Vox Populi, our weekly live chat about the week’s events begins tonight at 7:00pm PST. Hope to see you then! AdLib 5 hours ago

c u soon! pinkpantheroz 4 hours ago

See you then! AdLib 4 hours ago

Well, I suppose we shouldn’t be surprised that the Senate would put the fix in. pinkpantheroz 4 hours ago

hi glenn pinkpantheroz 4 hours ago

Hey glenn! AdLib 4 hours ago

Hey PPO and Ad. Definitely we shouldn’t be surprised, but it still pisses me off to no end. The only “good” news is that the vote on acquittal won’t be held until after the State of the Union speech. The TLB already knows he will be acquitted, of course, but it won’t be “official” until after the SOTU. glenn 4 hours ago

He is still impeached and that stain will linger forever. Still, it hurts pinkpantheroz 4 hours ago

PPO – I actually think it may turn out to be the best of a bad situation. Now it is a de facto claim that this trial was a sham, the only oe in U.S. history without witnesses and evidence. Trump will not be vindicated no matter what BS Repubs claim, this may have been the only way to undermine the unavoidable result. AdLib 4 hours ago

Ad, maybe with more impeachments on the horizon, the plebs may finally get the message that He is an utter crook. pinkpantheroz 4 hours ago

I know it would be attacked by the Repubs and Trump but I think Dems should stand up and walk out of Trump’s SOTU. Turn their backs on him and make it an historic rejection. AdLib 4 hours ago

Hey Harleigh! AdLib 4 hours ago

Hiya H! pinkpantheroz 4 hours ago

hey folks! Harleigh 4 hours ago

Ad, yes, shun the cretin at every opportunity. pinkpantheroz 4 hours ago

PPO – Absolutely, Dems should open new impeachment hearings based on Boltonn’s charges and hav him appear. AdLib 4 hours ago

Will he dare poke his nose into the Superbowl? pinkpantheroz 4 hours ago

PPO – Yep, Trump is running an ad during the Superbowl. AdLib 4 hours ago

Nov’s election is pretty straightforward now, either vote for monarchy or democracy. AdLib 4 hours ago

Ad, yes, I saw that, but will he be there? pinkpantheroz 4 hours ago

gotta votefor duhmurikkka to have a chance Harleigh 4 hours ago

Democracy or Dictatorship, You Decide!!! pinkpantheroz 4 hours ago

PPO–Yes, he will forever be known as an impeached president. Speaking of stains, do you think the TLB’s orange spray has some sort of hypnotic powers? What is it about this idiot that makes republicans so sycophantic towards this man? I just don’t get it. Republicans could actually pick up more independent votes (IMO) if they voted the TLB out. As for the TLB’s base, they will never vote for a Democrat, so repubs don’t have to worry about that. Plus, if the TLB were removed, which I know is never going to happen, we would still have a republican president. I just don’t get it; but then again, I’m not a cowardly, sniveling, traitorous republican. glenn 4 hours ago

Hey Harleigh glenn 4 hours ago

SB is here in floriduh. the fat asshole will be there bet on it Harleigh 4 hours ago

Funny, Australia and Britain are in the same throes of being monstered by crooks. pinkpantheroz 4 hours ago

hi glenn Harleigh 4 hours ago

Ad–Of course you know the TLB will claim to be “exonerated”, but as you say, this sham of a “trail” will also be a forever stain on republicans. glenn 4 hours ago

Hello everyone! Happy Friday! Jenuwin 4 hours ago

Glenn, if TLB was kicked out, what cance would then POTUSPence have to be elected in his own right? I douby much. pinkpantheroz 4 hours ago

doubt! pinkpantheroz 4 hours ago

Ad–Oh, that would be glorious to see Dems do that! And Schiff should get to lead the parade out! glenn 4 hours ago

glenn – It’s really very simple, Trump is a sociopath who over the past 3 years, has learned how to weaponize the power he has and politicians, as Batman would say, are a cowardly lot. AdLib 4 hours ago

