Vox Populi, our weekly live chat about the week’s events begins tonight at 7:00pm PDT. Hope to see you then! AdLib 3 days ago

Hey PPO! AdLib 3 days ago

President Pelosi……… nice ring to that, eh? pinkpantheroz 3 days ago

I’m good with that…leading up to President Warren. AdLib 3 days ago

Yum! How are you going with your Moot? pinkpantheroz 3 days ago

Trump has already confessed to these crimes. What more do Dems need? I’m glad they will build a robust case with documents and testimony to make Trump’s guilt overwhelming but they don’t need to. AdLib 3 days ago

I love it that Pence is in it up to his manicured neck pinkpantheroz 3 days ago

I like to paddle my boot through my moot with my foat. AdLib 3 days ago

I am thrilled about Pence being nailed! He is so guilty and so sneaky and deceptive about it. Trump broadcasts his guilt, Pence sneaks around in the shadows carryiing it along. AdLib 3 days ago

Did you see the Late Show with Stephen? He proposed the moat in 2006 in the Late Show! Name it the Stephen Colbert Moot. pinkpantheroz 3 days ago

Evenin’ gents! glenn 3 days ago

hiya glenn! Light growing bigger at the end of the tunnel perhaps? pinkpantheroz 3 days ago

When the Dems come out with Articles of Impeachment, it can only be terribly damning about Trump. AdLib 3 days ago

Hi glenn! AdLib 3 days ago

I did see that, do enjoy Colbert! AdLib 3 days ago

Ad–Yup. There should be a laser focus on the Ukranian crime(s), plus one little obstruction of justice addenum for putting it on the top secret server. glenn 3 days ago

glenn – Well, Planet folks were calling for impeachment and we were confident public support would follow, all the doom and gloom scenarios would be proven wrong. Feels good to see things moving how we had hoped! AdLib 3 days ago

subpoenas flying into the WH grounds. pinkpantheroz 3 days ago

So if Trump is buried in evidence and testimony and public opinion keeps moving against him for impeachment, do you think Senate Repubs might defect out of self-preservation and vote to remove Trump? AdLib 3 days ago

Ad, I think we need to, as Pelosi has now obviously done, proceed cautiously, yet quickly to keep the WH rattled and indicting themselves. pinkpantheroz 3 days ago

Ad–I do love how quickly public support FOR impeachment has been moving! I have to admit, though, (that word is becoming almost as famous as “is”) that Pelosi was right to wait for the TLB to hand her the perfect impeachment. glenn 3 days ago

PPO–Yeah, subpoenas flying, and the TLB and his crew are vowing to not obey the law AGAIN! glenn 3 days ago

I can imagine a possible scenario where the walls collapse on Trump, enough Repub Senators see their polls taking a hit for supporting him and they cut him loose. Not a probability IMO but a possibility. AdLib 3 days ago

Trading on the stock exchange has been bad, except for the makers of Pampers, who just go a huge order from the Republican Party pinkpantheroz 3 days ago

Ad–I’m not sure that 20 repubs will defect….However, if the Senate votes to not convict, then I believe Dems have a great opportunity and chance to turn the Senate. glenn 3 days ago

PPO – Agree 100%. The House Dems need to be professional but hit their deadlines to get Articles of Impeachment voted on and passed before the end of the year. Then who knows what tricks McConnell has up his sleeve but the damning of Trump will already have happened. AdLib 3 days ago

GOP Senators may end up being subpoena’ed themselves, if they conspired to deny legislation to address the controversies pinkpantheroz 3 days ago

glenn – Pelosi didn’t know that this whistleblower would come out about such an easy to understand impeachable offense. As I wrote in my post, this was not Pelosi’s plan, she was backed into it by events and Dems in red districts moving forward on it. Either jump on the bandwagon or get run over by it. That said, I am gladd she landed strongly on it and is helping to push it forward as smartly as she and other Dems are. AdLib 3 days ago

