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AdLib On February - 27 - 2017


One of the unsurprising initial conclusions by the Democratic Establishment to Hillary Clinton’s loss to Trump in November was, “We need to do a better job of reaching out to those who voted to Trump.”

Of course, there’s a common sense to it. Clearly, if some of those who helped one candidate win moved over to the other party’s candidate in the next election, they would instead win. However, considering that the core Trump supporters are under-educated, impervious to facts (unless they’re affirming “alternate facts”), and likely bigots, the only way to appeal to them would be to adopt the same repulsive views of Trump.

You can’t reason with people who are beyond reason. So write off the uneducated, rural rubes, they only want white, male authoritarians controlling the country and attacking the minorities they scapegoat for their feelings of  helplessness to change their difficult lives (the real solution to their plight is education, not bigotry but they’re not educated enough to know that).

There is another slice of Trump supporters that came down with Trump fever in November, not hard core authoritarians but closet authoritarians who were also discouraged by the prospect of Hillary Clinton as a status quo establishment type. These ARE persuadable voters who foolishly voted with their insecurities, fear and other emotions instead of reason. Here too, my advice to the DNC and Democratic politicians is, don’t make upcoming campaigns about chasing after these voters. Instead, use the Field of Dreams approach, “If you build it, they will come.”

Even though many individual Democratic politicians are principled and connected to working people, the Democratic Party as an entity has lost touch with most Americans. The death grip that corporate/Wall Street Democrats have had on the party has strangled the life out of it, hence the lifelessness and failure of the Hillary Clinton campaign and the opening for Bernie Sanders to explode on the scene. These self-focused types have no more principles than their opponents, the ultimate goal for them stops at retaining power and enhancing their wealth. Sure, they espouse Democratic issues but it is in service of retaining their power.

This past Saturday, the DNC held an election for their new chairman. First, the backstory. Staunch Bernie supporter and very Progressive congressman Keith Ellison was the first substantial candidate to come forward and he was swiftly endorsed by top Dems including Chuck Schumer, Harry Reid, Elizabeth Warren and of course Bernie Sanders. Ellison looked like a slam dunk. And that’s when the Establishment Dems went into action, desperately casting about for a candidate to prevent Ellison and a change in the power structure of the party. Despite his resistance, ex-Civil Rights and Labor Secretary under President Obama, Tom Perez was convinced to be “their” candidate.

Perez seems like a good guy, for the most part, he shares most of Ellison’s positions on the issues but it can’t be ignored that it was not his idea to run for this position and that the Dem Establishment who did put him up as a candidate to protect their position and power, are owed his gratitude and deference. To illustrate how ruthless this Dem Establishment is, a vicious, unfounded smear campaign that had been sustained throughout the campaign by Dem Establishment types like Haim Saban, that Ellison was anti-Semitic and supported the destruction of Israel, was re-ignited just before the election by a conservative religious lobbying group (The American Jewish Council) and O.J. Simpson defender Alan Dershowitz. While many DNC members claim it didn’t influence their vote, most did say it shocked them and that they recognized it undermined Ellison’s closing of his campaign (exactly as FBI Director Comey did in his last minute attack against their candidate Hillary Clinton).

Perez won the chairmanship but made a smart tactical move of inviting Ellison to come on board as Deputy Chairman (a previously non-existent position that may or may not be superficial but intended in any case to assuage the resentments of Ellison supporters after his loss). Unity is critical but some Democrats don’t support the Dem Establishment’s continued domination of power behind the scenes after years of overseeing the losses of over 1,000 Dem seats nationally, The House, The Senate and the presidency. Some may have their suspicions that the DNC is still run by and for the same old corrupt cabal that simply installed a new chariman but one who still owes them for his position.

While Perez and Ellison have much in common, Perez did support the corporately-supported TPP while in office and supports the DNC once again taking contributions from lobbyists and corporations which Obama had banned (and Ellison wanted reinstated after Wasserman Schultz trashed the ban in 2016). One has to ask, if corporate and lobbyist money is pouring in again and happily taken by the DNC and Perez, just how much “change” will take place if it runs counter to the interests of lobbyists and Wall Street?

If a religious lobbyist can impact the DNC’s own election (and really, the Chairman of the DNC has the power to destroy Israel, that’s why he needed to be defeated?), isn’t it naive to think that they and other Big Money contributors won’t continue to influence future decisions by the DNC?

