As we look back on the past year, there are certainly many reasons for people not to feel as thankful as in previous years when we had a president who didn’t endorse pedophiles for high office. However, there were many things to feel thankful for this year in spite or even because of the presidential turkey that should not be pardoned.

The historic Women’s March, people all over America rising up and helping block the ACA repeal, the mini-landslide election for Democrats just weeks ago, Robert Mueller’s undaunted march towards holding the powerful liable to the law of the United States, Ailes/O’Reilly/Weinstein/other powerful sexual predators being exposed and devastated for their serial abuse of women and Donald Trump being dumb enough to confess to and leave a trail of evidence of obstruction of justice and other impeachable offenses.

We can also be thankful for Alexa archiving our arguments with our spouses over whose turn it is for oral sex, Twitter increasing the amount of characters we can type that can be ignored and self driving trucks that can carry donated supplies to unemployed truck drivers.

Lastly, as we always do on every Thanksgiving, we’ve asked many well known Republican politicians to share with The Planet, what they’re thankful for on this Thanksgiving Day.

What I’m Thankful For



“I’m thankful for Tiki Torches, White Out, rubber sheets, rubes, boobs, short memories, Fox & Friends,  Putin’s leather Dominatrix outfit and pedophilia when good guys do it.”



“What I’m thankful for has already been stated and speaks for itself. But I would add that I am grateful for Joseph Goebbels, The Mooch’s makeup line, megaphones, dog whistles and Russian nesting dolls.”



“All I can say is the line of that old time song by that fruity Frenchman, ‘Thank Heaven For Little Girls’. I suppose I’m also thankful for hypocritical Christians, pointy hoods, neanderthals and the flat Earth.”



“I’m not used to be grateful for anything but if I was, I’d say I was grateful for silver spoons, daddies, ferrets, in-breeding, tapioca and pardons.”




“We have no Thanksgiving in Russia and anyone giving thanks should be giving them to me for not being poisoned. But I will humor you as I do other Americans…and their presidents. I am thankful for puppets, tiny cameras in big hotel rooms, polonium, electronic voting machines and Mark Zuckerberg.”


From all of us at PlanetPOV, we wish you a very Happy Thanksgiving!!!

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Better late than never….it has been a cruel year but I am thankful, goodness knows, that I continue to have a roof over my head, a younginI am forever proud of and both of us are, for the most part, in good health and spirits…gainfully employed such as it is, remaining fired up and ready to go for the next election cycle! Poor kid of mine….I wonder if he remembers just being a sports fanatic instead of the political animal his mother has turned him into. His “awakening” I call it. It was a nasty business, but it had to be done! For his own sake! He’ll thank me later! 🙂


Oops! Sorry for my tardiness I’m being a bit late and hope I remember Christmas this year.

Wishing you and your family, our Planeteers and readers, a Happy Thanksgiving to prove the trump will never win.

The motley crew of freaks above, deserve each other. Maybe they can organise a communal cell so that they can bitch away the years they will serve. Looking forward to that Thanksgiving without them.