Hiya Jenuwin! pinkpantheroz 4 hours ago

hi jenuwin! Harleigh 4 hours ago

Hi Jenuwin! AdLib 4 hours ago

The gang! Happy to see everyone! Jenuwin 4 hours ago

PPO-Given that Miami is just down the road from MarALargo, I’m pretty sure the TLB will not be able to resist the crowds. We’ll see, though. Harleigh, do you think he would be booed or cheered at the SB? glenn 4 hours ago

Fergie commented that the current situation is uncomfortably like Germany in the late 20s-30s. Worrisome indeed pinkpantheroz 4 hours ago

Hey Jenuwin glenn 4 hours ago

glenn – Yes but only his cult followers will buy it. Remember, it rose to around 80% of the public wanting witnesses and evidence. 80% of Americans know this trial was a political sham. Trump’s claims of exoneration again, after claiming it and not being believed after the Mueller investigation will fall on deaf ears. AdLib 4 hours ago

hoping he gets booed Harleigh 4 hours ago

Ad–just a small correction–republican politicians are a cowardly lot, otherwise I agree with you. glenn 4 hours ago

ppo…. 1936 Harleigh 4 hours ago

We probably won’t hear boos, H. The media will set the mikes up to highlight cheers. They know which side of their bread is buttered. pinkpantheroz 4 hours ago

PPO – That is true though the majority of Germans fell behind the Nazis, that’s not the case here and Dems do have some power that they will continue to use to go after Trump. AdLib 4 hours ago

PPO–Fergie is indeed a wise woman. glenn 4 hours ago

pinkpantheroz 4 hours ago

glenn – In general, I think politicians are cowardly but there are many who have courage. As Schiff mentioned in one of his best speeches in the hearing, political courage is rare. AdLib 4 hours ago

Ad-it certainly seems that our so-called “liberal media” is determined to convince us that the majority of Americans support the TLB, which is not true. glenn 4 hours ago

For once I wish I were at the SB, loaded with beer and food, and throw the lot at any screen which shows TLB’s smirky orange puss. pinkpantheroz 4 hours ago

The stakes of the election in November are enormous now. Repubs have created a monarchy, they and Trump are expecting Russia, voter suppression, gerrymandering and other political corruption to help them retain power. Dems only have the majority of voters behind them and they have to win by even more to overcome all of that. AdLib 4 hours ago

yep Harleigh 4 hours ago

Ad–Most politicians are never challenged to show their courage. Most of the time, they’re just pandering to their base. However, in this case, where courage is required, I don’t see one republican politician showing the least bit of it. Even Romney, who voted for witnesses, will vote for acquittal. glenn 4 hours ago

OK, now who reckons that Bernie is a waste of space and time? I do. He is not a Democrat! pinkpantheroz 3 hours ago

Taylor Swift called Blackburn trump in wig! lol Harleigh 3 hours ago

glenn – I have nticed recently a meme from the media that’s trying to pump up the perception of support for Trump…despite the latest poll showing only 38% support for him. The MSM is a corporate instrument, profits are far more important than truth and setting up close races brings more ratings and money. This is not close now nor has it been. AdLib 3 hours ago

PPO–Yeah, except of throwing at any screen, it would be nice to throw it directly in his face. glenn 3 hours ago

There has not been one national poll putting Trump ahead of any of the Dem front runners that I’ve seen since the Dem primary began. AdLib 3 hours ago

glenn, that would be delish, except for the USSS gorillaz surrounding him. pinkpantheroz 3 hours ago

This was Schiff’s quote from Kennedy: “Schiff quoted a 1966 remark from Sen. Robert F. Kennedy: “Moral courage is a rarer commodity than bravery in battle or great intelligence. Yet it is the one essential, vital quality for those who seek to change the world which yields most painfully to change.” AdLib 3 hours ago

Bloomberg is making an impression. He has also said if he is not the nominee, he will throw his real money at the candidate, but would he back Bernie? pinkpantheroz 3 hours ago

Ad–Exactly. The media will continue to show his rallies, while ignoring Dem rallies. I think we should have a new rule–for every TLB rally shown on cable television, there should also be a Dem rally shown. For every tweet from the TLB, a Dem tweet should be posted right below it. And, it should be a Dem officeholder, not republicans against the TLB. And, every Pelosi news conference should be shown live. That sounds like three new rules, but it’s really only one. glenn 3 hours ago