It may seem like I’ve gone off on a tangent here with the DNC election but to complete the circle, if the same power structure is in place in the DNC behind Perez as it was when the scale was tipped towards Hillary in the primaries, it is possible that in pursuit of regaining power, they may push the DNC in any direction they see as most advantageous for them, even more towards the right to pander to Trump voters. And considering that these entities are more conservative and that they and their most financed politicians are constantly squawking about how the party has been pulled too far to the left, it’s quite conceivable.

Maybe not though, maybe the Dem Establishment will recognize that harnessing the power of The Resistance is more advantageous and aligning with that powerful movement is a better bet in terms of their goals. The meme of re-connecting with working people was front and center in the DNC election so the way that is pursued is very important and interestingly, at odds with the financiers and power behind the DNC.

If Perez is able to act as he’s campaigned he would, it will be valuable for the party to be more open and welcoming to Progressives and independents. Supporting the issues that directly help most Americans as workers, consumers and families is what can also bring the tentative Trump voters back to voting for Dems. The point here is, just doing the right thing is all that’s required, it would be a big mistake to try and pander specifically to the blue collar Trump voters as opposed to all working voters. The Dems should build a tent that voters choose to step inside because it protects them. And somehow, they need to build it for the people despite the great pressure that the lobbyists, corporations and Dem Establishment will try to flex.

The huge mistake the Establishment Dems seemed to have made in 2016 was not realizing that they were living in a bubble, detached from real people and what they wanted to vote for. They seemed solely focused on how much they would gain from Hillary’s presidency and thought that they could just push her candidacy through in the end. They overlooked that if people aren’t enthusiastic about the candidate they push, they and everyone else they “represent”, loses. Sure, a powerful and wealthy entity can manufacture and put on the shelves a product that will enrich them if it’s successful but when they forget that people have to want to buy it, they set themselves up for failure (New Coke anyone?).

So Perez has his work cut out for him. He’ll need to prove that he and the DNC aren’t going to be dominated again by those still in power behind the scenes and that he’s willing to be in conflict with them for the sake of the people’s best interests. He’ll have to make it clear to Ellison/Bernie supporters and independent voters that despite the constant roaring of some Hillary supporters that they “aren’t real Democrats”, that they will be treated as “real Democrats” and equals in the party. He’ll have to follow through on the 50 state strategy and support local Dem races and state parties around the country. And he’ll have to repair the image of the DNC after it put its thumb on the scales in last year’s Presidential primary.

Most of all, Perez needs to help the Dems make an affirmative case for voting for Democrats. He’ll need to nationalize the races in 2018 as much as possible around the theme of, “If we can win the majority, this is specifically what we will work to accomplish for you, the people.” There will need to be a sprinkling of the natural desire of Americans to have a check on the Presidency, which a Dem controlled House and/or Senate would provide. But most of all, there should be a confidence in the principles of what most Democrats stand for as being sufficient to attract Trump voters back over, Democratic principles should not be compromised or moderated in a desperate ploy to appeal to Trump voters.

If you build it, they will come.

Written by AdLib

My motto is, "It is better to have blogged and lost hours of your day, than never to have blogged at all."

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  1. Nirek says:

    I am biting my tongue and trying not to type words that may hurt some feelings.

    I supported Bernie strongly during the primary. Then when Bernie asked us to support Hillary I did. She got my vote and all my friends votes, too. She got more votes than trump. He is a jerk at best and a traitor as well.

    You all know that Bernie was my choice but Hillary was a flawed candidate. If the Hillary people had voted for Bernie we would have another president we could be proud of. Instead we have the pos trump.

    • Fuzzy Dunlop says:

      I don’t agree. The GOP would have trashed Bernie more than they did Hillary. They wold have painted him as some sort of communist (yes, the stupids still believe in a communist threat to America) and wild eyed revolutionary.

      As you noted, Hillary won the people’s vote, by over three million votes. That’s not a small margin. We have a flawed democracy, not a flawed candidate. The fix was in for Trump. No dem or Independent would have won.

  2. RSGmusic says:

    LIb ya i know the DNC topic

    Anything about Hillary now is not reverent until the dems pick their candidate

    THe sander voters that did not vote Hillary elected trump!
    So ya Sanders caused your and the nations problems with trump!

    I asked you to put up bills the dems have passed that hurt you or the Nation !

    The DNC knows what to do but the biggest danger is Sander !!
    You have not given anything that remotely qualifies him as presidential material

    You have not listed any bills that make him any good Or any Good ideas

    You never will be able find something New from sanders !!

