Vox Populi, our weekly live chat about the week’s events begins tonight at 7:00pm PST. Hope to see you then! AdLib 6 hours ago

Hey twilson! AdLib 5 hours ago

Hey AdLib here a bit early twilson117 5 hours ago

So am I. AdLib 5 hours ago

Thanks for getting my post up. Have another ready to go twilson117 5 hours ago

How are things with you? Still freezing out your way? AdLib 5 hours ago

Yes it’s cold, have some snow but that’s how it goes here in MA especially around Feb. twilson117 5 hours ago

I can’t believe how stupid the TX government is. twilson117 5 hours ago

Will publish it on Monday! AdLib 5 hours ago

Thanks twilson117 5 hours ago

My daughter will learn that about MA next Winter. AdLib 5 hours ago

I think that Repub “leadership” cruises along until something severe happens, then their greedy libertarianism blows up. AdLib 5 hours ago

Yes she will. She will be in for where she’s going to school, Bentley right? twilson117 5 hours ago

The godmother of libertarianism, Ayn Rand, ended up taking that socialist SS and Medicare. A complete hypocrite as all libertarians end up being proven to be. AdLib 5 hours ago

Yes, Bentley, good memory! AdLib 5 hours ago

Ayn Rand indeed was a hypocrite. twilson117 5 hours ago

She was a fraud just as those who follow her like Rand Paul are. They are spiteful people who seem to get the most gratification at the concept of people struggling in life. AdLib 5 hours ago

Sadism is a short trip from libertarianism. AdLib 5 hours ago

Well she’ll enjoy the seasons here in MA especially in the fall. Also there is lot for her to do in Boston. twilson117 5 hours ago

I’m all for people having freedom to do most things but libertarianism as portrayed in the modern era is more of a phony bravado of “Sink or swim!” while those who promote it depend on the state to finance them. Who pays Rand Paul’s salary? AdLib 5 hours ago

You have here in a good school especially if she is interested in finance. twilson117 5 hours ago

They have a mock stock market trading floor on campus. twilson117 5 hours ago

I think she will enjoy it. We made a trip out there last year, it was unusually warm for January but there was snow on the ground. She really loved Boston, Waltham and the Bentley campus. AdLib 5 hours ago

Yep, business and marketing is her focus so it seems like a great fit. AdLib 5 hours ago

Yes! How did you know that? We saw it on the tour and we were very impressed. AdLib 5 hours ago

Good combination. Allows for a wide range of career choices. twilson117 5 hours ago

Exactly. That’s why I think it’s ideal for her since she’s not sure what type of business she wants to work in. AdLib 5 hours ago

Glad she’s nmot going to school in Texas. AdLib 5 hours ago

not AdLib 5 hours ago

I attended some workshops there and I was involved with a high school pre-engineering program called MassPep for minority students. twilson117 5 hours ago

Very cool! AdLib 5 hours ago

It’s not a large campus but it has a lot of character. AdLib 5 hours ago

Also I have a friend whose wife is a professor there. I think in Literature twilson117 5 hours ago

It is as small school but offers a lot. twilson117 5 hours ago

Really? How cool would that be if she has her as a professor? It is a small world. AdLib 5 hours ago

That’s perfect for my daughter, she was specifcally looking for a smaller school as opposed to the 30k student populations. AdLib 5 hours ago

Did you go to school in MA? AdLib 5 hours ago

Hey PPO! AdLib 5 hours ago

Hi all! pinkpantheroz 5 hours ago

Hi glenn! AdLib 5 hours ago

Cruz’in down to Cancun, on a chilly afternoon! pinkpantheroz 5 hours ago

Texas may be a failed state but at least we have a rover on Mars. AdLib 5 hours ago

hi glenn pinkpantheroz 5 hours ago

Hey, everyone. A rover on Mars, and don’t forget, President Joe Biden! glenn 5 hours ago

Ah, yes, Joe Biden, who hasn’t flown down to Texas for a photo op, merely sent Full FEMA instead. Naughty boy! pinkpantheroz 5 hours ago