Bernie will not win the Dem nom IMO, a majority of Dems oppose him and as the race shrinks, his ability to win delegates will be more difficult. If it goes to a brokered convention, no way he wins. AdLib 3 hours ago

Ad–that’s true about the polls, but it definitely is not mentioned enough in the MSM. Every time the TLB tweets about his numbers and the media repeats his tweets ad nauseum, that fact should be shown right after it. glenn 3 hours ago

Ad, relief, but his Bernie Brownshirts may do the ‘Wont vote for anyone other than Bernie’ and damage the Dems pinkpantheroz 3 hours ago

Bloomberg is a moderate Republican trying to buy the nom. No way he is the nom. So I hope he does but a billion behind whoever the nom is…though I don’t think it will be Bernie. AdLib 3 hours ago

Ad–So, will we have a repeat of 2016, where the Bernie bots will not vote for the Dem nom? glenn 3 hours ago

I’m not crazy about Bernie. Jenuwin 3 hours ago

glenn – Yes, Trump’s rallies should not be covered, they are not news, they are propaganda rallies. Should Nazi propaganda rallies be televised? AdLib 3 hours ago

PPO–I just asked the same question about Bernie bots. Do you think they have learned their lesson? glenn 3 hours ago

bern is NOT a dem and he really sucks… waving his arms and spitting into the mic. Harleigh 3 hours ago

Jenuwin–I’m not crazy about Bernie, either. I hope he doesn’t win the Dem nom, but if he does, I’ll vote for him. I will not stay home because I didn’t get the nom I wanted. glenn 3 hours ago

Funny. I may be wrong, but Bernie seems to be the only politician TLB hasn’t a nasty nickname for. Is he secretly happy Bernie is a disruoter? pinkpantheroz 3 hours ago

disrupter pinkpantheroz 3 hours ago

PPO – Polls have already shown a segment of Bernie voters won’t vote for the Dem nom if it’s not Bernie. We don’t need them, the polls show all the other nooms beating Trump without them but Dems need to rally turnout and not neglect or take for granted any swing states this time. AdLib 3 hours ago

Good, Ad. If BS doesn’t get the nod, he MUST urge his Bots and Bros to vote Dem anyway pinkpantheroz 3 hours ago

PPO–Hard to tell why the TLB doesn’t have a nickname for Bernie. I think he has called him a socialist and other names, though; he just hasn’t given him a consistent nickname. glenn 3 hours ago

glenn – Not a repeat of 2016 but yes, many Bernie Bros won’t vote for the Dem. The difference is, there is no 3rd party candidate to siphon off votes (if Tulsi ran as a 3rd party candidate, she’d only get Repub and Bernie Bros who aren’t voting Dem anyway). AdLib 3 hours ago

Fergie! pinkpantheroz 3 hours ago

Ad–Then those Bernie voters are as stupid as the TLB’s voters, IMO. They are part of the reason the TLB won. glenn 3 hours ago

hi fergi Harleigh 3 hours ago

glenn, that’s my worry. pinkpantheroz 3 hours ago

glenn – Nope, Bernie Bros are just as ignorant and hostile as in 2016 if not moreso but they are not the difference in winning. Conversely, many moderates and even Repubs who voted for Trump in 2016 will be voting Dem in Nov. AdLib 3 hours ago

Hey Fergie! AdLib 3 hours ago

Hi Fergie–good to see your hubby is sharing tonight!

glenn 3 hours ago

Fergie–hopefully, we can rally many more Dems to turn out to vote this time to offset those bots! glenn 3 hours ago

(She’s writing the Dead Sea Scrolls!)\ pinkpantheroz 3 hours ago

PPO – Trump and Repubs are pushing Bernie t win because they think it will be easier for Trump to beat him, as they bury him in “SOCIALIST!” propaganda. I think they’re wrong though, only his cultists would buy that but I still don’t want Bernie as the nom. AdLib 3 hours ago

With you there, Ad. I do hope that the Dem Field shrinks more soon. We need to get cracking on a unified message pinkpantheroz 3 hours ago