    He is not going to run as a dem
    He will lose as an independent !!

    • AdLib says:

      RSGMusic, please try to consider what’s real and worthy of your energy and what’s imaginary and not worthy of anyone’s energy.

      Neither Hillary nor Bernie will be running in 2020. Continuing to pour so much energy into railing against Bernie and those Dems who supported him is completely pointless and irrelevant.

      You’re outraged daily by something that happened last year and by things that will never happen in the future. Give yourself a break, all that stress over nothing that matters today doesn’t make sense and isn’t good for you.

      This is March of 2017, the world has moved on and it’s no longer a pertinent issue whether Hillary is better than Bernie. It doesn’t matter anymore.

      You might as well be arguing whether the Cubs or Indians will win in last year’s World Series. What’s the point? It’s over and has been for many months.

      Perhaps a little soul searching would be valuable, trying to understand oneself and why one is holding onto such blind anger and blame with a death grip after all this time.

      It’s not a good idea to live in the past, it’s not 2016 anymore and Hillary and Bernie are not running for president now or ever again. It’s 2017 and big things are going on all around you while you obsess about meaningless things. Instead, I hope you’ll finally recognize this and join us to stand against the REAL issues confronting Democrats (and all Americans) under Trump in 2017.

  3. RSGmusic says:

    No problem Kal,

    Sanders simple has no qualification that make him good enough to run as president.

    No one on this site can list anything knew by Sanders and can not list bills that hurt them in the past!

    I am pretty sure the Democrats are not going to let him run on a dem ticket He is an independent and not all that good a senator!!

    As always if he runs the liberals will lose

  4. RSGmusic says:

    if you take offense at bErn BOT THAT IS YOUR ISSUE!!




    plenty more like 4 FEC violations.

    List his bills he sponsored and what good did they do ?
    So list Sanders new ideas??
    These are the ways to convince me to vote for him
    List the dems bill that hurt you in the last 30 yrs ??

    It is not hard.

    I will tell you one thing ! in debates classes and my parents teaching you answer the questions or items listed in debate or discussion. It is called Polite! I try to do this every time unless they just lose me!!

    I actually have stats on bern followers the percentage that answer questions are almost ZIPPO . They do not care he did not vette his taxes or broke the FEC laws! That he made money of n2 waste changing at least 10 regs, I listed about 12 things in a past debate guess what all that was said they are bad links. While all their are from some of the same people!!

    SO i am so waiting on all these things Sanders does new??
    Then list the dem bills passed to hurt you??

    • Kalima says:

      Yes I take offense at your name calling, but not for myself, for our members because that’s my job.

      This is not a debate, it is supposed to be a conversation about the article AdLib wrote about the DNC and their new chairman Perez. You made it a fight about Bernie Sanders again even though it has nothing to do with him. If you didn’t read the article, maybe you should.

      So I’m asking you again, to follow our “Terms of Use” and stop insulting Sanders supporters here on The Planet with slurs and a name made up by immature Dems to demean them, or move on to a like minded site that allows misguided self pity and trolling. Trolling is when someone changes the subject to disturb the flow of conversation, and that is what you are attempting to do here on AdLib’s post.

      You brought up the accusations against Sanders so the onus is not on me to prove or disprove your case. A case by the way that has nothing to do with either the DNC appointment, or Bernie Sanders. You can always find another place where you can fling your hostility and unfounded hate around because I can assure you that it’s not welcomed here on The Planet.

  5. RSGmusic says:

    kesmarn NO i am not in favor of Hillary running in 2020 .
    as i8 said to LIb i was for warren

    Do not label me that way again!!

    What new idea does sander have ??

    please list them Kesmarn

    • kesmarn says:

      Here you go, RSG:

      His reaction to Trump’s speech along with alternative plans:

      • Fuzzy Dunlop says:

        Hey Homie. Trump also made no mention of his destruction of president Obama’s plan to phase out private prisons on the federal level. Trump (and his cabal of jackals) are now giving a leg up to for profit prisons.

        These prison corporations are engaging in legal slavery. They have a monetary incentive to incarcerate people, and guess who is going to fill all those money making slammers?

        Private, for profit prisons go against the very foundation of our republic and all the noble things our founders tried to create.

        America is in serious danger now. Who is going to stop this criminal, inhumane administration?