Pelosi’s plan was to just keep the investigations going through the election and win in 2020. This threw a monkey wrench in her plans but it is working out for the best now. Starting impeachment on this one, clear crime is the absolute best approach Dems could have hoped for. AdLib 3 days ago

glenn, defections have started – Mitt Romney and Ben Sasse came out swinging at Trump today, in an effort at insulating themselves, according to Palmer. pinkpantheroz 3 days ago

Ad–Enough repubs cutting the TLB loose is a long-shot possibility, but I do love the way the Dems are framing the impeachment inquiry as something they didn’t want to do, but that the TLB left them no choice. . glenn 3 days ago

Murph! pinkpantheroz 3 days ago

Hi all. MurphTheSurf3 3 days ago

PPO–Love your comment on the stock market! glenn 3 days ago

pinkpantheroz 3 days ago

PPO – I saw on Twitter, so take this with a grain of salt, that Trump wears Depends, needs to after years of substance abuse. I don’t quite think it’s true, I don’t see the connection but seeing how odd he stands and walks, maybe he just makes “dookies” in his “di-di”. AdLib 3 days ago

Hey Murph! AdLib 3 days ago

Ad–Yes, I read your post, and agree that she is acting smartly on it. Also, the repubs can’t say she was for impeachment for just any reason; she kept saying she had to wait (to the dismay of all of us impatient people). glenn 3 days ago

Oh, boy, has China stepped on Brokeahontas’ willy by saying they’re staying out of US internal politics! Hee Hee.. Who looks like the World Leaders now? pinkpantheroz 3 days ago

Ad–yup. And it’s so fitting that the monkey wrench was thrown by none other than the TLB himself! glenn 3 days ago

glenn – I’m with you on that, some Senate Repubs may vote to convict Trump but McConnell could let the ones in Blue or Purple states vote that way, knowing it won AdLib 3 days ago

…won’t be enough. But then I do think, Dems will have a better argument for winning The “lawless” Senate. AdLib 3 days ago

PPO–Yeah, Mittens talks a good game, but when push comes to shove, what will his vote be? glenn 3 days ago

Hey Murph! How goes it? glenn 3 days ago

There must be something in the air on the WH lawn that forces him to tell the truth inadvertently. Ghost of Presidents past? pinkpantheroz 3 days ago

PPO–Yeah, imagine another country practicing that thing called….what is it again….oh yeah, it’s called diplomacy! glenn 3 days ago

PPO – It’s promising to see in just the first week, Repub Senators backing away from Trump and many trying to hide away from the press so they don’t have to go on record. In an impeachment trial though, they will have to go on record and so many of them are already dreading it. AdLib 3 days ago

Ad–I read that about the Depends too. And the years of substance abuse may be the reason he slurs and sways sometimes. glenn 3 days ago

glenn – The majority of Americans know Pelosi was preventing impeachment, that she didn’t want it, which makes them look earnest now that they’re doing it for a simple-to-understand reason. AdLib 3 days ago

glenn – I know some Dems were worried about being seen as being too political in impeaching Trump but that very worry and holding off for so long seems to have prevented that beiing an issue. AdLib 3 days ago

Ad–Don’t know how really “promising” it is about the cowardly repubs hiding from the press. I will only see it as promising when they stop hiding, deflecting, defending, and start standing up for the Constitution. Right now, they’re not doing anything except hiding, which isn’t promising, in my book. glenn 3 days ago

Another word that may come in handy, like diplomacy, is Detinue, a tort where someone(Drumpf) retains possession of something belonging to another, following orders to return it. So the bugger cannot stay if removed or voted out of office. pinkpantheroz 3 days ago

PPO – It sure feels to me that China wants Trump out of office, he’s caused them a lot of economic damage. If they tried to interfere in 2020, I think it would be to help Dems and bring back stability to the world economy. No incentive to help Trump so I doubt they make a trade deal with him. AdLib 3 days ago

Ad–Yes, it certainly is a simple-to-understand reason, and in case they don’t understand the reason, they need to read the tweet from the head of the FEC. “Is this thing on?” was just priceless! glenn 3 days ago

