Today marks a celebration of the days when The Pilgrams sought sanctuary in America and were stopped at the border by a big wall topped with razor wire while an armed militia of Native Americans had waited for months for “the invaders” to reach the border so they could leave just before The Pilgrams got there.

At least that’s what my Texas schoolbook said.

So, in keeping with our own Thanksgiving tradition here at PlanetPOV, we’ve reached out to many of the most influential politicians of the day to share what they are thankful on this day.

Trump CU1Donald Trump

TRUMP: “I’m thankful for having read Mein Kampf 18 times, that turkeys get pardoned, not being fragged by a soldier yet, crosses but especially burning ones, lies but especially very white ones, forest rakes, Russian dual citizenship and Saudi Arabian press events.”

IvankaCUIvanka Trump

IVANKA: “What I’m thankful for is forbidden emails, people who unjustifiably project their desperate hopes onto you, unnatural sexual interest from relatives, silver spoons, golden toilets and that cookie sheets are shallow too.”

McConnellCU1Mitch McConnell

MCCONNELL: “I’m thankful for so many things including wrecking balls, lemmings, hypocrisy, that backs are so wide and easily stabbed, tasty flies, unrepresentative branches of government, my master Satan, and that you simply don’t need lips or a consicence to lead Republicans.”

BannonCU1Steve Bannon

BANNON: Here are a few things I’m thankful for. Flesh eating viruses, that “Hitler” is so easy to spell, minions, Photoshop, sales on torches, the worst in human beings, suits that come in the size “Extra Troll” and that you can actually vote to end a democracy.

PelosiCU1Nancy Pelosi

PELOSI: “I am so thankful for the color “blue”, clueless white men who still think it’s 1982, subpoenas, Zumba, The Constitution, pendulums, The ACA, and how pleasant a gavel feels when you hold it.”

Lastly, it’s my turn to say what I’m thankful for. To begin, I’m thankful for my wonderful family and their good health. I’m thankful for my wonderful PlanetPOV partner, Kalima, who does so much to keep The Planet spinning. Also, I’m thankful for my second family of wonderful Planeteers! I’m thankful that Dems came through with a big Blue Wave that gave them The House, protecting our threatened democracy and putting the brakes on an out of control Trump. Also, that 2020 and the end of Trump are only 2 years away now! I’m thankful for Robert Mueller and that his indictments and report are coming soon!

Please feel free to share what you’re thankful for in a post below…but keep it clean!

From all of us at PlanetPOV, have a very happy Thanksgiving, enjoy this special time with your family and friends and toast a glass to better times that now lie ahead.


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I hope it’s not too late to chime in on the annual Thanksgiving post? I was so busy slicing and dicing, mashing, smashing and carving yesterday (in short, doing my best Ryan/McConnell imitation with food items instead of the national budget) that I didn’t get a chance to comment.

Like so many others, I’m thankful for the Planet and for my fellow Planeteers. And for family and friends and the hope that 2020 will bring a re-birth of optimism for a return of vibrant democracy in America — with liberty and justice for all. Justice especially. This means you, SCOTUS!


He also said that the low oil prices were due to Saudi Arabia when America only imports 9% from them with 40% coming from Canada, and America now produces sufficient oil to support its needs. The lies continue as he thanks himself heartily for the chaos he’s caused. It’s enough to make you want to vomit all over his shoes.

I made a tremendous difference’: Trump heaps Thanksgiving praise on himself
When asked what he is thankful for, US president turns to his favourite subject: himself


Not thankful for anything except for still having a husband and a job at the same time.


I’m thankful for my family and my friends. I’m thankful for The Planet a great to be able to speak my mind without trolls. I’m so thankful I’m not trump. I’m so very thankful for the Blue Wave. I’m thankful I’m not Mitch McConnell who has sunk so low that his future will look like this.

Hope that you all had a great Thanksgiving.


When you cross a turtle with a Croc, do you get Ted Cruz?


Happy Thanksgiving, Ad.

I’m thankful for my wonderful family, my friends, and for my (as you say) second family of Planeteers.

I’m also thankful I’m not a republican.