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AdLib On July - 13 - 2017

two trumps

Doing a complete about-face after defending his son’s collusion with a Kremlin-linked lawyer during the campaign, Donald Trump now claims that he has no idea who “Donald Trump Jr.” is and has no connection to him.

“Look, I don’t know this ‘Donald Trump Jr.’, I’ve never heard the name before and I’ve never met with him. This is Fake Son, a total fraud, just propaganda probably being made up by Obama and the left wing media,” Trump ranted. “I think I would know if someone was my son and this person, whoever he is, is not my son, believe me. I’m not related to him, I’ve never seen him before in my life and whatever he may have done or who he’s met with, that’s his business and has nothing to do with me, trust me.”

Shown photos of Don Jr. beside him at family gatherings and business and social events, even on election night and at the inauguration, Trump claimed not to remember who he was or why he was there.

“I can’t stop people from photobombing me in this picture or that picture. For all we know, he could be from China or Iran. Or he might have been photoshopped in by James Comey, from what I’ve heard, that’s a strong possibility,” Trump insisted.

When presented with a copy of Don Jr.’s birth certificate that showed Trump’s name appearing as his father, Trump waved it off. “I’m not interested in looking at birth certificates, never have been, never will be.”

Asked if he still recognizes Jared Kushner as his son-in-law, Trump responded, “Absolutely. For now.”

Written by AdLib

My motto is, "It is better to have blogged and lost hours of your day, than never to have blogged at all."

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  1. Nirek says:

    It’s all Obama’s fault. Hillary did it. I have no knowledge of this. “I am NOT a crook”.

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