“Who’s that man?”


Mitch McConnell said that he is, “not an impartial juror.” But, the Constitution says something very different. It says that the Senate, meaning each and every member, is the jury in impeachment trials. McConnell’s fresh outrage is outright defiance, even insurrection. Put simply: Right in the middle of impeachment proceedings, this “un-American” has refused to follow the rules. Considering his position, McConnell can’t claim that he isn’t influencing other members. This is an openly defiant act that negates the Constitution.

The Constitution says that McConnell “shall,” and he says that he “will not.” He should resign from the Senate. Or be impeached. And yeah, recusal is an admission that you can’t be fair. McConnell can be recused by Chief Justice Roberts. Whether or not he can be fair, he has admitted that he will not be. Yes, open defiance, from the outlaw Republican Party.

This is the “unkindest cut.” For a Senator to defy the Constitution, and stand in open defiance of it because he worships a freakish would-be dictator, is beyond outrage, and cannot be tolerated. McConnell’s Constitution-defying statement is intended to make the proceedings into a farce, and eventually break the Constitution. McConnell is determined to destroy even the appearance of fairness and make the proceedings appear ridiculous. Why is it: “the most unkindest cut of all? Because it comes from a man who should befriend to all Americans. It would appear that people like McConnell want, in essence, to reduce us to the animal state. But repudiating the Constitution is to poison the well. It is an act of treason, taught him by his Russian masters, and intended to eventually completely destroy Western-style Democracy. McConnell, Sessions, and Barr write whole new chapters to the Constitution as if they had the sole right. They act by fiat, as though no other authority were needed.

But we the people aren’t part of the algorithm. If we were consulted, I feel safe in saying that almost everyone would agree that a “juror” fairly weighs the evidence, without bias, and determines guilt or innocence.

But Mitch has taken it upon himself to redefine the word, “juror;” which is to rewrite the Constitution that he swore to defend, not redefine and tailor to his preference or political exigency.

They, elitist politicians, have become petty tyrants. They seem to be on the order of voracious insects; with their insect god, and their insect greed. They are a curse. That, at least, is plain. Nothing else is: the truth would curdle in this man’s mouth.


(Who’s that man?)


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