Cuz’in down to cancun good one PPO twilson117 5 hours ago

I’m in a very cynical mood tonight, folks, so I may be a Debbie Downer….between this shit with Cruz, the fact that the RTLB is still out of jail, and repubs are still lying through their teeth; grrrrrrrr. On the other hand, I am trying to be positive….President Joe Biden, rejoining the world at the G-7 summit, the Mars rover, so….. glenn 5 hours ago

How low is the RW Media? Calling Joe’s Dogs Junkyarders, unfit for the WH!!!!!!!! pinkpantheroz 5 hours ago

So Biden won’t be running away on a Cancun Cruz? AdLib 5 hours ago

Repubs have no class, all they care about is trash talking and doing nothing. twilson117 5 hours ago

I’m as cynical as glenn tonight. in despair that even going AWOL on his State won’t hurt the Maple Thief pinkpantheroz 5 hours ago

Let me qualify that some Repubs, I do have some repub friends and they don’t abide what is going on at all. twilson117 5 hours ago

PPO–the RW media is as low as a junkyard dog….. glenn 5 hours ago

Ad–Biden will be running away to UK for a G-7 summit. glenn 4 hours ago

tw, I agree there are many Republicans who are horrified as to what the Party has become, but I’m no seeing any groundswell from within to change matters. pinkpantheroz 4 hours ago

PPO can’t argue with you on that. I thinking there will be a new party soon what’s your take? twilson117 4 hours ago

PPO–I agree. By the time elections roll around, Cancun Snowflake’s roundabout will be forgotten. Dems should be running ads already about Cancun Snowflake’s betrayal of his fellow Texans. glenn 4 hours ago

Glenn – Patience is the key, Trump will be prosecuted and hounded in civil suits for years. And the GOP is disintegrating, slowly but surely. AdLib 4 hours ago

PPO – Look at it this way, that’s all Newsmax has got? Insulting Biden’s rescue dogs? Pathetic. AdLib 4 hours ago

I can’t say, but Conservatism/Republicanism and Toryism is definitely on the nose right now in so many countries, I thing the brand is tainted forever, A new party might help, but the beneficiaries will be the Democratic Party, if they can for one just work together! pinkpantheroz 4 hours ago

Hey Murph! AdLib 4 hours ago

Murph, hi! pinkpantheroz 4 hours ago

AdLib Trump** is indeed facing some major legal problems, what’s your take on the Dems going for the 14th, they seem to be pushing that. twilson117 4 hours ago

Hello Murph twilson117 4 hours ago

Hello All…. MurphTheSurf3 4 hours ago

Ad–Not to be crass, but patience my ass….We have been fighting this fight for over 30 years now. Was reading some archival stuff about when Ann Richards was governor of TX, and everything she was saying then, is being said now. Almost word for word. I just can’t wrap my mind around how many people still vote for repubs. They always seem to get away with this shit; and by the time they are prosecuted, or brought to justice, others have committed so much more shit. It’s a never ending battle over the exact same things. I could see it if “new” issues cropped up, but we’ve been fighting some of these fights for over 30 years. I’m not getting any younger, so I don’t have much patience. glenn 4 hours ago

TW – I have Repub friends too. One is a brilliant guy but he sucks up every RW crazy comment and regurgitates it as a fact. He backs down from them once in a while. I told him Trump was a fascist just before the election. After the 1/6 siege, he doesn’t dispiute that anymore. But he did throw out a, “Why can’t they leave Trump alone?” Like Brittany? AdLib 4 hours ago

Hey Murph! glenn 4 hours ago

It is refreshing to see an American President being as President. The sooner BLOTUS and his Mob Family are RICO’ed and behind bars, the better pinkpantheroz 4 hours ago

so true, glenn pinkpantheroz 4 hours ago

AD that does seem to be a problem. For some reason their critical thinking skills desert them. twilson117 4 hours ago

