Today's theme is about being thankful for the joys of being alive, whether it's a song about that or one that makes you feel joyful and want to jump up and dance, post your faves that express what a wonderful world it can be.
If ever there was a time that America needed a hero, it's now. So this weekend's music thread is about music about heroes. Music from hero movies (super and everyday heroes), songs about heroes, being heroic or your heroes of music and film.
Dedicated to the folks here at PlanetPOV and all over the world who seek a happier and better life for others.
This weekend we present a movie thread dedicated to movies that should be at the top of the list for Tea Partiers. Ironic titles, amusing scenes and films with plots that relate to Tea Partiers are all welcome!
Break out the shorts, SPF and sweet tea, Summer's here! For this weekend's music thread, we're sharing songs that celebrate the heat, travel, relaxation and so much more that Summer brings.
As a tribute to Leonard Nimoy and the enduring character he played, Mr. Spock, this weekend's music thread is about about space, clips from science fiction films and tv series and any other songs dedicated to this unforgettable actor.
You can make it, lose it and waste it but you can't stop time. You can, however, listen to songs that are about time and the many increments it comes in. So this weekend's music thread is for songs about days and nights, hours and years, past and future.
So this weekend's music theme is inspired by the recent Democratic debates, songs about personal stories, identity, issues, agreements and disagreements.
This weekend's music thread is about bad company, people who are low down, including lovers who do someone wrong.
This weekend's music thread is dedicated to the Democrats in Congress who are using their consciences to stop the aspiring tyrant in the White House. Songs about gratitude, strength, wisdom and fighting the good fight are the evidence and witnesses in this hearing.




A Tale of Two Vancouvers But Mostly Mine, the Best One

I was born, raised, and lived in the city of Vancouver into my mid-twenties, in the American state of Washington, with only a population of about 180,000; making it the fourth largest city in Washington (after Seattle, Spokane, and Tacoma), while Vancouver, British Columbia is the eighth largest city in Canada.

Weekend Music Thread – I Thank You

It's Thanksgiving weekend, a day for thankfulness, family, and antacids. To celebrate Thanksgiving, our weekend music thread is about being thankful, love and any song about something you're thankful for. Including antacids.

Weekend Music Thread – How Do You Sleep?

The GOP now openly supports sedition, racism, death threats towards fellow Congresspeople, men who sexually assault women, pedophiles, voter suppression, and murdering protesters. And that's just the shortlist. How do they sleep at night? That's the musical question we ask in this weekend's music thread through the theme of songs that ask questions.

Weekend Music Thread – Rock and a Hard Place

This week, a grand jury indicted Nazi Fred Flintstone AKA Steve Bannon which signals the beginning of bringing Trumpanzee criminals to justice. So the theme of this weekend's music thread is about justice, just desserts, the law, and crime and punishment.