. AdLib a day ago

Twilson is in the house too! AdLib a day ago

Who here is unware of Qanon. I swear I never did write, and sorry if I missed you. I love conspiracies. I mean, I grew up with Fox Mulder and these people… Khirad a day ago

Khirad, I don’t know its origins, but can see they are even more RW than yur usual RWNJ pinkpantheroz a day ago

Khirad – This Q-On…I don’t even know who they are or what they are called but I bow to their control over me and the GOP. AdLib a day ago

Have you all seen the filing from Smartmatic, the company suing Fox? It is just brilliant. Starts out, “Two plus two equals four…..Donald Trump lost the election.” Just states the facts, no legalese, no bs, just gacts. glenn a day ago

facts… glenn a day ago

I grew up with the Militia Movement north of Portland. I knew people. They were fucking scary. It goes back to the milital movement and Birchers before the Birthers. It’s a long arc. Khirad a day ago

PPO–I know. How dare Joe Biden go to Delaware? glenn a day ago

The fact that GOP leaders saying they don’t know: a) you are going along with it or, B) you are that ignorant. Khirad a day ago

You have to wonder how the heck these wannabe soldiers really want. History is against them twilson117 a day ago

Khirad, that’s bs. they have staff to tell them when to pee! Ignorance is no excuse. pinkpantheroz a day ago

Qanon is a propaganda scheme devised to so disorient low info Americans that they reject reality and become pawns. It was a small cultish thing but Trump and many other bad actors blew it up to where it has taken over the entire GOP. AdLib a day ago

I’m thinking QAnon is a big ole con. How much money have people forked over to it? twilson117 a day ago

I actually want a good study on Qanon. I haven’t been this intrigued since Scientology – there is so much to get from this. Khirad a day ago

Ad, I see a lot of once-Qanon followers are desperately trying to undo their record within the group. Sorry, folks, too late. You’re damaged goods. pinkpantheroz a day ago

Khirad–as twilson says, what exactly is it that these militia members want? glenn a day ago

glenn – I really like the Smartmatic filing and I think they will win a huge amount from all who they sue. AdLib a day ago

I’ll give the Una Bomber this. At least he made it clear eventually. Khirad a day ago

Ad, I agree and hope they set an example for other companies screwed by the Trump/Murdoch/Fox Collusion. More heads and billions to roll! pinkpantheroz a day ago

Ad–It’s not necessarily just low info voters. I’ve read a couple of articles lately that show that “middle class” folks are buying into this shit. I don’t know if they’re actually buying into it, but they’re certainly not rejecting it. I just don’t get it. glenn a day ago

we cpuld all make up better bs than qanon Harleigh a day ago

glenn – Like Repubs, they just want power to dominate and terrorize minorities. AdLib a day ago

PPO – This is the way to take down Fox, through lawsuits against them for the damage they do. AdLib a day ago

baffles me as well, glenn. I think I’m reasonablt smart, but cannot comprehend this type of slavish cult following. pinkpantheroz a day ago

Most people prolly don’t care about Marilyn Manson – that’s a thorny one. Is anyone surprised about Burma or Russia… and Salma Hayek can post whatever she wants. Khirad a day ago

Ad the problem with Repubs wanting to lord over minorities in the 2040 they will be the minority twilson117 a day ago

Yes, Ad, and the beauty of it is that Fox have millions of hours of damaging evidence. pinkpantheroz a day ago

faux is now number3, and they cancelled dobbs !!!? Harleigh a day ago

Gerrymandering and they still have the most power in state legislatures, yay census.\ Khirad a day ago

We all saw the Newsmax walkoff? Khirad a day ago

glenn – They are low info voters even if they aren’t low income. I’ve seen interviews with some of those who have left Qanon and they say the same thing, they weren’t that into politics, hence low info, then through Facebook they started reading more of Qanon, getting fed more by Facebook and eventually, flooded with all the confident lying by the group, accepted it as true and accepted their devious scheme to distrust all other media. AdLib a day ago

I’m still trying to wrap my mind around the fact that a mob attacked the Capitol Building of the United States, and it is now being treated as “normal”. These people illegally entered the Capitol Building, and they’re still walking around free. One of them is even being allowed to go on vacation to another country! They illegally invaded the Capitol Building of the United States, and it’s being treated as just another “news story”. I just can’t fathom this. glenn a day ago