Ad–why can’ t they leave trump alone? Because he’s a criminal who needs to be in jail, not left alone. We can leave him alone when he’s in prison. glenn 4 hours ago

glenn – But I think Cruz has mortally wounded himself politically. Voters do have short memories but video is forever and I can only imagine the campaign ads against Cruz for supporting sedition and running off to Cancun while Texas froze. AdLib 4 hours ago

Nero fiddled while Rome burned. Cruise cruised while Texas Froze…. There’s your slogan! pinkpantheroz 4 hours ago

TW – Yes, I think the Dems must invoke the 14th Amendment on Trump before too long. Trump will re-emerge from his FL cave soon and it will only inspire Dems to take him down. AdLib 4 hours ago

Sorry, Cruz! pinkpantheroz 4 hours ago

Ad–I hope you’re correct about Cancun Snowflake. Nothing I’d like better than to see him out of office. My cynicism prevents any optimism at this point. IOW, I’ll believe it when I see it. glenn 4 hours ago

PPO–Good one! You should be in PR! glenn 4 hours ago

PPO cruz cruised while Texas froze, that’s good twilson117 4 hours ago

glenn – I’m fed up too but this is the reality. Congress has never convicted a president in an impesachment in the entire history of the U.S.. This wasn’t a surprise but the table keeps turning because of that. I wish justice was swift but as MLK said, “the arc of the moral universe is long but it bends toward justice.” I think Trump will soon face justic. AdLib 4 hours ago

BTW, talking about dogs, has Newsmax commented on reports Cruz abandoned his own dog to fly away? pinkpantheroz 4 hours ago

Ad and TW–Dems need to keep repeating how the RTLB is guilty of insurrection….a sitting president trying to overthrow his own government, not to mention trying to harm his vice president and the Speaker of the House. Everyone agrees he’s guilty, but repubs say he can’t be convicted because he was president. I say that makes him more culpable…..destroying the Constitution. glenn 4 hours ago

PPO – It’s hard to believe that Biden has only been in the WH a month and has and is accomplishing so much and handling more disasters that a number of presidents combined. He has indeed turned out to be the right person at the right time. AdLib 4 hours ago

Glenn, agree, they shouldn’t let go of that. twilson117 4 hours ago

Impeachment was designed, along with many other elements in the constitution, in the expectation that there would NOT be Political Parties (i.e. factions)…..G Washington lamented in his Farewell Address that parties, which had sprung into being in his time as President, would destroy the country if left unchecked… MurphTheSurf3 4 hours ago

TW – One could call the beliefs of Trumpers in Trump as religious faith, he is their cult leader and only his word is true. AdLib 4 hours ago

Ad, couldn’t agree more, hence the stupidity of the RW Media desperately trying to find anything, anything to blot his image. pinkpantheroz 4 hours ago

Ad–If there ever was time when Congress should convict a president, this is it. He is a traitor and should never be allowed to hold office again. I’d prefer it if we never had to hear from him again, but that’s too much to ask. There’s a whole lot of difference between being impeached for lying about a blow job and inciting an insurrection. And not just inciting an insurrection, to this day, has no regrets about what he did. glenn 4 hours ago

glenn – I like the quip made by a pundit on MSNBC about Cruz but it applies to Trump too. He said, “People ask why so many people instantly dislike Ted Cruz. Because it saves time.” AdLib 4 hours ago

Twilson–thanks. It just can’t be repeated enough in my opinion. glenn 4 hours ago

Murph you’re correct on that, they didn’t have political parties then. There are those who would think the constitution is outdate because it doesn’t cover today’s world but, if they took a moment I think they would be surprise how flexible the document is. twilson117 4 hours ago

Ad–that pundit was correct! glenn 4 hours ago

AdLib I agree they see Trump** as some sort of cult god. Which is why I’m working on a short piece to be titled, I Hate Religion. twilson117 4 hours ago

