Simple Don forgot that he is the most anti-environment person on earth. Especially since his pen makes him the world's biggest carbon contributor.
The story over at Boeing came out after the first crash. Of course the second crash need never have happened. Hundreds of people were killed for no good reason. They died, human beings ripped to shreds, and burned to charred husks, for ego.
The Democratic Party's 6th presidential debate takes place tonight at 5:00pm PST/ 8:00pm EST. As usual, PlanetPOV will be hosting a live chat to accompany it and you're invited to join in. Hope to see you here!
For a Senator to defy the Constitution, and stand in open defiance of it because he worships a freakish would-be dictator, is beyond outrage, and cannot be tolerated.
The New York Times article on Trump's financial dealings was impressively documented, taken from 100,000 pages of public legal and tax documents. "Balance" was hardly to be found. The investigation showed, simply and, "straight from the record," that the Trump family were professional swindlers and tax cheats, to the tune of hundreds of millions of dollars; in sum equal to the GDP of many nations. The "Enemy of the People" stood in Trump's way. They had to be widely discredited. Then ruined financially.
This weekend's music thread is all about shopping and things people can buy, whether it's a car or a drink, a house or a pair of shoes, dinner or a president. Also, songs about things that money can't buy, like love, principles, friendship or an alien abduction of Trump, are just as welcome.
If we let members of Congress blatantly ignore the law, then Law is dead. They can just put on a red hat and they can do anything no matter how illegal it is.
William Barr frames every word that he speaks based on his Federalist Society inspired, ultra-elitest conspiracy to undermine our three-branch form of government and replace it with "Executive Presidency," using ideas from Turkey, Russia, and China. We used to just say, "autocracy."
We're starting to hear a new narrative: that representative democracy's day is done, that people just can't be bothered with participatory government. Democracy seems to be a lose-lose situation for us "end users." How wrong is it possible to be? Wait for it!
Back in Roman times, the argument was that because everyone experiences events differently, there can be no agreement on "truth." But that was nonsense: What they were actually saying was that if truth exists, we probably wouldn't recognize it.