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Posted by AdLib On Oct - 22 - 2013 37 COMMENTS
Eeyore Dems

Aside from inspiring most reasonable people to want to slap them silly with a live, wriggling salmon, these Depressocrats need to be called out for their negative contributions to society.

Posted by SueInCa On May - 28 - 2013 6 COMMENTS
fred koch

In 1927, Koch developed a more efficient thermal cracking process for turning crude oil into gasoline. The larger oil companies instantly sued and filed 44 different lawsuits against Koch. Koch won all but one of the lawsuits, which was overturned after it was revealed that the judge had been bribed.

Posted by SueInCa On May - 26 - 2013 44 COMMENTS

Tomorrow begins a four part series on the background and agenda of two of the most economically and politically powerful men in today’s America, the Koch brothers.

Posted by SueInCa On Apr - 26 - 2013 35 COMMENTS

“I realize the tragic significance of the atomic bomb… It is an awful responsibility which has come to us… We thank God that it has come to us, instead of to our enemies; and we pray that He may guide us to use it in His ways and for His purposes”.

President Harry Truman, August 9, 1945

Posted by SueInCa On Apr - 1 - 2013 12 COMMENTS

The Hermanas Mirabal(as they are referred to) were four Dominican political dissidents who opposed the dictatorship of Rafael Trujillo. They called themselves Las Mariposas (the butterflies) because that was the name Minerva Mirabal gave to herself in her underground activities.

Posted by AdLib On Feb - 22 - 2013 19 COMMENTS

It’s that time of year, when the media provides wall to wall coverage of our favorite kinds of celebrities…murderers. Remember the hit(job)s of previous years and their stars, such as Casey Anthony starring in “Whatever Happened to Baby Caylee”, Drew Peterson in “The Usual Suspect” and of course O.J. Simpson in “Liar, Liar”?

Posted by KillgoreTrout On Dec - 27 - 2012 13 COMMENTS

Let’s say that a large number of people are completely dissatisfied with our government. In the 21st century, what is the best way to change a government that the people feel is tyrannical? The vote, of course. I think the first step is to define tyranny.
So let’s assume we have done so, now what?

Posted by MurphTheSurf3 On Jul - 16 - 2012 27 COMMENTS

So Mitt has chosen to play his cards very close to the vest. Secrecy is one watchword. Another is that he does not admit error. And the third is that he will reconstruct any value, any position, if it gets him closer to his goal.

Posted by AdLib On Jul - 4 - 2012 47 COMMENTS

236 years ago today, the Declaration of Independence was adopted by the Continental Congress…after defeating an amendment to name the new country, “Cool Dude Nation”.

Posted by choicelady On Jan - 23 - 2012 8 COMMENTS

The Dickensian disdain for the poor resonates with some people today.

Posted by Caru On Dec - 14 - 2011 3 COMMENTS

Hello, planeteers! Although I haven’t posted here in a while due to an overflow of work, I’ve been lurking from time to time and am glad to see that the quality of commentary here has not declined in the slightest. Keep up the good work! In my travels through the […]

Posted by ADONAI On Nov - 26 - 2011 12 COMMENTS

  America is a Nation with a mission – and that mission comes from our most basic beliefs. We have no desire to dominate, no ambitions of empire. Our aim is a democratic peace – a peace founded upon the dignity and rights of every man and woman. ~George W. […]

Posted by funksands On Nov - 15 - 2011 20 COMMENTS

Robert Gates has served 9 different Presidents over the last 45 years.  Join us as we look back on that service and look forward on the challenges that face our nation.   Dr. Gates, thanks so much for joining me this evening.  I really appreciate your time. Gates:  No problem […]

Categories: History, News & Politics
Posted by Marion On Oct - 23 - 2011 27 COMMENTS

The Italian word for “secret” is segreto. Remember that. About 38 years ago, when Watergate was making a splash across the news media, one Bob Woodward was directed to California, by one of the plea-bargaining culprits and told to speak with an ex-JAG lawyer named Donald Segretti. Segretti was a college […]

Posted by Caru On Oct - 20 - 2011 8 COMMENTS

Here in Ireland there will be a Presidential election on the 27 October.

Posted by ADONAI On Oct - 9 - 2011 5 COMMENTS

لا إله إلا الله ، وأن محمدا رسول الله.( There is no god but Allah, and Muhammad is the messenger of Allah.) ~Sunni Shahada    The Arab World Before Islam Before we delve into the religion of Islam itself, let’s look at Arab life before it’s inception. In the 5th […]

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