If the President can proclaim that law is whatever he says it is, and applies to whomever he says; and claims so openly; and violates law repeatedly in plain sight; and excuses his staff from their constitutional duties with his lawyers making supporting statements; then logically, the Judicial Branch has completely lost its vital force and can’t even defend itself. It is becoming obvious that the courts have been corrupt for too long, too long to help us now in our hour of need – when we are fighting for our freedom. They were the first branch to have their pants taken down and be given a whipping by Trump. This is what Trump does best, always has: owning the judiciary.

If the Justice Department and the F.B.I. escape their duty and allow the President to exist completely above the law, and with unlimited power, then they are no longer law enforcers; and since they act directly on the President’s authority, they are reduced to a criminal syndicate (in the purest sense: they exist to enforce one man’s will), enforcing law when they see fit. Or as he sees fit. But, they have been corrupt for so long that they are not any longer an institution, but more often the butt of a joke.

If the House of Representatives can’t defend their honour and their right against smart-mouthed thugs that walk all over them right there in their own house, then they are no longer an august body – they are embarrassments. If they allow their investigators to be constantly, and painfully obviously interfered with, mocked, accused, and treated with disrespect and even contempt; then they are effete – they have lost the vital, driving force that made us what we are as a nation. But, corruption left Congress as puppets to the rich and powerful. And the influence mongers sold the ignorant on autocracy as the antidote to the worst evil of Democracy – democracy!

But Congress was like an old drunkard that slowly but surely committed a gruesome suicide; doing less and less, helping less, and caring less. Drinking the poison of division. Hopelessly addicted. Finally: purposeless, wandering alone, ignored.

And if the leader of the Senate acts to interfere with the prerogative of the House, acting at cross purposes, then another “unity” is lost: We no longer have a Congress, but 535 individuals, each looking out for his own. With each and every member with a dagger ready.

If all these things are true, and they are; then what we feared most has already happened. What we valued most is lost. Our form of government, which was the envy of the world.

Trump is like the wizard in the “Narnia” book, throwing lint at his enthralled subjects. It’s just lint! Lewandowski should have been held in contempt and ordered to testify fully or be jailed. Trump should be arrested for national security violations and election tampering. You know, arrested. Then let the criminal talk his way out of it, and hang himself.

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