This week's themes is all about turning on, tuning in and flipping out...using a remote control of course. Post theme songs from your favorite tv shows!
Hey peeps! It's time, once again for the weekend music thread. We had a weekend thread several weeks ago where people would post mini-themes, on whatever subject they wanted. There were some really good ones, let's do it again!
Today's theme is about being thankful for the joys of being alive, whether it's a song about that or one that makes you feel joyful and want to jump up and dance, post your faves that express what a wonderful world it can be.
Whatever the genre or theme, if it floats your boat, post it.
Post songs that feature animals of all sorts in the titles and/or lyrics. There are many to choose from. So, think of some of your favorites and have some fun!
I am stunned, gobsmacked, flabbergasted and annoyed! I think this weekend's thread should be open to anything that comes to mind that may help soothe the savage (and dejected) breast! Post your favorites that help you express your feelings best. Post your favorites that may lighten the darkness a bit, or just rage at the machine!
This week's thread is dedicated to that uniquely American music, Soul!
BOO! Welcome gouls and goulettes, vampiras and vampires, ghosts, werewolves and spirits! Halloween is but a few days away and to help get in the "spirit," (ha-ha) this weekend's thread is dedicated to all things spooky!
This weekend's theme is an old one, but a great one. Without the "love song," the world would be devoid of over half of it's treasured music. There must be thousands of songs written about that most difficult to define emotion.
Pick the songs you favor most, songs about life and all it encompasses.