It seemed the strangest thing, when the NYT (Do you remember Sundays, when Uncle Ezra got the Paper first – completely undisturbed! It was at least a foot thick. He would glance at a section, then pass it off to the interested parties. The girls would be screaming for fashion and entertainment stuff, me for the Sports page. He was a little partial to me, so he would slip me the funnies quietly, on Sundays – in that big old house overlooking the foggy Hudson River), the “Institution,” prefaced the summary of their investigation into Trump family crimes dating back a half-century, with a disclaimer that they knew the article would not be read. They warned that it might take several iterations, over a period of several years, of publishing the piece before it would make a proper impression.

Their work was impressively documented, taken from 100,000 pages of public legal and tax documents. “Balance” was hardly to be found. Admittedly, the writers threw in a touch, as a spice. They didn’t sound convincing though, as is proper. The investigation showed, simply and, “straight from the record,” that the Trump family were professional swindlers and tax cheats, to the tune of hundreds of millions of dollars; in sum equal to the GDP of many nations.

They were right: lawmakers, and the public, ignored the Herculean effort.

The only investigation that might really have mattered, coming the year before the Election, was ignored; it was as though it never happened. But, as I see it, the Times did everything possible to make a congressional investigation possible. They took a side. Then they got hit! And Congress did absolutely nothing!

A lifelong criminal, from a criminal family, from a criminal syndicate, from a criminal culture, was installed by cabal as President of the United States; and Congress was too busy (giving away our money) to notice. That’s where we lost: a professional criminal should never have been allowed to run for President. And Trump was like a black hole; he sucked power to him from the very first interview. He distilled hate and made it an addiction, America’s “drug of choice.”

But they, the Times: “Enemy of the People,” still stood in their way. They had to be widely discredited. Then ruined financially. All neatly done by the “Redneck Press,” and all aggravated by division in the ranks. Division between those who wanted to make a stand, and those who don’t.

Finally, they had to be broken, “spiritually,” you might say. That happened just the other day.

“The flagship has run aground. The Captain led her up on the reef. God save us.”

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