Khirad – Maybe not so surprised at Burma and Russia since the election of Biden may have scared them into thinking they would lose power. So they made their statements that their power should be ultimate and unquestioned. AdLib a day ago

glenn, she has been barred from going abroad, and extra charges have been laid! pinkpantheroz a day ago

PPO–Not only is it the “following”; it’s the absolute lunacy of what they’re saying. I read an article the other day about a person who called into C-Span and was talking about how Dems were eating babies and needed to be stopped. What is wrong with these people? Rhetorical question, I know. glenn a day ago

Khirad – Which makes it very important to have AG Garland in place to take on all Repub states over civil rights to prevent them from preventing people from voting. And passing the John Lewis Voting Rights Act needs to happen but they have to get rid of the filibuster in The Senate to do that. AdLib a day ago

Ad–that’s a good distinction; thanks for pointing it out. glenn a day ago

People of color storm captol for freedom……. [yeah, imagine it] Khirad a day ago

i know, glenn. Anderson Cooper interviewed and ex member and the crap he was spewing was unbelievable. He never explained WHY he believed, but apologised anyway. pinkpantheroz a day ago

Khirad – Yep, saw the Newsmax walk off and then the Newsmax walkback by that guy the following day. So sad, you could see his soul die during that kissing up to the Crap Pillow Guy. AdLib a day ago

Khrid I know what would have happen if POC stormed the Cap twilson117 a day ago

I watch a lot of funny channels taking down flat earthers and anti vaxxers and stuff – I still can’t get them to take on Qanon – they counter that Boris Johnson and … Khirad a day ago

PPO–Well, that’s good. I thought I saw an article dated today, that she was granted the vacation. glenn a day ago

Ad, have printed out the impeachment managers doc and the Trump’s** lawyers doc and in the process of reading them and what the lawyers have prepared is a joke. twilson117 a day ago

Well…here you all are…..no sign tab at the bottom right until two minutes ago. MurphTheSurf3 a day ago

glenn – I know, I’m infuriated by these federal magistrates (so they’re not judges) letting seditionists go on Mexico vacations and eat organic food in jail. But have faith, the DoJ will be having very public prosecutions of hundreds of them at least and the awareness of what a horrible thing this was will be reinforced. Plus, the impeachment trial next week will make a powerful statement about what really happened in this sedition to overthrow our democracy. AdLib a day ago

PPO–I think the media is being even more irresponsible now than it was during the RTLB era. They keep allowing these morons to appear and to amplify their crackpot theories. STOP putting them on. glenn a day ago

Hey Murph twilson117 a day ago

Murph! pinkpantheroz a day ago

I’ve linked to a great takedown of the pillow guy? You have to watch it. He’s not bad because he beat meth but…. Khirad a day ago

Hey Murph! glenn a day ago

Hey Murph! Your browser must have been using a cached version of The Planet, we’ve been up and running for a while. If you clear your cache, it solves that. AdLib a day ago

Who keeps up with Randy Rainbow? Khirad a day ago

I almost bought one his pillows but thought better of it. Glad I didn’t contribute to his bottom line twilson117 a day ago

I hear that many, if not all the known invaders of the Capitol are no on ‘No Fly’ Lists. A start, anyway. pinkpantheroz a day ago

Ad…cleared it a couple of times….and then, the last time….it took MurphTheSurf3 a day ago

One of them was let to go to Mexico. no white privilege but the Shaman has lost 20 pounds Khirad a day ago

Ad–it can’t happen soon enough. Every republican who voted not to certify the results of the EC should be asked every day to acknowledge that Joe Biden is the legally elected President of the United States, and that there was no voter fraud, there is nothing to investigate. glenn a day ago

Khirad, apparently there is a federal rule that states prisoners on special diets must be accommodated, dammit! Well, I must eat lobser at least once a day. pinkpantheroz a day ago

The shaman will be allowed to go to a jail that serves vegan twilson117 a day ago

glenn – It’s important to keep in mind that low info voters can be very intelligent, successful people. They just never spent time as we do caring about the issues in the country, they just live their lives without that kind of good citizen mentality. Doesn’t mean they are bad people but they are low info and easy marks for Qanon. AdLib a day ago

Khirad–Love Randy Rainbow! His newest about MTG is great! glenn a day ago

I found a reaction video with natives responding to the Shaman Khirad a day ago

Even in jail the privilege coninues. twilson117 a day ago

I need to just list a post with my favorite reaction sites. Perhaps it could be of mutual benefit. Khirad a day ago