PPO – Bernie did do that in 2016, he did come out and through his support behind Hillary and campaign for her. He will do so again this year WHEN he is eleiminated from the primary, he knows it is political suicide if he doesn’t support the Dem nom after running for the Dem nom. AdLib 3 hours ago

I don’t like using the trotted out analogy of Hitler, but for 51 Senators to vote against witnesses is exactly the sign that Trump and McConnell have the same hold over them as Hitler did with his henchmen. For not one Senator (never mind Collins), to have the moral fortitude to not sell their soul, is a question that must be answered. I don’t believe in conspiracies but there has to be something more to this. 75% of those polled wanted witnesses. It doesn’t add up that to keep your job you are willing to sully the name of America Nationally and Internationally unless there is something more we don’t know. Sorry, I’m steamed! Fergie1 3 hours ago

Ad–I read an interesting article the other day that says Dems need to nominate a moderate rather than Bernie or even Warren, both of whom are considered “radical”. The thinking is that most moderates do not want to see a “radical” in office, and also that repubs would be more inclined to vote for a moderate Dem. Hence, Biden’s popularity. glenn 3 hours ago

Ad–yes, Bernie did throw his support behind Hillary, but IMO, he didn’t do enough to rally his supporters to her side. Oh well, it’s all water under the bridge now, and we need to concentrate on this NOvember. glenn 3 hours ago

Agreed Fergie Harleigh 3 hours ago

glenn, the right have veered so far over there, that the moderate center is seen as ‘Radical left’! pinkpantheroz 3 hours ago

Fergie – I saw one pundit explain it this way whch made sense. Repubs would rather avoid the immediate punding, of voting against Trump and being primaried and viified, then possibly losing in Nov. So they go along with dictatorship today and hope voters aren’t as upset about it in Nov. AdLib 3 hours ago

well I’m conkin out. later folks Harleigh 3 hours ago

Fergie, I’m just as steamed as you are. There actually was one Senator who voted for witnesses beside Collins, and that was Romney. Just to set the record straight. glenn 3 hours ago

Later, Harleigh. Take care glenn 3 hours ago

Agreed Ad. Bernie will never be elected President. He knows this. If he is that adamant about getting Trump out then he needs to drop out and forcefully tell his supporters to vote for the Dem nominee. But he won’t do that. In my opinion he is a fraud and a spoiler. Again I’m steamed! Fergie1 3 hours ago

Ad, then we’ll just have to make sure they are constantly reminded and the rage maintained pinkpantheroz 3 hours ago

PPO–I agree with your assessment of the right vs. center. Dems have also veered far to the right to appease repubs. We need to stop doing that! glenn 3 hours ago

glenn – IMO, that is propaganda. All we need to do is look at the facts. The percentages that Warren and Bernie combined have beats the moderate Dem vote and both beat Trump in polling. My argument is that a moderate candidate like Biden will not activate the enthusiasm of the youth vote and the election will be closer than it should be. AdLib 3 hours ago

bern has accomplished ZERO IN all his years in office. Harleigh 3 hours ago

See ya, Harleigh! AdLib 3 hours ago

Thanks Glenn. I should have looked up Romney – I was rushing

Fergie1 3 hours ago

Fergie–I agree with you completely about Bernie. He is definitely a spoiler! glenn 3 hours ago

Ad–Not saying I agreed with the article; just saying what is now becoming the media’s new tactic. I want the election to be a Dem landslide, because it is is close, then who knows what the TLB will do? glenn 3 hours ago

Brexiteers are fiddling while Britain burns. Big mistake. Big. Huge. Where do they go from here? pinkpantheroz 3 hours ago

glenn – Maybe Bernie didn’t do as much as he could in 2016 but most of his voter vooted for Hillary. The results show that it was a decrease especially in the black and youth vote in those three swing states that made the difference in Hillary losing. So turnout and enthusiasm is what made the difference, hence my oppositio to an uninspiring moderate candidate. AdLib 3 hours ago

Well, if people had any common sense they would turn out in numbers too large to ignore and vote for Biden to get the cretin out of the WH. Surely even the youth can see what is needed in this election. Except for the damn Bernie Bros! Fergie1 3 hours ago

Ad, who is inspiring to you? Fergie1 3 hours ago

Fergie–if people had any common sense, we wouldn’t have the TLB sitting in the oval office! glenn 3 hours ago

