Massa Tom Cotton says that slavery was, “necessary;” and I think that I would have to agree. But, not in the way Boss Tom means! Necessary for what? To stay alive? That’s ridiculous. If you can devote thousands of acres to growing cotton and sugarcane, then you can certainly grow enough food to eat. But all that land, AND SLAVE LABOR, were necessary to maintain their lavish standard of living. Look at the difference between a Planter’s plantation house and a slave’s shack. Or the clothing they wore.

Look at the revered, “mint julep.” It was a monument to slavery. The ice was harvested in winter, north of Boston. Then it was freighted by wagon, pulled by mules and many slaves, across the country from Charleston where it was stored in icehouses. Then, in the heat of summer, it finally made it into the crystal glass of a cavalier gentleman, with mint, sugar, and whiskey. I imagine, knowing the South as I do, that the partakers were aware with every sip of how much human labor and misery went into the making of it.

It was kind of Massa Tom to admit that slavery was an: “evil.” That’s a start, legally speaking. It’s an admission of guilt, and it names both the crime and the perpetrator – and even the motive: laziness and greed. Unfortunately, the statement is self-contradictory and profoundly anti-Christian: evil is not necessary, it is chosen.

I would like, especially, to thank the astute Senator for making such a convincing argument for reparations, for both African-Americans and Native Americans! If their labor was necessary to BUILD this country, and they were compensated NOTHING for their labor or their land, then they are owed something. How much is a life worth? If it was necessary for life, then that defines its value. The value of a white person’s life.

Cotton has made it his mission to rewrite history to suit his racist political beliefs. There is no sense or reason in his rants, but he would have every schoolchild in the United States be forced to learn it as an exclusive truth, and punish anyone who teaches anything except racism. He would make himself God. The definer of truth. But Cotton doesn’t define truth, he defiles it. And he is an embarrassment.

What an absurdly ridiculous argument! What a laughable line of reasoning! If Massa Tom is correct, and slavery was necessary, then I would like to add something to the definition of “necessary:” it is something required in order to feel like a human being.

Let’s say it straight out: Tom Cotton is a racist. He condones slave labor but assigns it no value. He would never have freed a single man, but he would use bigot law to punish anyone who even holds a different opinion.

It comes to mind that no expletive truly serves to define Cotton or Trump today. Their thoughtless, anti-rational, hate-filled, cowardly, violent, insurrectionist, vengeful, and uninformed attitudes towards life can only create divisions and completely destroy education or progress. And Cotton would call that progress. Pretty soon, the only thing that will satisfy these Defectives as being progress, will be to kill someone.

How sad is it that THESE PEOPLE are willing to devote their whole lives to spinning fantasies in the hope that they can destroy reality. They will succeed, I should think. But only in their own minds.

Sen. Tom Cotton has already divorced himself from reality. It shows: he has just empowered for a generation the “Reparations Movement,” and he doesn’t even know it.

Okay, Tom old boy, if slavery was necessary – then was it wrong? That’s simple, isn’t it? Tom won’t answer that. He makes headlines making highly dramatic statements, but he does not have the courage to answer that one simple question: TOM, WAS IT WRONG? No, don’t expect an answer, never in a million years!

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