Confronting my age….

Yes, I will be 60 years old, this month. I don’t feel, “60.” I don’t usually look “60.” With a little help from L’Oreal, my hair remains forever umber. The gray strands, become golden lowlights. That’s my story, and I am sticking to it.

My forever young, sister like partner in crime, my mom’s baby sister Aunt Dee, will be 72 in September. It seems like yesterday when we suffered pot munchies so severe, that we sawed a frozen Sarah Lee cake with an electric carving knife because the thaw took too long.

I remember the day, she stopped being the straight A, full ride college scholarship, sorority sister, Bobbie Brooks model that everyone suggested that I emulate. She asked my mother if I should get knocked up my Freshman year of college, like she did. God bless her, because my mother never made such a suggestion again.

My cousin Jeff will be 54 in August. His little sis, who loved me, much as I loved her mother, celebrated her 48th birthday, in April. She, was an adorable Tomboy and more like me, than anyone that I knew. We are so happy, she isn’t a grandmother, her daughter is a senior at Purdue.

So what if the older gentleman that lives next door is three years younger than I am?

It matters not, I am the rock n’ roll generation. Rust never sleeps, rock and roll never dies it just gets a little gray.

Peace. Geezers are groovy. Step back, David Gilmour.

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I gather that “Lizzeee” is “Lizzy” from It was interesting to read your take on age. We seem to have some similarities. Since I was raised by my grandmother and her youngest son being only six years older than me, my uncle and I grew up like brothers, and in our adulthood, we tell everyone that we are brothers. His children, who of course are my first cousins, call me Uncle. I never actually smoke pot though. I did try it, but like Bill Clinton, I did not inhale. I wasn’t a smoker, so I didn’t know I was suppose to inhale. Since it didn’t do anything for me the one time I tried it, I never tried it again. Old age is actually pretty good, IF you are in good health. You are likely to be wiser because of your experiences and you don’t sweat the small stuff. You realize that your physical body has more years behind it than it does ahead of it, so you focus more on your existence outside of your physical existence. Doing that is much better than pot.


Lol, thank you for sharing your thoughts on aging and that bit ‘o Pink Floyd. I never thought I’d see it played by a couple of Hasidic Jews, but there it is… nice.

60’s are turning out to be better than the 50’s. Not so scared of life. Not too old, not too young, just well, 60.


Opie Cat
Opie Cat

I enjoyed that post on memories Lizee! Happy birthday!
Rock and Rollforever!!!