        • kesmarn says:

          Homie, for a guy who’s talked a lot about job creation, Trump has been a little lax about making it clear to his minions that a lot of those jobs are going to be created behind bars, no?

          I think it’s on March 25 (have to double check) there’s supposed to be a public meeting/rally on the issue of for-profit prisons here in Toledo at the Frederick Douglass Center. I’m thinking that’s one event I’d really like to get to!

          • Fuzzy Dunlop says:

            That’s great. It certainly is a cause worth fighting. I think it’s truly shameful that America, “Land of the Free,” would allow such an obviously corrupt system to exist.

            The majority of people put in those prisons do not belong there in the first place. Not only that, but law enforcement is encouraged to fill all those cells. Guess who pays for it all.

  6. RSGmusic says:

    Hi Lib, Hilary is not the debate Sanders is and the bills the dems have passed earlier.

    So list the bills Sanders has sponsored and passed and what good they did?

    item 1, two. 3 ect be as specific as possible!

    List all his new ideas He will run on ?? Keep in mind socialism has been around 400 yrs it is going to hard !!

    OH i have no anger toward Sanders ,just his policies and lack of new policies . He does use GOP ideas!

    OH warren was my choice of candidates so do not label me as devoted to Hillary

    You see you start listing these things the dems have passed that hurt you or america in the last 30 yrs !!

    Items 1 thru x

    Sanders is the biggest danger to democracy and all informed voters on the lib side know it!! If he runs we loss.

    but list all that stuff above, i am retired except my music business try to convince me to vote for him. Your listed points from the above will or will not do it!!

    so please answer and list them!!

    Do not go into other redo-rick

    So try to convince me with the issues listed above that you brink up

    It is not that hard to do!!

    • AdLib says:

      RSGmusic, no, the discussion is about the DNC and how they win elections. Re-read my article, it is not about Bernie nor is it about portraying him in a good light or a poor light.

      Your obsession with attacking Bernie bewilders me. He doesn’t matter anymore when it comes to the DNC or winning elections. You’re locked into being angry at him and anyone who supported him, it’s not healthy.

      Hillary won the primary and Bernie supported her in the GE and repeatedly urged his supporters to do the same. Since you may have forgotten this:

      Bernie Sanders Just Urged His Supporters to Vote For Hillary Clinton

      “This is not time for a protest vote. This is time to elect Hillary Clinton and then work after the election to mobilize millions of people to make sure she can be the most progressive president she can be.”

      This is reality. This is what Bernie actually did and said, supporting Hillary and pushing his supporters to vote for her and most did.

      What more could he do than endorse her and campaign for her?

      Some hardcore Hillary supporters seem to be in denial about reality, they can’t accept that she lost. She did though, she lost the election, that is reality. She didn’t campaign in the blue states she lost that handed the WH to Trump. That is reality. Hillary made those decisions that ended up causing her own loss and whatever the emotional need, trying to pin the blame on everyone but her is just being in denial.

      I wonder if you realize that it has now been 4 months since she lost? You’re still railing against Bernie 9 months after he lost the primary…9 months…does that sound sensible?

      Right now, in reality, Trump is out there causing havoc and instead of joining in protests and the Resist Movement, instead of looking for ways to help unify and strengthen the party you seem so passionate about, you’re just attacking the other half of the party that supported the candidate who lost 9 months ago to Hillary.

      Consider making an effort to move forward after 9 months of endless resentment and hostility towards the other half of your party. All that matters now is the future and working towards Dems taking back Congress in 2018 and the WH in 2020.

      It’s your choice to continue to be part of the problem or begin to be part of the solution.

  7. RSGmusic says:

    Well ad lib your opinion is wrong as usual !!
    Point one Sanders is a GOP moderate!! Voted 5 times against the Brady bill for one took money from the NRA . The only dem candidate to run on tax raises on we the people and our businesses.

    Sanders does not have half the dem party he lost by a hugh margin and many of his votes where independents that would have voted GOP anyway!

    He will not get to run under the dem party which means he will lose and trump becomes the president again!

    OH if you answer please tell me what Sanders new policies are if not be quiet! One there are none!! His H/care failed in his own state to high a tax increase

    SO essential Sanders the GOP moderate who passed n2 waste to go over state lines with the gop 10 regs and i know that for sure i worked in hazz waste when he did it cost his sate 20 million of debt to do it!!

