It’s finally Christmas Day in 2020, a Christmas we will always remember for many difficult reasons but good reasons too. On the down side, many are not spending Christmas with their entire family to stay safe during the COVID-19 pandemic. The terribleness of Trump makes The Grinch look like a Nobel Peace Prize nominee. Economic hardships have made gift buying a struggle for too many. There is much to be concerned about this Christmas Day.

There are also many things to appreciate today, gifts to all of us amidst difficult times. Joe Biden and Kamala Harris defeated the orange-tinge pot dictator in his quest to turn America into Pottersville (thank goodness for ZuZu’s petals and her absentee ballot!). Americans bravely and determinedly voted in historic numbers to protect their country’s democracy and remove its adversary from power. COVID-19 vaccines have come and already over a million Americans have had their first of two shots. And despite four years under a madman, the conscience of most Americans would not be swayed.

As many Christmas tales offer as the moral of their stories, most people, deep down, are compassionate and decent even if some get lost along the way.

However, there will always be a minority that become too lost in their selfishness and fears to find their way back to their humanity. We call these people Republicans.

So to accentuate the positive on this once-in-a-lifetime type of Christmas, we offer a humorous version of a Christmas song we all know well, to make the season bright.

Twas the Nuts Before Christmas

‘Twas the nuts before Christmas, and through the White House
Not a sane thought was offered, not even by mouth;
The pardons were flung by ol’ Trump in a fit,
In a manner like monkeys do fling their own shit.

The MAGAs were riled by the lies they were fed,
While visions of Soros plots danced in their heads;
And Birx in her ‘kerchief, and Barr full of crap,
Had just bailed out so they won’t take the rap,

When out on the streets there arose such a clatter,
Trump sprang from his bed and he emptied his bladder.
Away to the window, his face turned to ash
He grimaced in pain from a new diaper rash.

The moon on the post of the newly-built fence
Gave a blinding of whiteness to rival Mike Pence,
When, what to his blundering eyes should be seen,
But a limousine fleet, and eight burly Marines,

With a smiling new winner, not hateful or odd,
he knew the election just must be a fraud.
More rapid than COVID his cursers they came,
And they whistled, and shouted, and called Trump by name;

“Now, FASCIST! now, CANCER! now, RANCID and NIXON!
Out, VOMIT! out STUPID! out, GONER and CIT’ZEN!
Throw him out on the porch! O’er the top of his wall!
Now bash away! bash away! bash away all!”

The poem goes on quite a bit more, reading longer that it may at first be remembered. So we’ll leave it here as it is, a second and secretly “second Christmas” that takes place on January 20th and will bring a very wonderful present to all Americans, men and women, boys and girls for them to enjoy for many years to come.

All of us at PlanetPOV wish all of you a very merry Christmas today. As different as it may be from past Christmases, it remains a special time for love of our families, friends, neighbors and social brothers and sisters all around the country. Many are hurting, many or helping, The Ghost of Christmas Fucked will be gone in 26 days and no batter the hurdles we may have to jump to get there. we will.

Happy holidays and a Happier and Happier New Year in 2021!!!

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Hell-arious….Give em Hell Ad. Brilliant……something to copy and past and pass on to others. Favorite Verse…

The MAGAs were riled by the lies they were fed,
While visions of Soros plots danced in their heads;
And Birx in her ‘kerchief, and Barr full of crap,
Had just bailed out so they won’t take the rap,


At the end of a year during which laughs have been in pretty short supply, this is just what the doctor (Fauci?) ordered, AdLib. Thank you so much!

And wishing all the best to you and yours this holiday season!


You never fail to make me laugh out loud. Love it!

The same to you and your family too.

Counting the days to Jan 20th. Hope the fumigation, the Exorcism of the wh, and the removal of the kitsch is finished by then too.

If he refuses to move, tranquilliser darts and a crane should do nicely. Hope it’s live on my teevee.