I can only guess they didn’t take to well to him twilson117 a day ago

Quietly, but I think Biden is doing a lot to try and repair Foreign Relations. Khirad a day ago

Ad–You’re correct. Some of them don’t take the time to care about the issues. I must admit, when I was working full time, I didn’t have the time I do now to research issues as thoroughly as I do now. However, I just can’t believe I would believe some of the QAnon theories even without research! glenn a day ago

TW – Agreed, Trump’s 3rd rate lawyers displayed that in their filing. And The House’s Managers did a fantastic job in their filing, undermining the claims of the trial being unconstitutional and most other claims about how Trump didn’t incite the sedition. I think next week’s trial (which will go on longer than that) will cement in the minds of Americans who are still a bit stunned to believe we really had an attack to destroy our democracy, that this was a horrible act of anti-American treason. AdLib a day ago

Ad – will be watching closely twilson117 a day ago

TW – His pillows are just cheap, chopped up foam. Who woulda thunk that Lindell was a con man? AdLib a day ago

glenn – What is reassuring is Cofrporate America refusing to fund all the traitors in the GOP who supported the attempted coup or voted for a coup by trying to reject the Electoral College votes. AdLib a day ago

Ad–It’s just amazing to me that our so-called patriotic republicans can just ignore how anti-American it is to use violence to stop Congress from discharging its duties. Unbelievable! glenn a day ago

Ad I’m still wondering on section 3 of the 14th amendment if he could be charged with that without being found guilty of the insurrection charge. twilson117 a day ago

Ad–Yes, that is encouraging that corporate America is finally stepping up. glenn a day ago

Did I see Microsoft withdrawing funding for those who voted to annul the election? If so, about bloody time! pinkpantheroz a day ago

A slice of life here in Missouri….spent time tonight at a local hospital parking lots with folks from my co-op…..a bunch of them….gathered in the parking lot……the reason…..three of their clan are in that hospital seriously ill with COVID-19. The hospital only allows one visitor who can stay up to an hour ever 24 hours. So the group met to get a report from the three who were there today. I stood well off to the side. Here they were….ALL unmasked and on top of each other. I came at the request of people who I see masked all the time….rules of the co-op but here…nope. I said hello, offered my concern and hopes for the family members recoveries and left having been asked four times….”what’s with the mask”…….I despair. MurphTheSurf3 a day ago

I’ve lost track somehow. Who is presiding over the impeachment next week? glenn a day ago

Murph, see that Arizona footage two weeks before? Khirad a day ago

Leahy. MurphTheSurf3 a day ago

Khrad…what footage? MurphTheSurf3 a day ago

Murph–ignorance is bliss? You can lead a horse to water, but you can’t make him drink? Stupidity is forever? glenn a day ago

CL HI! pinkpantheroz a day ago

Murph what is what the folks in your co-op?? twilson117 a day ago

Hi CL MurphTheSurf3 a day ago

glenn – Such extreme things have happened in the last 4 years, it’s understandable that we’re still applying the past dynamics to current times. This is a fact, the GOP is now an authoritarian personality cult that worships the hatred, ignorance, prejudice and sadism of Trump. That IS who the GOP is, trying to think of them as contrary to who they used to be isn’t the point. They have transformed into something truly sick and evil. There are Republicans who are not cultists but they are few and far between. AdLib a day ago

Evening all – Ad, glenn, Khirad, Murph PPO and, new to me, Twilson. choicelady a day ago

Glenn….ignorance is a blight! MurphTheSurf3 a day ago

Hey CL! AdLib a day ago

Footage of the … goddamit, I’ve got ten thousand things and cookie dough on the b rain Khirad a day ago

Hey CL! glenn a day ago

CL…Twilson is a friend I have had the pleasure of knowing on several platforms. MurphTheSurf3 a day ago

Murph–that, too! glenn a day ago

Why can’t BLOTUS be obliged to attend and testify at his impeachmant? pinkpantheroz a day ago

Twilson….most of those in the co-op are typical rural Missourians….. MurphTheSurf3 a day ago

TW – Very good point, 14th Amendment, Section 3 is vital to use if the impeachment trail doesn’t find Trump guilty. But can it be filibustered? AdLib a day ago

