Have you ever spun a globe and watched as the blue of the oceans and seas and the green of land masses mix together and for a brief moment countries and continents and border blur?

It’s almost hypnotic to watch as the world spins and spins then slows and all of a sudden the continents and the oceans reappear and before you know it those defining features are back in full view. Everything back in place as it should be with its defined lines and territorial claims put back in place.

If only the politics in that spinning globe were the same life would be simpler, bland as hell but simpler. There was a time when those politics were indeed simple in nature, defined by one or many differences with ideas and ideals on how those differences can be defined or boxed. For the latter decades of the 20th century those boxes were sturdy, definable and the true barometer of the political forecast. People happily boxing themselves into a political mindset in which they rarely poked their heads through the small shaft of light in the opening at the the top of the box.

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The light that once shone through to these closed minds was easy to block out because the managed message was everything and the brightest lights of context and truth burned bright but burned out quickly as the world motors onward.

Those little boxes we are forced into at birth and those informative years of our lives are about moulding a functioning person. All those labels in those early years are not of your own choosing but of those older wiser and the architects of our foundations. Politics is what comes after those years. Politics becomes the target of all our woes and the main search area for those who will hear our own pleas and our woes and use them against us in scaring the absolute fuck out of us.

I won’t deny that these difficult days in humanity are frustratingly unfair despite the lies of politics and politicians telling us that all is above board, democratic and at times unquestionable. The repugnance of wealth amongst the few isn’t challenged by many who buy into the message of the millionaires and the billionaires all the while they are the humans who are and will suffer more than anyone.

Like a slow painful suicide pact between the wealthy and the weak minded, a pact that will see one survive and the other perish. But that’s what happens when the boxes those weak minded are oblivious to the light of truth and fact that seeps through only to be heightened by fear when the box is shook or kicked by an unknown force. Fear takes over and suspicion aroused when that weak minded person peeps through to the light. The only problem is the guilty person who is standing there is pointing the finger at someone else and that someone else becomes the enemy regardless of proof. In fact the only ‘proof’ is the word of those most insidious of media outlets willing to sacrifice the many for the gain of the very few.

Sure the US is teetering on the brink in Iran and the pending cluster**** that would surely follow can and will destroy the facade of a ‘strong economy’. An economy so strong that the merest of mentions or whispers among the knowledgeable of potential rates hikes sends those most vaunted stock markets up and down like a meth head coming down…………just a little more of that free fed money. No more is this in evidence than when the lesser president rears up at the warnings of interest rates hikes almost in a blind panic that the facade of strength melts in a warming atmosphere of reality politics.

The world is getting tired of the lies of the populists, ultra nationalists, fundamentally flawed fundamentalists, those on the right who can only offer a ‘with us against us’ narrow minded crap that is mired deliberately in telling black American elected female congress women to ‘go home’.

Those in the little boxes only see socialism and women getting above their station who hate America, those whose own hate of America very clear for all to see. The same can be said of the UK and the latest Prime Minister elected by 0.1 of the voting public taking office, just like the US the UK too has a tendency to try some of that self fellatio when lauding their varying democracies and how their way is the fairest………………..both those variations of ‘democracy’ are nothing but playthings for the connected and the wealthy.

Divide and conquer isn’t something new. Those little boxes are now equipped with social media. The connected and the wealthy know this.

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Opie Cat
Opie Cat

Yes! The world is tired and disgusted with lies, bigotry, derision, fakery and pomposity from RW politicians, their figurehead (TrumP and cultists who try so hard to pretend they are superior to others. We must vote out the hate mongers and reclaim our country.