If Nancy Pelosi doesn’t forward the Articles of Impeachment to the Senate, then Trump can’t win on dismissal or acquittal.

When the Speaker said recently that she can impeach Trump any time that she wants to, it wasn’t idle chatter; she can. He won’t get the win, or the acquittal. Donald Trump will remain “the Impeached President,” not the “acquitted president,” for as long as she wants to keep him that way. He won’t be able to brag, just gripe about the System being unfair – a subject that he should stay away from. Is that dirty pool? Hell yes! And I suspect that the Base will love it! As a matter of fact, the whole country just woke up to the realization that they should put their money on the Blue. Nancy is going to kick Donald’s ass. And take names.

Why enter into a losing proposition, when you can turn it into such a big win? Why lose your “leverage?”

The Republican Party tried every sneaky, and pathetic, trick that they could come up with to kick the joint up into the Senate for immediate dismissal. They wanted to kill the smell of death that surrounds them. They came across as simpletons.

Kinda hard having Christmas in the middle of a pitched battle. I hope we never have another one like this one. How many things has Donald Trump left his stench on? First name the branches and departments of government, the arts, the sciences; religion, faith, and belief; the institution of the family (He didn’t really separate mother and child, and imprison them? No one could be that evil. It must have been a nightmare. I must be losing my mind.) And my family, and yours.

I call it “check,” with “mate” in two. But, there’s more than one game running.

House of Representatives impeaches President Donald Trump


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