Twilson–part of the problem we’re facing today is that most repubs don’t have any idea what’s in the Constitution. glenn 4 hours ago

glenn – Cruz barely beat Beto last time. With Texas continuing to turn purple through today to 6 yesars after Cruz’s last election AND with the sedition and Cancun Cruz stories to hang on him, Cruz’s career is over. Nobody, including Repubs in Congress liked Cruz before, now he’s despised. AdLib 4 hours ago

tw, please be sure to tell us when it comes out. pinkpantheroz 4 hours ago

Glenn, you got that right. twilson117 4 hours ago

PPO – Newsweek hasn’t but plenty of other people and outlets are commenting on Cruz leaving his dog to freeze to death. AdLib 4 hours ago

Twilson…..we have disagreed about this before….I think the constitution has locked into a structure that is built for stalemate….the separating of the legislative from the executive creates to centers of power which get locked into statelmated battle for control because the executive does not sit in the legislative. Our model has not been adapted by any other nation. MurphTheSurf3 4 hours ago

PPO will do twilson117 4 hours ago

Ad–Again, I hope you’re correct about Cruz. glenn 4 hours ago

Ad, I doubt that it would have died, locals say that while they had no power, Cruz’ place did. Funny that, isn’t it? pinkpantheroz 4 hours ago

Murph–so do we adjust the Constitution we have, or hold a new Constitutional Convention? glenn 4 hours ago

Murph, yes we have and you’re correct other countries haven’t adopted our form. Yet, for the most part we’ve been able to make thinks work. But Trump** has presented us with some serious challenges we need -that is legislators need to address. twilson117 4 hours ago

Murph–I know that’s a loaded question, and not subject to any easy answer….just curious as to your thoughts on that issue. glenn 4 hours ago

glenn – Agreed, Dems need to keep that truth alive but I think all the criminal and legal suits will perpetuate the truth about Trump inciting insurrection. And the commission that Pelosi and The House are setting up will bring out more evidence, testimony and proof of Trump’s evil in trying to sieze control of the country. There is no escape for Trump from this image of him as an enemy of the state. Always remember, everything Trump ever accused others of was just projection of his own mentality and crimes. AdLib 4 hours ago

glenn, NO!. the Republicans want a Convention to undo all the restrictive articles and Amendments. pinkpantheroz 4 hours ago

PPO–good point! glenn 4 hours ago

Glenn…the convention was the preferred model offered by the framers for systemic adjustment…..but none have ever been held (and it is clear that the unfinished document presented for ratification in 1789 required a series of conventions but parties effectively neutralized this as each faction feared control by the other. MurphTheSurf3 4 hours ago

Ad–Much as I don’t want to hear another word about the RTLB, I will be happy to see a tsunami of lawsuits, especially on the federal level, against him. glenn 4 hours ago

Murph – That is a very important point you made about The Founders and Washington not envisioning political parties controlling their people in an impeachment vote. I don’t think any president will ever be convicted in impeachment because of that. AdLib 4 hours ago

SDNY and Georgia, come on Down! pinkpantheroz 4 hours ago

A convention today would be a disaster. If leadership was unable to call for a convention on the eve of the Civil War there will never be a time when we will be ables to do so. MurphTheSurf3 4 hours ago

Murph–you make a good point here. So are we forever to be stalemated? Or just lurching from one interpretation to another? glenn 4 hours ago

The Founders and Framers were pie eyed enlightenment idealists and they created a utopian document in outline form….. MurphTheSurf3 4 hours ago

glenn – Of course I agree but remember, the exact same punishment that would have befallen Trump if he was convicted in the impeachment hearing, being barred from holding office, can still be accomplished by a simple majority using the 14th Amendment. So nothing is actually lost, Dems just need to get that done. AdLib 4 hours ago

Glenn..sadly, yes. MurphTheSurf3 4 hours ago

Devin Nunez’ latest law suit has been thrown out, again! I’d love to know who is financing all the frivolous and litigious suits. pinkpantheroz 4 hours ago

TW – I am very much looking forward to that article on religion! AdLib 4 hours ago