Murph – I do NOT get how the coop folks can visit someone w COVID and NOT MASK UP! I’m so sorry. choicelady a day ago

Ad–The republicans who are not cultists are not republicans any more. The only one I can think of is Romney, and he is just an outlier. glenn a day ago

Hi Twilson. I’ve been off a couple of weeks so haven’t had a chance to meet you. Any friend of Murph… Welcome! choicelady a day ago

AdLib I don’t know, it would be interesting to find out, guess I know what I’m doing this weekend twilson117 a day ago

PPO – Yep, Microsoft said it will not donate to seditious Repubs through the 2022 cycle. That is setting the bar that all corps should follow. AdLib a day ago

Hello CL twilson117 a day ago

Sorry to bail so early tonight, folks, but it’s been a long day. Anyway, great chatting with you all. Here’s hoping by next Friday, the RTLB will never be allowed to hold office in this country again. G’night glenn a day ago

Twilson – hi right back. choicelady a day ago

CL Thank you for your kindness twilson117 a day ago

cl, Murph, some folks forgot to take their smart pills. Stupid begets stupid. Wouldn’t wish ill on anyone, however, but…. boy. pinkpantheroz a day ago

Sorry glenn – I try to get here earlier, but…life. Have a good weekend! Be well. choicelady a day ago

CL….bizarre is it not? What it says to me is that community culture cancels out the broader and deeper learnings like those in the co-op which worries me. MurphTheSurf3 a day ago

Who has ever called a Republican on the Constitution – don’t all raise your hands. Khirad a day ago

g’night, glenn pinkpantheroz a day ago

CL–Thanks, you do the same. glenn a day ago

Good night Glenn…too short a night. MurphTheSurf3 a day ago

Khirad ! LOL – yes, it’s an uphill task getting the GOP to actually KNOW the Constitution. choicelady a day ago

Cheerio, all! glenn a day ago

Take care Glenn twilson117 a day ago

Murph – It is probably a bit cold for me to say this but if we can’t convince these insecure morons that following scientifically proven procedures to prevent COVID is more important than their impotent virtue signalling, we need to keep our distance from such self-destructive idiots and let reality take its course. AdLib a day ago

Murph, have the vaccines reached your neck of the woods yet? pinkpantheroz a day ago

Ad Lib…not cold….a recognition of a reality….natural selection. MurphTheSurf3 a day ago

I’m gonna try to do some art, but talking to you all helps.. Khirad a day ago

Khirad – All hail Cookie Dough! AdLib a day ago

Ad – it’s hard to do when you basically LIKE the morons. But I see no other alternative but to let them do what they wish. Free will doth a Darwin Project Make. choicelady a day ago

PPO…Missouri is 50 out of 50 in vaccines given….there many doses that never got into arms and were discarded. Out state government has failed miserably. MurphTheSurf3 a day ago

PPO – I got my first injection Tuesday! And friends in the Bay Area still don’t have access. choicelady a day ago

AdLib Murph it’s really amazing how people can bury their heads or ignore the cold hard facts. It is mind numbing. twilson117 a day ago

Murph – that is horrifying. choicelady a day ago

Twilson….it is their minds that are numb. MurphTheSurf3 a day ago

cl, Bay area is strange. One of our friends go it, but another in Pacifica hasn’t even gotten an appointment yet. pinkpantheroz a day ago

CL – Exactly! They are the participants in the new group Darwin Awards. They insist on infecting themselves with a deadly disease, all we can do is stay away from them. AdLib a day ago

I am not sure how two systems here – UC Davis Med (mine) and Sutter have it but none of the others. choicelady a day ago

Have I gotten my vaccine inoculation yet…yep….shot one of two….how? aggressively working my contacts to get a hospital dose….I was qualified for it but the system was so chaotic that you had to punch your way through it to get onto the lists. MurphTheSurf3 a day ago

You would THINK the Bay Area and LA as the two major population centers, would have it, but nooooo. choicelady a day ago

CL – So happy for you that you got your first shot! AdLib a day ago

cl, which vaccine? pinkpantheroz a day ago

Murph – good man! Soldier on! Our experience was easy. UC Davis did a boffo job getting this first group injected. I had Pfizer. What did you get? choicelady a day ago

PPO = Pfizer. I had mild side effects. My husband had none. Well, except he tossed out the recycling INCLUDING the in-home bin… But that’s all that went awry. choicelady a day ago