    SO Sanders the biggest USA traitor to the liberals ever is not and will never become president

    So all you bernbots that are selfish have to decide vote dem or get trump again it is as simple as that . You see he has passed but 3 bills and never will pass many!!

    SO LIB be-sure to list his new policies in the last race which he lost to Hillary!!

    OH i really like how you did not give me an answer box!!

    In conclusion all the selfish bern bots better lean to live with trump again, It is his fault we have trump in the first place !1

    can not wait for these Sanders NEW policies!!! LOL to the 10th power !!

    • AdLib says:

      RSGMusic, the reply box is where it always is, not a good sign to start with conspiracy theories.

      Hillary supported the Iraq War, the TPP, Wall Street and called African American youth “superpredators”. That’s not Republican?

      Put simply, you don’t make sense. Only a portion of primary elections were open, allowing independent voters. So he got nearly half the vote in Democrat-only primaries.

      And you don’t want independent voters voting Democratic? How do you think Dems ever win again without all the Dems and independents who supported Bernie? The Dem party would never win another election.

      Do I really have to explain this? The candidate with the most votes wins, you WANT the most voters if you want to win. Yet your proposition is apparently that chasing off Dems who supported Sanders and indie voters will lead to victory?

      If we can’t agree on the basics of mathematics, I guess we’ll have to agree to disagree on all of this.

    • kesmarn says:

      RSG, I assume you would be in favor of another Hillary run for the presidency in 2020? If it weren’t so dangerous for the country, my sense is that the Dem party should try that. Just try running her again and see what happens. If they thought 2016 was a thorough shellacking, they wouldn’t believe what would happen if there were a round two. Total demolition.

      Many polls and many analysts concluded that Sanders would have beat Trump. We’ll never know. But what we do know is that the woman who happily pocketed over $600,000 from Goldman-Sachs was thoroughly rejected by the American voting public. And she would be again if she (or anyone else in the old-school 1990’s political camp) opted to try again.

      Democrats need to take a truly progressive stand now in the face of Trumpism. No half measures. Bernie won’t run again. He’s too old. But Dems need a Bernie type candidate. Not another servant of Wall Street.

    • Kalima says:

      A suggestion. Refrain from insulting members who voted for Bernie Sanders. You are welcome to your opinion but not at the expense of members who disagree with you.

      It is unfortunate, but you are beginning to sound a bit like a trump troll.

      The answer box you refer to is right under AdLib’s reply to you. No one can remove it.

  8. RSGmusic says:

    OH this is nice. One Hillary won the popular vote by some 3 million and more votes then any man in a long time. Ya she caught back stab by the bern bots and 3 party voters, she was a very good candidate. ANy one that says other wise really needs to look Harder at he VERY long this of accomplishments

    Of Course the GOP moderate named Bernie sanders lied so much it not even funny, He also never vetted his latest taxes like the trump GOP moderate he is!!! He taught the so called Bern bots many of them to believe in lies. The fact is Sanders borrows everything from the dems and is a below average Senator for yrs.
    bill passing record that he sponsored!


    SANDERS and his movement are the BIGGEST TRAITORS to the USA come the 2020 elections other then Trump or another GOP candidate!
    Next the Democrats will not let him run again! If he runs as an independent you get Trump again .

    Of course there are the people most that always say the DNC is corrupt and that is never so . If you look up the voting records for 30 yrs in the Senate and house they vote diametrical opposed. NO QUESTION on this! People that say the dem party is corrupt are non thinkers and do not look up the appropriate amount of facts!

    As for as the DNC they do have there work cut out. Bern bots are the biggest problem and many republican voters will not like what trump is doing to unions the LGBT and racism . he is a rapist but that was never outed.

    Next please name the policies that the dems have passed that hurt the country. Good luck there are not many!

    Back to Sander he has nothing New or progressive Socialism has been around for 400 plus!! SO again if HE runs Hello Trump again !

    From the declaration of independents!!
    We the people find these truths to be self evident!

    THe GOP lost that back at Nixon!!
    Sanders forgot this as he campaigned on lots of lies!!
    It is really Bad that the so called left liberals learned to believe in the lies of trump and sanders at election time !!

    Hopefully 2018 sees the dem get back the senate and more of the House!!

    So ya the DNC sill move forward the so called left will still call them corrupt!
    The DNC does it job for WE the People 90 plus percentage of the time but they can get better!!