Murph–I pretty much agree about a convention today. With the amount of polarization we have today, we are essentially in a civil war anyway. This is not the time when I see either party or faction compromising on anything, which is what it would take to craft a document that would work for all of the US. glenn 4 hours ago

Just an FYI folks, TW published an excellent article here on The Planet last week on voting, I recommend it as a great read and of course, comments are always welcome. AdLib 4 hours ago

Ad–Do you think Dems have the will to push through the 14th? glenn 4 hours ago

Murp & Glenn, barring Trump** from holding offer every again would be a good thing. The unanswered questions are will he find a way to get out of the pending lawsuits? twilson117 4 hours ago

Glenn…I think the truth is that there was never a time when that would have been possible except maybe in the first year of the Washington Presidency. MurphTheSurf3 4 hours ago

TW….I need to read your article. MurphTheSurf3 4 hours ago

Twilson–No. I think his past has finally caught up with him, due to his own ego. As Ad says, it may take time, because you know he’ll fight them with everything he has. Problem for him now is he has nothing, and I’m not sure he’ll be able to find any lawyers to defend him. Or, at least I hope that’s what is going to happen, even with my cynicism. glenn 4 hours ago

Murph as to the constitution, I agree it was an idealistic document created by a bunch of wealth white landowners, who believed in slavery. Yet it with its flaws we’ve managed to make it work. What we are facing today are those who think they want to live under some from of authoritarianism which means they have no idea what the heck they want. twilson117 4 hours ago

Murph–That’s probably true; and in the first year of the Washington Presidency, it wasn’t necessary. glenn 4 hours ago

The problem with ever opening up the Constitution in a convention or otherwise is that the malign forces in this country such as the Koch Group, have been pushing for that to happen so they can take away many of the rights we have now and enforce their plutocracy. With the voter suppression and sedition we’ve seen, I think it makes for far too risky a thing to do. CHange to the Constitution should only be by Amendment, never by convention. AdLib 4 hours ago

Twilson….I have read the 14th a number of times…..it was crafted to neuter southern confederates who sought a return to leadership in national office….it worked in no small part because it was clear that it intended to declare that if your wore the grey, sang Dixie, and saluted the Stars and Bars you were banned. Today the distinction is more difficult to make. MurphTheSurf3 4 hours ago

Ad–A convention would be a disaster…. glenn 4 hours ago

Murph–perhaps we need a new amendment which states that if you commit sedition, you don’t get to run for office again. glenn 4 hours ago

Murph, yes, it has become a catchall for a lot of other stuff as well. If you’re referring to my yet to be publish I Hate Religion Article, I’m working on that. Also it will be followed up with a Why Does God Need A Starship. Should be done with both in a couple of weeks if not sooner. twilson117 4 hours ago

Twilson–looking forward to your articles. glenn 4 hours ago

glenn – I think there is so much for Dems to do now in Congress to help with all the disasters going on, they may need to do that before using the 14th Amendment on Trump. But you can count on this, Trump will resurface like a bloated whale soon all over the media and as his crazed BS spreads, I think Dems will have the excuse they need to invoke the 14th Amendment. Additionally, as the commission does its work to uncover further proof of Trump’s sedition, it will become unavoidable for Dems to use the 14th on him. AdLib 4 hours ago

Who is outraged that deSantis is flying flags at half staff for Rush Blimpberger. I am, and hope San Francisco is treating him the same way he treated Aids victims. pinkpantheroz 4 hours ago

Twilson….we “managed” to make it work but each time by the skin of our teeth…..and what worked was not the mechanism of government as designed but by way of devastating internal war that delivered an undeniable defeat on the South, by the emergence of a New Deal consensus shaped by an inspirational president who then was lifted higher by a global war, by acceptance of defeat allowing for the abrupt ending of the Vietnam War……each crisis bringing us to the edge of the precipice. MurphTheSurf3 4 hours ago