I’m not yet eligible in CA to get my shot but I’m anxious to get it as soon as I can. AdLib a day ago

CL Pfizer-Biontech. MurphTheSurf3 a day ago

Ad – this is one time when NOT being youthful does help. Murph – I think Pfizer is easiest on our systems. Moderna I hear has a real kick in side effects. choicelady a day ago

Wife and I will have to wait until April, we’re not 75 yet. twilson117 a day ago

twilson – in NOrthern CA you have to be only 65 and up. choicelady a day ago

So who is looking forward to the impeachment trial? Don’t know how many weeks it will take but I think it will be so important for the nation and so bad for the GOP and Trump. AdLib a day ago

We in Australia won’t get anything till end Feb -early March! Outrageous. Our GOP gummint said they ordered heaps early, yet don’t even have a delivery date! pinkpantheroz a day ago

PPO – I am really sorry it’s taking so long! choicelady a day ago

Ad – I will LOVE the impeachment trial. I liked the last one and hung on every word of Watergate. This should be fascinating. choicelady a day ago

CL – Yep, sometimes it sucks to be in your 20’s.

AdLib a day ago

CL I’m thinking they will make some changes so we’ll have to keep checking. After I’m that far from 75 what’s 3 years twilson117 a day ago

LOL – you forget I’ve MET YOU. choicelady a day ago

I get my second shot this coming Friday……I am surrounded by neighbors who do not have the foggiest idea how to go about getting registered AND there are many who continue to live the anti-vaxxer line. MurphTheSurf3 a day ago

cl, what did you take for the mild side effects? pinkpantheroz a day ago

PPO – And Trump stole 20 million doses of the vaccine that the Biden Admin found missing. Coincidentally, Putin’s vaccine is suddenly available and sounds so similar to the 20 million missing. AdLib a day ago

I’m thrilled you’re getting the second next Friday! I’m sorry things are such a botch your neighbors can’t even figure it out. I also heard about the rural clinic ready to go only to have MO state officials shut them down. DUH! choicelady a day ago

CL – I look older without a beard. AdLib a day ago

Ad – it is my profound belief that starting w the PPE, respirators, and now vaccines, Yam Man has been giving them abroad in exchange for debt reductions on his personal IOU bills. choicelady a day ago

Murph those who say they are anti-vaxxers, makes me wonder if they were that got a shot for measles twilson117 a day ago

Here’s a quiz, while CNN and MSNBC and other networks are carrying the impeachment hearing, what will Fox News be showing? AdLib a day ago

CL….yes, that story of the clinic…..I think it is an effort to shot down the clinic which was set up by a charity group know for its liberal thinking. MurphTheSurf3 a day ago

Ad –

choicelady a day ago

Ad Lib…mud wrestling MurphTheSurf3 a day ago

Ad reruns of Leave it to Beaver twilson117 a day ago

Murph – LIBERAL THINKING! OMG – can’t have THAT! choicelady a day ago

Ad, Pandas in the snow! pinkpantheroz a day ago

Twilson…..in that there is a significant resurgence of measles in my neck of the woods….I expect that some have not and many of their kids have not. MurphTheSurf3 a day ago

Where did Khirad go? choicelady a day ago

cl, off to do some Art, it seems. pinkpantheroz a day ago

CL – I agree, that is the only way Trump could profit from what’s otherwise been a disaster with his response, he only knows bribing and extortion. SO he had to be bribing Putin and ;possibly others with US assets like vaccines and equipment for COVID. AdLib a day ago

CL…..yes, the clinic was founded by two doctors dedicated to meeting the medical needs of rural communities…the medical establishment have given them hassles from day one. MurphTheSurf3 a day ago

Ad, surely there would have to be a paper trail for the 20 miooin lost doses? pinkpantheroz a day ago

Did you all see that Biden has made it official…..Trump does not get Presidential Briefings. MurphTheSurf3 a day ago

Good thing, Murph. He can’t on-sell them! pinkpantheroz a day ago

Murph – I would think helping rural communities would be praised, but hell, what do I know? choicelady a day ago

Murph there was an outbreak here in MA a few years back. My point is when did people become anti vaccine? It seem to have just sprung up recently. By recently I mean in the last 10 years spurred on by celebs. twilson117 a day ago

PPO….and there is little shyness in the Biden admin to say just that. MurphTheSurf3 a day ago