    • AdLib says:

      RSG, Let me boil down your points and my responses to them:

      1. Hillary was a very good candidate.

      She received less votes than Obama did in both of his elections, she didn’t campaign in the blue states she lost, she had record negatives and she was beaten by the worst candidate to ever run for President, Donald Trump. I’d hate to see what a candidate who wasn’t very good would do.

      2. Bernie Sanders is a GOP moderate.

      You know this isn’t true, you’ve blamed him in the past for being an independent (not a “real” Democrat) and socialist. Now you make this GOP moderate baloney up just to say something insulting. It’s irrational and undermines everything you wrote.

      3. Bernie Sanders and nearly half of the Democratic party that supported him are traitors.

      This is just unhinged. So your version of democracy is that only those people who chose the same candidate as you are “real Americans” or “real Democrats” and those who chose a different candidate are “traitors”? You sound like a Trump supporter, you should actually be happy that he won because you sound like an authoritarian who favors authoritarianship instead of open democracy.

      Your obsessive anger towards Bernie Sanders and everyone who preferred him over Hillary is not healthy. Obsession in general is unhealthy but being so obsessed with hating half of your party and insulting them is simply self-destructive.

      Do you really think the Dem party could win any elections if your wish came true and half of the party (“the traitors”) left to form another party?

      The only path forward is unity and my article was pointing out something that you (and Trump) don’t seem to like people to discuss, facts. There is a struggle for power in every organization and the Dem Party is clearly not immune to that in your opinion or mine. I addressed some of the problems and contentious issues and the focus of my article was not about Bernie Sanders at all, it was about urging the DNC not to change their policies in a futile attempt to woo Trump voters. Do you agree with that or disagree? Let’s have a discussion over the actual issue I was focused on.

      The question your response underlines is, where do we go from here? Do you really think hating on half of your party is a recipe for success? Do you see that as a rational game plan to defeat Trump and the Repubs?

      Trump mentions Bernie from time to time, hoping to keep the fire of anger burning in those Dems obsessed with hating Bernie, to keep the party divided. You’re working for Trump right now, this is exactly what he wants you to be doing and that ain’t looking good on your resume.

      Why not think about what you want to see happen in the elections 2018 and 2020 and if it’s not watching Repubs and Trump win, re-consider your campaign to chase away half of the Democratic Party.

    • Kalima says:

      This article by AdLib is about Perez and the DNC. I think he only mentioned Bernie Sanders twice, and I wasn’t aware that Sanders was up for the DNC chair. Did you read it?

      The election was over in November and the blame game doesn’t help the Dems one iota. Save your anger for trump and his administration.

      Bernie Sanders was not the reason Clinton lost. People who voted twice for President Obama voted for trump or many didn’t vote at all. The ones who didn’t vote are the reason trump won. If you checked the right sources you would know that Dem turnout was low. Still blaming Sanders seven months later for the lack of support for Clinton, is growing old, boring and is a “fake news” fabrication by people afraid of the truth.

  9. Fuzzy Dunlop says:

    “The sleep of reason brings forth monsters.”-Francisco Goya

    I’m afraid the only thing that will change any Trump supporters minds is if they personally suffer as a result of his presidency. They are, besides many ugly things, selfish. When they or their loved ones get shafted because of Trump’s policies, they just might wake up. I’m not holding my breath though, because the professional spin doctors will, once again, convince them it’s the democrats and liberal’s fault.

    They are hopeless. They simply must be lived with, like a dangling, useless appendage that can’t be removed. Fortunately for decent Americans, the Trump supporters who will never change are only about 20% of voters in this country.

    • AdLib says:

      FD, wow, love that Goya quote!

      I think we’ll see Trump voters fall in one of three categories after they see he lied to them and is harming the country.

      First, the tentative ones who just hoped he’d make things better as he promised. they will become disillusioned and abandon him as they already are.

      Second, the poorer Trump voters who grudgingly accept they were conned as inflation goes up and coal mining jobs don’t.

      Third, the racist and misogynist, hateful morons who are like cult followers and will goosestep behind Trump even if it’s right off a cliff.

      Considering that Trump only won the Rust Belt states that gave him the WH by a total of around 70,000 votes, that’s enough lost support to crush him electorally in 2020.

      • Fuzzy Dunlop says:

        Yeah, I agree. I still think he’ll implode before 2020. I don’t think he can keep up with the pressures of the office, and it is our job to add even greater pressure. He’s already finding out that the job, is not fun, as I’m sure he pictured it to be, in his game show host mentality.

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