Murph – The case for the 14th is not difficult to make against Trump. Even the Repubs in The Senate who voted against conviction all came out to say they agreed that Trump incited the insurrection…they were just too cowardly to vote against Trump and incur the wrath of his cultists…that is, the GOP base. AdLib 4 hours ago

TW…your religion articles sound fascination. Do you know that I am a practicing Episcopalian? MurphTheSurf3 4 hours ago

Ad–Oh yeah, I agree, the RTLB will resurface soon….definitely not looking forward to it. Do you think he’ll show up on March 4 for his “inauguration”? glenn 4 hours ago

Ad…the GOP saying one thing and acting as if they did not will surprise no one. MurphTheSurf3 4 hours ago

TW – Love the Trek reference! AdLib 4 hours ago

Hey Murph, this is completely off topic, but how is the weather in your neck of the woods? glenn 4 hours ago

Glenn….I know of a group here who are planning to be in DC for that inauguration….thus the decision to leave the razor wire in place. MurphTheSurf3 4 hours ago

Glenn…we had a foot of snow and subteen temps for 6 days…warming now. MurphTheSurf3 4 hours ago

PPO – DeSantis flying flags at half-mast for an admitted racist, misogynist and sadist…sounds about right. AdLib 4 hours ago

Hey Harleigh! AdLib 4 hours ago

Murph, we need to discuss the 14th a bit more. As it was suppose to deal with reconstruction, but, we know what happen with that. twilson117 4 hours ago

hi kids Harleigh 4 hours ago

harleigh! pinkpantheroz 4 hours ago

You know that Rush hails from Missouri…..another gift from the Show Me State. MurphTheSurf3 4 hours ago

We were just talking about your Gov honoring Limberger. AdLib 4 hours ago

all my fave folks! best new this week of course limpbag croaked Harleigh 4 hours ago

Murph–are these people so deluded that they think that it will be “allie, allie, in free” and that the RTLB will move into the WH, take over the government, and be “president”? How is all of that supposed to work? What is the purpose of this “inauguration”? I mean, really? glenn 4 hours ago

Twilson…precisely…..with the deal that close reconstruction down….the impact of the 14th withered and, I think, permantly tarnished it as an effective tool MurphTheSurf3 4 hours ago

Ad, do you think Joe would ask for his Medal back from Limbergers family? pinkpantheroz 4 hours ago

All I know about Limbaugh’s death’s impact is that world is better place for it. MurphTheSurf3 4 hours ago

Murph–so, did you and your property come though all right? glenn 4 hours ago

Murph, I will admit it will be a bit cheeky but, I once I get it done you well get my point. twilson117 4 hours ago

he wa a fat old opiod junkie that was stoned out of his gourd blasting out his hate Harleigh 4 hours ago

glenn – I truly wonder, whether or not there’s another militia attack on March 4th, if many Qanon cultists will finally become discouraged as this final BS about Trump retaking the presidency fails? AdLib 4 hours ago

Harleigh–yeah, the limpbag finally ran out of hot air. glenn 4 hours ago

Glenn….these folks live in the delusion that they love because it affirms the universe in which they live. MurphTheSurf3 4 hours ago

Glenn…actually farmers LOVE this weather at this time of year….kills off the fungi, and insect pests in the soil. MurphTheSurf3 4 hours ago

Ad….I know that the group to which I allued is planning to go armed for “self defense” and “to protect the constitutiton: MurphTheSurf3 4 hours ago

Murph – I don’t know if I want a March 4th militia gathering to fizzle or happen. This time, a hundred buses should be lined up to arrest and haul off all of them, prosecute them and lock them away. AdLib 4 hours ago

Ad, I have a feeling that the Capitol and other buildings and sites will be better defended this time, without having their teeth drawn. President Biden won’t allow it. So the Domestic Terrorists will meet a much bigger and better prepared defence this time, if they are game to show up at all. pinkpantheroz 4 hours ago

Ad–There’s always the possibility of another militia attack, IMO. Not sure if it fails again, that they will become discouraged. Seems to me that they’ll just come up with another conspiracy theory to “explain” away their failure. It’s a never ending loop. glenn 4 hours ago