CL….stupidity and ignorance have a way of putting good thinking to flight. MurphTheSurf3 a day ago

Murph – could NOT be more relieved. Trump has zero interest in anything but lining his own pocket, and intel would be his coin of the realm. choicelady a day ago

Murph, yes! Joe doesn’t want any ‘slips’! pinkpantheroz a day ago

During the weeks of the impeachment Trials, Fox News will be showing My Pillow Ads on a loop. AdLib a day ago

Twilson…I think anti-vax is part of the fundamentalism in religion, in political thought, in social planning that has infected nearly half the nation. MurphTheSurf3 a day ago

Anyuone hear that Lou Dobbs’ show got canceled today? He’s being sued over his lies about the voting machines, and the network ditched him.’ choicelady a day ago

Anti-vaxx started about when the Evilgelicals began to promise ‘the Lord’ would fix everything. pinkpantheroz a day ago

Twilson and Murph – in CA anti vaxxers CAN be lefties. All “natural” folks who know nothing of what’s in vaccines but sure do have opinions on it. choicelady a day ago

PPO – I would hope so but Trump could have used some private, hidden way of giving Putin the vaccine. Hope that is uncovered, what happened to 20 million doses, even if they idn’t go to Putin, they went somewhere. AdLib a day ago

CL…yes Dobbs is off the air but still under contract with orders to keep his mouth shut. I am proud of those who calling these liars to task. MurphTheSurf3 a day ago

CL…interesting point about anti-vax naturalists. MurphTheSurf3 a day ago

cl, yes Dobbs is history. Funny coincidence, it was just after Fox were sued for Billions by a voting machine company. pinkpantheroz a day ago

Murph – at last! No more Dobbs. choicelady a day ago

I wonder if we could use crowd funding to buy Fox News at a huge discount once Smartmatic sues them into the ground? AdLib a day ago

Murph – it’s sure strange bedfellows: Dominionists and Lefties all working against vaccinations. Gleep. choicelady a day ago

I would be willing to chip into the purchase of Faux at the fired sale. MurphTheSurf3 a day ago

Murph, religion politics and people who have all drunk from the fountain of “don’t tell me the truth.” twilson117 a day ago

A few more Fox Ass – er mouthpieces are codefendants. Pirro, Carlson etc, bur not InHannity – yet pinkpantheroz a day ago

Ad – I’d LOVE for Tom Steyer or someone to take over FOX. I agree Murph – I’d own shares in Faux News. choicelady a day ago

Dominion and Smartmatic are coming for Hannity, PPO. Mark it. choicelady a day ago

could we short sell Fox? pinkpantheroz a day ago

PPO – why not? choicelady a day ago

cl, MuHAHAHAHAHA pinkpantheroz a day ago

Consider all of the RW lunatics that have been eliminated during and just after Trump. Roger Ailes, Bill O’Reilly, Rush Limbaugh, Lou Dobbs and more. Pretty amazing, they seemed invulnerable before Trump. AdLib a day ago

cl, I wouldn’t give a flattened halfpenny to Murdoch. pinkpantheroz a day ago

Ad – Trump is the RW’s worst enemy. He’s destroyed them. Surprised ol’ Kevin hasn’t seen the handwriting on the wall choicelady a day ago

PPO didn’t Murdoch get his start in your neck of the woods twilson117 a day ago

I don’t know which made me smile more, Dobbs being sued and kicked off air, Pirro being sued or Fox. AdLib a day ago

PPO – Oh, I wouldn’t either, but I’d be thrilled to buy it at a bankruptcy yard sale. choicelady a day ago

PPO – If I could help buy Fox from Murdoch for a fraction of what it was worth, I’d be so happy to. AdLib a day ago

Here is a last thought re. the Greene saga from a retired member of the House I know. She says that the Dems should have had the ethics committee take it up leading to a request that the GOP reassign her to less significant committees so she can rebuild her image and demonstrate she is up to the role in the House. Then they would place an “advisory notice” on the floor that would create the case for doubting her worth in the matter that would be endorsed by the body. Her point….she is now a hero, and a big money maker. Her way she is not given a dramatic role to play but is asked to step into a more mundane role OR admit she is not up to it. MurphTheSurf3 a day ago

Yes, his father bought up most of Australia’s broadsheet papers. He and the Packers fought tooth nd nail for control of the media here pinkpantheroz a day ago

