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AdLib On April - 7 - 2018

lights at stadium

As in the evil land in Lord of the Rings, Mordor, the Unseeing Orange Eye over the White House spreads darkness wherever it turns. And as in the Tolkien story, its threat has brought together so many people of conscience to fight and defeat that dark, destructive force.

Evidenced by the increased activism and enthusiasm behind The Women’s Marches, Never Again, Black Lives Matter, boycotts against those spreading hate in the media, teacher walkouts, Democrats winning in deep red states, etc., the light of humanity is rising up and pushing back against the darkness (and just wait until the November elections!).

So this weekend’s music theme is about light. Songs about days, sunshine, moon and stars, all things bright and shining that defeat the dark.

Let your light shine through this weekend by sharing songs about all things bright and beautiful!

Categories: Music Thread

Written by AdLib

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