So true Glenn. Fergie1 3 hours ago

Fergie, I could imagine Bernie staying in until the convention even if it’s clear he doesn’t have the delegates but I do think he will endorse and support the eventual nominee or be seen as the Ralph Nader who elected Trump instead of Nader electing Bush. AdLib 3 hours ago

Ad–so, who do you think can turn out the black and youth vote? glenn 3 hours ago

Biden could be a breakthrough choice,just for 1 term. pinkpantheroz 3 hours ago

Ad–complete change of subject, but what do you hear from Murph? How is he doing? glenn 3 hours ago

yes, ad, how is Murph, and for that matter, dearest Kalima? pinkpantheroz 3 hours ago

glenn – No worries, I wasn’t directing that at you, just the article’s sentiment. I have seen a flood of Never Trump Republicans insisting in editorials that Dems need to elect Biden, who they see as Repub-lite. I think Bden will turn out to be a massive mistake and definitely will lose re-election in 2024 if he wins in 2020. Then we’ll have President Ivanka. AdLib 3 hours ago

PPO–I saw the other day where Biden says he wants Michelle Obama for vice president. Not that she would take it, but she might turn out the black and youth vote! glenn 3 hours ago

I watched a round table discussion with 8 voters and one Trumper actually said that Trump was a self made millionaire! That’s the level we are dealing with. Another suggest a write-in vote! These were all women in their 40s and 50s. I was gobsmacked by the ignorance on full display. Fergie1 3 hours ago

PPO – I think the UK is tottering on the edge while econimic info is all over the place. The worst is yet to come IMO. AdLib 3 hours ago

OOOOOOH, glenn! That would have the GOPs panties in a scrunch! pinkpantheroz 3 hours ago

Glenn, I don’t think that the wonderful Michelle Obama would touch it with a barge pole. Fergie1 3 hours ago

Ad–I know. Personally, I find it so patronizing of those nevertrump republicans telling Dems who to vote for. I think they should just keep on attacking the TLB, and just shut up about who the Dem nom should be. glenn 3 hours ago

Fergie – No matter who the Dem nom is, people who want a democracy instead of a dictator ship, better be motivated to come out and vote in Nov. What I’m saying is that it’s easier to get out the vote when people are entusiastic positively about a candidate as opposed to voting against Trump. AdLib 3 hours ago

Ad, yes, poor England ! No more Empire, maybe no more UK either, if Scotland decide to say Cherio, old chap! pinkpantheroz 3 hours ago

Fergie–yeah, the ignorance among the TLB’s voters is just astounding. No matter how many times the facts are presented to them, they just don’t hear them. It’s just plain willful ignorance, and Dems need to write those people off and start concentrating on, as Ad says, the black and youth vote. glenn 3 hours ago

Well that’s true Ad. It doesn’t say much for our democratic right to vote if you have to be enthused rather than saving the Republic. Fergie1 3 hours ago

Fergie – I think Warren is the better choice though I will support whoever wins. She has the best numbers in polling on “Who would you be least disappointed in winning the Dem Nom”, many more would be disappointed if it was most of the other candidates. So what that indicates is that she would possibly be best at bringing the party together. She’s an imperfect candidate, all of them are, I’m not wild about her but I do think she would be the best of those left. AdLib 3 hours ago

I’ll say cheerio myself and will see you all next week. pinkpantheroz 3 hours ago

Fergie–I agree, Michelle would never be Biden’s VP. I like her just where she is, unless, of course, she wanted to sit on the Supreme Court. I would like that very much. Again, dreaming…. glenn 3 hours ago

glenn – I think a Warren/Stacy Abrams or Warren/Andrew Gillum type ticket would bring out the woman, youth and black vote. AdLib 3 hours ago

Cheerio PPO. Take care. Does that mean you’re leaving too, Fergie? Cheerio! glenn 3 hours ago

Ad–I like those combos. I’ll have either one to run! glenn 3 hours ago

Jenuwin–you still here? glenn 3 hours ago

glenn – Biden is pandering again, Michelle has made it crystal clear that she does not want to be a politician. Biden annoys me with obviously pandering comments like that. And offering to have a Repub as a VP. Annoying and uninspiring to me. AdLib 3 hours ago