Murph – that IS a sensible approach to Greene, but the public is demanding a more immediate and visible repudiation of her. She may temporarily be a hero – but trust this: the FBI is on her about her role in organizing and abetting Jan. 6. choicelady a day ago

AdLib you can smile about all of them being in hot water. twilson117 a day ago

CL I hope so, she is a menace twilson117 a day ago

CL…I think that my friend also has an eye on precedence and the future…….the GOP will look for Dems to take out in the future and the GOP will fire back and then….bypassing the ethics committee was a mistake….they could have moved quickly and with less drama. MurphTheSurf3 a day ago

CL – And Trump has destroyed the GOP, took power away from McConnell who seemed to have a death grip on it. We have gone through Hell due to Trump and have a bunch more to go through but possibly, we could end up in a better place as his Midas-In-Reverse damages every RW group that has been undermining the country and its future. We just need the FBI and DoJ to make it Job One to decimate and imprison the militia/Qanon people who threaten the country (not the morons who stupidly follow but those planning or guilty of sedition). AdLib a day ago

twilson – there is a special group of FBI looking at public officials. NO ONE who abetted the coup will get off. choicelady a day ago

Ad – the FBI are ON it. choicelady a day ago

Dems: Impeach Former President BLOTUS GOP You can’t impeach a former president BLOTUS: No one is to refer to me as ‘Former’ President Dems. Fine. Impeach President Blotus GOP: hang on a minute!!! pinkpantheroz a day ago

CL I hope so. Everyone who supported that insurrection is complicit not only in insurrection but the deaths of five people, one of them a Capitol Police Officer. twilson117 a day ago

PPO – that pretty much summarizes the GOP. choicelady a day ago

The plodding, trodding investigations by the unshackled law enforcement will cook the Right’s goose but very slowly. And, in the long run, that will be highly effective. MurphTheSurf3 a day ago

Murph – Totally disagree with the retired House member. This is a red line that was crossed, you don’t just wag a finger at it. Greene needed to be disempowered in The House and by their doing so and by Repubs protecting her, the GOP is now tarred as The QOP. This will harm them and not harm Dems in 2022 when they tag all Repubs as Greene-loving, Qanon-loving extremists. AdLib a day ago

Well, time to pop away. Great chat as always. Take carre and be safe. Cheers pinkpantheroz a day ago

murph – I have dealt w the FBI for years in a positive way. They are furious about this and will not relent. But yes, it will take a long time because they want airtight cases. That’s all to the good. choicelady a day ago

Seeya PPO! Have a great rest of your day! AdLib a day ago

PPO – take care. Love to you and Fergie. choicelady a day ago

Take care PPO twilson117 a day ago

Thanks all

pinkpantheroz a day ago

Ad….I think her point is that very few on our side of the fence will understand the actions as we do…..and that nearly all on her side of the fence will buy the narrative of persecution and empower them. MurphTheSurf3 a day ago

So Greene claims she is fine to be off of her committees what a joke twilson117 a day ago

Folks – I have had minor side effects from the Pfizer, but one of them is eternal sleepiness. I think I’m bowing out as well. Eyes getting heavy, brain shutting down. Hope to be here next week. Have a lovely week, all. Nice to meet you twilson – please come back. choicelady a day ago

I was a bit surprised by the rep’s take on the whole thing….. MurphTheSurf3 a day ago

Good night CL….the lights are dimming through the house of Vox for all of us. MurphTheSurf3 a day ago

Murph – thanks for saying that. Thought it was just me! choicelady a day ago

Good night CL nice to meet you. twilson117 a day ago

Good night all – hope to be here next week. choicelady a day ago

Murph – Your friend’s view comes off a bit quaint in an era when the GOP has become the party of sedition. These times require firm and immediate action. We can’t let the Repubs in The Senate derail COVID relief for months nor the trial of Trump the inciter. The time for gentlemanly politics has passed. Dems need to be strong, swift and smart. AdLib a day ago

One last thing…so happy to see Biden and his cohort pushing through GOP stalls….lessons learned from 2009. Praise the Lord. MurphTheSurf3 a day ago

TW – Greene’s claim about being better off now is like the guy who falls down the stairs and jumps up saying, “I meant to do that.” AdLib a day ago