Ad I think the Q folks will be in for a major disappointment when nothing happens on March 4th. Don’t they know it’s the Ides of March they need to worry about, which is the 15th. twilson117 4 hours ago

Ad….I would like to happen….maybe two’s the charm. MurphTheSurf3 4 hours ago

Glenn….these folk will, as you note, find another delusion to move them forward. MurphTheSurf3 4 hours ago

sort of like all the end of the world shit lol Harleigh 4 hours ago

Murph–alrighty then. As long as the RTLB is the “delusional president”, IOW, only in their minds, then I guess it works for me. glenn 4 hours ago

TW – My view of the 14th is that it applies very well to Trump, it does not refer to the confederacy, only support or aid and comfort to seditionists. AdLib 4 hours ago

tw, priceless! Also some Twitterers are spreading paranoia within the militias by intimating there are informers in their ranks and the Gummint knows their every plan. Heh Heh pinkpantheroz 4 hours ago

Ad….yes that is its reference but its context roots it in those events and it eventually was unraveled by an inside deal to give the presidency to the party that would then step aside as it was undone. Tainted tool. MurphTheSurf3 4 hours ago

no way will a coup succeed for any length of time Harleigh 4 hours ago

Trying to keep my eyes open, and am losing the battle. Take care folks; love chatting with you all. Hope everyone has a good weekend. G’night glenn 4 hours ago

So let’s see, Ailes, Rush and a Koch brother are dead. O’Reilly was fired from Fox, Fox is now last in the ratings and is being sued for billions by voting machine companies. Not that bad. AdLib 4 hours ago

good night glenn. Stay warm pinkpantheroz 4 hours ago

night glenn Harleigh 4 hours ago

Well one of the suits he is facing is being filed by NAACP on behalf of Congressman Bennie G. Thompson. They are using the 1871 Ku Klux Klan Act. twilson117 4 hours ago

glenn – It’s just a crazy Q conspiracy theory, they always turn into nothing and they just create a new one. Q followers are cultists, nothing shakes their faith, even being lied to for years. AdLib 4 hours ago

I look around the country and I see GOP state legislatures moving to place walls around minority voters – inventing another electoral ghetto- to keep the emerging majority from emerging. MurphTheSurf3 4 hours ago

in backwater gerrymandered wlfare states Harleigh 4 hours ago

Murph a last act of desperation. They just don’t understand if they stop what they’re doing they will benefit in the long run. twilson117 4 hours ago

And with a judiciary that has been compromised by the tidal wave of Trump appointees judicial review is not a safety net. MurphTheSurf3 4 hours ago

Murdoch’ puppet Australian Government tried to blackmail/extort Facebook into paying for news content, so FB promptly embargoed all Australian Govt. sites. Murdoch’s media are goping bananas! pinkpantheroz 4 hours ago

This is the first time I’ve seen mainstream sources honestly tag someone bad who died as being bad. AdLib 4 hours ago

no shit ad Harleigh 4 hours ago

Well….I need to get to bed…..early AM….interesting discussion tonight. Provocative. MurphTheSurf3 4 hours ago

Murph – I think that armed group are under a misconception that the Biden Admin will let them attack DC the way the Trump Admin did. There will be sharpshooters on roofs, national guard armed and ready, these militia nuts will be gunned down if they fire a shot. AdLib 4 hours ago

Well, folks, time to go. a balmy 28C today, cloudy. pinkpantheroz 4 hours ago

Looks like folks are heading out so guess it’s time to close the Vox bar. AdLib 4 hours ago

Good conversation all, have a good night. twilson117 4 hours ago

TW – I posted an article about the need to get rid of the filibuster to prevent the next GOP coup, check it out when you can. AdLib 4 hours ago

Will do. twilson117 4 hours ago

Goodnight, friend! Have a great weekend! AdLib 4 hours ago

You as well. twilson117 4 hours ago

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