Ad–remember last week when CL was so adamantly opposed to Warren? What do you think of that? glenn 3 hours ago

Yup I’m still here Jenuwin 3 hours ago

Jenuwin–you doing okay? Feel free to jump in at any time! glenn 3 hours ago

Ad–sorry for bugging you; but what do you hear from or about Murph? glenn 3 hours ago

Fergie – I am so tired of the MSM segments hosting Trump voters who spout the propaganda that’s been fed to them. I wish they would stop covering that racist, ignorant minority, we know aht they will alwasy say, we don’t learn anythiing but just see the MSM promoting ignorance and intolerance. AdLib 3 hours ago

And PPO asked about Kalima also. glenn 3 hours ago

I like being on the sidelines and just following along Jenuwin 3 hours ago

Murph said he’s coming along, about 50% of the way back. AdLib 3 hours ago

Ad–I’m with you on the TLB focus groups. It’s time to start focusing on Dem focus groups. glenn 3 hours ago

Ad–okay, good to hear about Murph. Again, please send him my regards. glenn 3 hours ago

Thanks Ad, But Warren won’t win either. No presence and even with her intelligence hasn’t figured out how to present herself. Plus she has on all occasions refused to answer how to pay for Medicare for all. It’s a very complicated issue which I know all about in Australia. Medicare is paid (taxed) from your salary. Americans hate taxes (as we all do) but if even if it benefits them in the long run, that will not run up the flagpole. Fergie1 3 hours ago

glenn – Choicelady and I get along wonderfully on so many things but we disagree completely on Dem candidates. She is adamantly against Warren, I am very disinterested in Biden. But we both like Klobuchar as a Senator only s there’s that. AdLib 3 hours ago


glenn 3 hours ago

Sorry, I’m with Choicelady as well – not Warren. Yes Klobuchar as a Senator. Fergie1 3 hours ago

Ad–Interesting dynamic between you and CL. Oh well, we can’t agree on everything, can we? That’s what makes the world go round. glenn 3 hours ago

Fergie–glad you’re still here. Why not Warren? glenn 3 hours ago

Fergie–oops–just saw your post above regarding Warren. glenn 3 hours ago

Fergie – Maybe Warren wouldn’t win but polls show her beating Trump along with all of the other top Dem candidates. She has in fact come out with a detailed budget on how to fully pay for Medicare 4 All, Robert Reich has signed off on it. What I didn’t like was her insistence as Bernie insists, that they would institute it immediately. Now she says there would be a 2-3 year ramp up and only if it is approved by the American people. So maybe some kind of polling or congressional bill that has to meet a certain criteria? She and Bernie would need Conrgess and a majority of Americans to support it to institute M4A so no one should be concerned about it being forced on people. AdLib 3 hours ago

Okay, that’s it for me tonight, folks. I’m exhausted from fighting the cold–sat at my granddaughter’s soccer game in 45 degree weather, and it took all my energy to stay warm. At least they won! Anyway, take care folks, and hope to see you next week. glenn 3 hours ago

Ad oh Stacy Abrams would be great as VP choice. Like her very much. Yes think I’ll be of too. I type so slowly to keep up. But it’s been great. Will have to go back and read the earlier convo. Bye all and take care. Fergie1 3 hours ago

Cheerio, Fergie glenn 3 hours ago

*off* Fergie1 3 hours ago

glenn – As with ther folks here and Choicelady, we are all on the same side and having different faves as condidates is what politics are all about. It’s hgealthy to have diversity of opinions, trying to convince others why your pick might be better as long as it’s kept positive and thoughtful and we all come together when the nom is selected. AdLib 3 hours ago

Take care, glenn! Hope you feel better! AdLib 3 hours ago

Ad–that’s it, isn’t it? We just have to support the nom whoever s/he is! glenn 3 hours ago

So great to see you here, Fergie! AdLib 3 hours ago

Thanks, Ad. I will when I get under my covers and get warm! glenn 3 hours ago

glenn – Absolutely! AdLib 3 hours ago

Did I miss it again? Khirad 31 minutes ago

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