Ad….she was a long-time, hard nosed and very practical rep…..quaint is not a word I associated with her…she knows the long game but maybe this moment requires quick and daring action. MurphTheSurf3 a day ago

Murph – Same here. Very glad Biden and those in his admin have learned the hard lesson from 2009, Repubs want to make them fail so they can use that to grab their power in the next elections. Screw the traitorous GOP, full speed ahead. Love it. AdLib a day ago

Well…it is down to the three of us. What do you think of Vox, twilson? MurphTheSurf3 a day ago

AdLib That’s exactly right. I just want to know if her salary will be docked. If she continued to get paid 179K for doing nothing, that is just wrong. twilson117 a day ago

Twilson….I don’t think she can be docked salary. MurphTheSurf3 a day ago

AdLip that little twit needs to be sent packing and not allowed to set foot in the House again. twilson117 a day ago

Murph – She was there in a different time. This is a very different era and a very different dynamic in Congress. Repubs in Congress supported the attack and potential murder of their colleagues. You don’t answer that with polite parliamentary procedures. AdLib a day ago

Twilson…her reelection is all but guaranteed. MurphTheSurf3 a day ago

AdLib The only thing guaranteed in life if death and taxes. twilson117 a day ago

Ad…as you know…I regard our federal system as an artifact of an enlightenment idealism that has never really worked in critical times. MurphTheSurf3 a day ago

AdLib if she is allowed to stay in the house and get paid for doing nothing, then I want to know where I can get a refund on my tax dollars. 🙂 twilson117 a day ago

TW – It’s wrong that Greene gets to keep her position and salary but that is the compromise with taking away all power from her. The Dems can’t expel Greene, they would need 2/3 of the House and this Qanon GOP would never do that. This is the best they could do, making her moot. AdLib a day ago

Well….I am heading for the door….this was eye opening, enlightening, energizing and fun. See you both next week. MurphTheSurf3 a day ago

Murph – We’ll see. Greene won unopposed with many in her district not knowing all that she had said. Her opponent was in the middle of a messy divorce and had to drop out. In 2022, maybe those GA voters would rather have a rep, even another Repub, who isn’t dead weight and useless to them in The House? AdLib a day ago

See you next week, Murph! Have a restful weekend. Go Chiefs! AdLib a day ago

Ad…her district is one the most trumpian one could ever imagine….talk about a swamp! MurphTheSurf3 a day ago

AdLib trying my best not to cuss but man knowing she will still be collecting a salary just to show up, wait, she is Trump** loving Republican so I guess that’s epected. twilson117 a day ago

TW – Maybe we could get Smartmatic to sue Greene for her salary and put it back in the Treasury? AdLib a day ago

I clearly am rooting for the Chiefs as well. MurphTheSurf3 a day ago

Take care! MurphTheSurf3 a day ago

Murph – But Greene is useless to them, not being on committees. AdLib a day ago

Ad….that will mean nothing to them….other GOP will protect their interests as part of Trumpian wing. MurphTheSurf3 a day ago

Murph, Have to go with the Bucks and my boy Brady. Would love to see him win another one and laugh at Bill. twilson117 a day ago

TW – I know, I feel the same. Greene needs to be ejected from The House. I am wondering if she may be linked to the 1/6 sedition, she could be criminally charged along with Boebert and removed if convicted. AdLib a day ago

Twilson….well, I understand the source of your loyalty….. MurphTheSurf3 a day ago

This time…I really am leaving. Dead tired. MurphTheSurf3 a day ago

Murph – Maybe so but if a Repub ran against her as useless to help them, it could help. And maybe some voters want someone Trumpy but maybe less dirtied up. AdLib a day ago

Murph yes. Hey have a good night will be bouncing in a minute. twilson117 a day ago

TW – It’s not life or death for me but I would like to see The Chiefs win it. AdLib a day ago

Ad another good session, and I too hope she will be charged with sedition. twilson117 a day ago

Same here, glad to see you here again. Hope you can make it next week! AdLib a day ago

And I will publish your new article on Monday (more views during the week on new articles). AdLib a day ago

Ad, was sad to see Brady leave. But understood why. But, for him to get another SB with a different team well that would be nice. twilson117 a day ago

Ad thanks. twilson117 a day ago

That would be an accomplishment. AdLib a day ago

Thank you! AdLib a day ago

Later. twilson117 a day ago

Seeya! Have a great weekend! AdLib a day ago

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