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How to explain the circumstances that Americans currently find themselves in? We’re so beaten up and distracted by the daily whiplash from outrageous statements and actions by our Psycho-In-Chief that many may be missing the big picture.

Trump’s manias are becoming more frantic as are those working with him in the White House. He is becoming more disconnected from reality (it’s possible?) than he’s been, now nearly every statement he makes is false and a higher percentage are intended to whip up social division and conflict, damage Constitutional rights and deflect from growing bad news about his administration and failures. He is now very open about expecting dictatorial power over the nation and the press. And the more his attempts to intimidate Kim Jong-un in North Korea fail, the more brash he becomes about threatening and even pushing for war. Meanwhile, he is allegedly going to de-certify the Iran anti-nuke deal which could lead to Iran becoming a second North Korea as it is freed to get back to developing its nukes and aiming them at the U.S..

Trump is losing it. And next year, when so many Dems will be running for office attacking him and even more, when Special Counsel Bob Mueller comes out with indictments, including very possibly one against Trump, will his head finally explode? Who knows what a mentally unstable man like Trump will do in response to all that?

In a way, much of America seems to be just stunned, standing in the middle of a house where an orange-faced arsonist is pouring gasoline everywhere and raving like a lunatic about dropping the (Nazi) torch he’s carrying if he’s made angry enough.

Just because Trump hasn’t gone Full Mental Straightjacket yet, there’s no excuse not to grab the torch out of his hand before he can start an inferno.

The ones who are primarily guilty of this inaction are the Republicans in Congress. Nearly all are still afraid of angering Trump’s base and incurring his wrath…and a farther Right Wing primary challenger in the bargain. So, they continue to cling to their wishful thinking that everything Trump does is acceptable as long as it ensures they can pass the legislation that their plutocratic financiers demand.

A note to Republicans…it will be harder to get anything passed or not reversed if you lose Congress and the White House because you never stood up against a president who is hysterically threatening to start a nuclear war. Really kind of hard to spin a nuclear war that kills millions of people and destroys the world’s stability and economy as less important than your getting re-elected to destroy our health care system.

So far, their immoral deal with the short-fingered devil has failed to bring them any successes. Even if they can squeeze out one win, why would they think it would last if they’re also seen by a majority of voters to have supported the devastation to our world and future that Trump is moving closer to committing? There would be a stampede to get the lunatic and his conspirators out of power ASAP (then, like always, Dems would have to clean up the disaster Repubs left for them).

Of course, most politicians are cowards, Republicans especially. Still, there are a few who I’ve strongly opposed in the past like John McCain, Susan Collins and Bob Corker who are at least standing up against the dangers that Trump represents (though 2 of the 3 are not going to pursue re-election and the third is from a purple state so it is safer for all of them).

The GOP seems so single-minded to profit their wealthy backers and oblivious to the consequences of supporting all that Trump does just to get what they want. They will have blood and radiation on their hands, let alone the deaths of Americans as Trump tries to sabotage the ACA and poison their air and water.

Republican politicians always seem to live in the short term, “Who cares about what consequences could come later, I just want to get what I can now.” In essence, they are very like Trump, they have the mentality of spoiled, bratty children.

The elections in 2018 and 2020 should be about returning the adults to the levers of power, Make America Sane Again. Seeing how Trump is nosediving in the polls across the nation, underwater in most of the key crucial swing states that gave him his victory (along with Russia, Facebook and Comey) and even the rural areas that were once unwavering Trump followers, his mentally ill reign is deteriorating his support.

The Trump Cult will continue to worship their vindictive and terribly insecure god but as his support dips closer to the 20s and/or when Mueller’s indictments come out and/or when Dems win big in 2018, maybe the Republicans in Congress will finally act, maybe only out of self-preservation, to stop Trump and even impeach him.

Then again, not expecting Repubs to turn on him before the 2018 elections, it may not be up to them after that if Trump is to be impeached (or handcuffed).

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