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Archive for the ‘Healthcare Reform’ Category

Posted by AdLib On Aug - 20 - 2009 9 COMMENTS

Republican insanity and naked lust for power…with a beat! As disgusting as the right wing claims and frothing at the mouth is, it is even more ridiculous when sung. Check it out!

Posted by KQµårk 死神 On Aug - 18 - 2009 6 COMMENTS

This weekend President Obama and the Kathleen Sebelius underestimated the public’s passion for the public option not only with progressives but with the mainstream public.  It was simply a major blunder even if they were just trying to launch a trial balloon. This miscalculation may have come off the heels […]

Posted by KQµårk 死神 On Aug - 14 - 2009 1 COMMENT

Big Pharma is probably the most important branch of manufacturers that provide healthcare products to the healthcare industry.  Along with universal healthcare reform we need meaningful pharmaceutical company reform.  Drug companies are not worthless middlemen like private healthcare insurance companies that are inherently part of the problem because they provide […]

Posted by KQµårk 死神 On Aug - 12 - 2009 1 COMMENT

One overlooked aspect of our disastrous healthcare system is the inherent lack of healthcare security which is a major destabilizing element in millions of Americans lives.  Healthcare insecurity is not just the obvious concern of over 47,000,000 Americans, to the contrary Americans with healthcare insurance, especially the under insured often […]

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