Just wanted to sample your discussion tonight. I picked up a bad cough and am dealing with it as best I can. So I will read along. MurphTheSurf3 3 days ago

Could be, Ad. Maybe China is fed up with WH being too much Putin’s house. pinkpantheroz 3 days ago

Murph, no prob. Watch that it doesn’t develop into pneumonia. pinkpantheroz 3 days ago

I have asthma and pneumonia is always a concern. Thanks PPO. MurphTheSurf3 3 days ago

glenn – Trump not only threw the monkey wrench, he pulled the rope on his own guillotine. AdLib 3 days ago

PPO–Although I wish fervently for the TLB’s removal from office, it is also quite worrying what he will actually do if the Senate actually votes to convict him and remove him from office. glenn 3 days ago

glenn, don’t worry, the USSS has procedures. pinkpantheroz 3 days ago

PPO – Maybe Wonder Woman’s lasso was cleverly buried under the WH lawn? AdLib 3 days ago

…or The Flying Fickle Finger of Fate pinkpantheroz 3 days ago

Murph–sorry to hear about your cough. Hopefully, you can join in….but if you can’t, we’re just glad you’re here! glenn 3 days ago

Thanks Glenn. I am just following the discussion. MurphTheSurf3 3 days ago

Ad–yup. Also, he hoist his own petard! glenn 3 days ago

glenn – The constant sniffing Trump does is from snorting coke, Aderall, etc frequently over the years. I’ve seen people with that issue before. AdLib 3 days ago

PPO–The USSS may have procedures, but they have never had to use the ones for removal of a sitting president. glenn 3 days ago

Ad–There’s no doubt in my mind that the TLB has misused some sort of substance in his life at some time in addition to misusing his education. glenn 3 days ago

glenn – It’s promising because Senate Repubs are proving that they’re scared. They don’t want to come out in support of “their” president for fear they’ll ose their seats for doing so. And fearful of what the mountain of evidence will look like. If they’re already scared and will have to vote on impeachment, they could be prepped to convict him. AdLib 3 days ago

Ad, after having to protect this POS, I reckn the SS are salivating on frogmarching the cretin out and perpwalking him into Bad History pinkpantheroz 3 days ago

sorry glenn pinkpantheroz 3 days ago

glenn – Yes, the head of the FES is great. And her views really indict Barr and the DoJ for refusing to investigate the criminal complaint sent to them on Trump and his criminal gang. AdLib 3 days ago

And, of course, there is always Rudi! Snigger pinkpantheroz 3 days ago

Barr may very well be impeached along with Pompeo and Pence! Pence first though so President Pelosi can step in and take the rest down. AdLib 3 days ago

Well, hacking away here…time to give it up. Hope to see you all next week. Murph MurphTheSurf3 3 days ago

Ad–I hope that Schumer and every other Dem senator are talking to their colleagues calmly and politely, reminding them of their oaths of office, and the importance of defending our democracy. As you say, they need “prepping” and I hope the Dem senators are setting forth a united push to prep them. glenn 3 days ago

Yu take care, now, Murph pinkpantheroz 3 days ago

G’night, Murph. Feel better soon. glenn 3 days ago

Sorry you’re not feeling well, Murph! AdLib 3 days ago

Wonder what evil McConnell is hatching in his slimy mind to avoid getting nailed. Hopefully nothing. pinkpantheroz 3 days ago

PPO–Yeah, I hope they’re practicing who is going to cuff him, who is going to hold which arm, and which foot, as they carry him out! glenn 3 days ago

glenn, there’s a pool, $100 in! pinkpantheroz 3 days ago

glenn – We’re going to have to deal with Trump’s refusal to go no matter how it happens. Impeachment, losing in 2020, he’ll go nuts a bit and he’ll refuse to go but once he’s legally no longer president, the new president will have full power to order his removal by law enforcement (marshalls) anyway. AdLib 3 days ago