To celebrate Spring, which those of us staying safe at home during COVID-19 will just have to take on faith that it's here, this weekend's music thread is for planting songs about nature. Trees, rivers, fields, flowers, any songs about the living world around us are ripe for this thread.
as a reminder to folks to set their clocks ahead at 2:00 am on Sunday, This weekend's music thread is for songs about numbers. Share numerous songs about numbers, add and multiply them, they'll all count.
To turn the page on this frantic leaping from distraction to distraction by Republicans because accepting reality is too painful for them, this weekend's music thread is for songs that tell stories (you can serve them with green eggs and ham if you like).
Now that President Biden is in the White House and competence, expertise and humanity are back in power, time seems to be getting back to running as it used to. So this weekend, songs about time, hours, days, weeks, months and years are on the calendar so save the date!
To spotlight this episode in the life of the human allegory for Republicans ignoring the needs of the many in the pursuit of their own indulgences, this weekend's music thread is dedicated to songs about locations around the world including Mexico, to which Republicans may flee when the going gets tough.
The themes of this weekend's music thread are about pursuing someone or something, and taking care of business as law enforcement and Dems will certainly do.
To further hold up the QOP and their new Icon of Idiocy in The House (I won't give her the benefit of mentioning her name) to greater ridicule and ignominy, the theme of this weekend's music thread is space and science. Songs about The Sun, the planets, the moon, space and all things related to science are what's focused and hot in this playlist.
It's a bit disorienting to wake up each morning without dreading what latest horribleness will be in the news that day due to the deranged president. There are many big problems to be concerned about now but...
We kind of got cheated out of our fully celebrating the Biden/Harris victory thanks to The Orange Menace so we're taking this weekend, the first with President Biden officially in the White House, to celebrate their historic and critical win.
To celebrate the inauguration that will (finally!) remove all power from a seditious madman and vest it in principled and compassionate people, the theme for this weekend's music thread is celebrating the new era of President Biden and Vice President Harris.




Weekend Music Thread – Tequila Sunrise

This weekend's music thread is about sipping on a soothing drink. Whether it's a song about wine, beer, whiskey, coffee, tea or water or partying, the first round of songs about drinks and partying are on the house.

A Letter From the Island of Misfit Toys

Call this my third Essay on living with ADD and Depression and Anxiety… I had the most respect for these people. Not asking for a handout, just mutual support and understanding - and as always - laughing at the farce and foibles of life as you never can. I wouldn't be here if I couldn't laugh at myself, so why do others take yourselves so seriously?

Weekend Music Thread – Fool on the Hill

This weekend's thread is about people who have problems. Songs about fools, people who are lonely and depressed, and all types of people who are in some kind of trouble.