O Brother - Trump Style

It was a year like we’ve never seen before, like being stuck on a cruise ship piloted by a coke-addled baboon but we made it and 2018 is almost here.

As is our annual tradition, we’ve assembled our original, satirical graphics that have appeared in articles throughout the year here at PlanetPOV. They help to express the events and sensibilities that colored this year. We hope they help raise at least an occasional smile while looking back on the year of 2017.

The Trump Survival Guide – Tips for Surviving the Next Two Years




If Trump and His Team Were Characters From Horror Films







Trump Creates Propaganda Office to Boost Image

Trump Propaganda Poster2=========================

Rep. Devin Nunes Snaps, Thinks he is a Cockapoo

Nunes Cockapoo


Trump Orders Puppet Show in Symbolic Attack Against Syria

Trump and Judy


Trump And The Art of Dealing Like a Terrorist

Trump terrorist


Trump Celebrates AHCA Vote With Republicans and Specter of Death

Trump AHCA Death


The Impeachment of Donald J. Trump

Trump Impeach


What Would Trumptopia Look Like?

Trump High Castle


Trump to Cast Curse on Those He Accuses of Witch Hunt

Trump witch


Trump Attacked By Bob The Eagle on The 4th of July!

trump eagle.Still


Trump to Spend Rest of Term Wearing VR Headset



Trump Threatens to Use Death Star Against North Korea

Trump Death Star


The Anti-Trump Film Festival

Anti-Trump Film Festival


EXCLUSIVE: Graham-Cassidy Repeal of Obamacare Gets First Outside Endorsement…From Satan



Trump to Use Robocalls to Comfort Families of Fallen Soldiers

trump robocall


Halloween Costumes of the Trump Team

Sanders Medusa

O Brother - Trump Style

gollum sessions

Trump Silence


All of us at PlanetPOV wish you (and our country!) a happier New Year in 2018!

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Each image is worth a thousand words, AdLib. And then some!

And the combination of your amazing verbal wit throughout the past (crazy) year with these hilarious pix is one of the best coping devices we’ve all had.

Charlie Chaplin, Spike Jones and other comedians took some impressive shots at Hitler during the WWII era, and I can’t help but feel that those took a toll on der Fuhrer’s image. Presenting him as someone “beatable” was more important than many Americans probably realized at the time.

With your help (and maybe a little assist from Andy Borowitz and Dave Barry), der Trumpster is looking more beatable by the day.

Here’s to 2018!


Thanks for all the laughs throughout the year, AdLib. It’s been a blast!

2018 here and so far not bad. Wishing you and your family a very Happy New Year, and see you on the other side of your midnight.

Thanks for making us laugh out loud in times when it was hard to even crack a smile. Cheers!