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MurphTheSurf3 On November - 9 - 2016


I am not surprised he won. In fact many of my friends and associates accused me of being a foolish doomsayer but what I saw was great enthusiasm from the core Trump voter and very little enthusiasm from the core Clinton voter.

Trump won the electoral college, but it looks like he lost the popular vote by numbers being projected at 300,000 to 1,000,000 but in the U.S. constitutional system, one I regularly critique as a ridiculous experiment that frequently fails to function, that is how it is.

It appears that he won nearly the same number of voters as Romney did and that Clinton did not come close to what Obama had.

  • I wonder who did not show up to vote today. Turnout overall was low in the Democratic Party and turnout in the GOP was about what it has been in the last several campaigns.
    • Those who did not show up and who would have preferred Clinton will just have to live with their lack of…..whatever……I hope that they will not have cause to deeply regret their failure to vote.
  • I wonder who did show up today. A lot of people from the Trump demographic crowd apparently (largely white male, evangelical, rural, with limited higher education and a great sense of anger, frustration and disappointment). Clinton was strong in the cities and among Hispanics and women…but not in the numbers that were predicted.
    • Those who did show up and who deeply wanted Trump will also have to live with their votes and I hope will not have cause to deeply regret their vote.
    • Those who wanted Clinton will need to deal with their disappointment and anger and then decide what they will do with both feelings.

The GOP has no place to hide. The White House, the Senate and the House is theirs. They are responsible now for everything that happens. Everything. And I do not envy them the job.

  • The international markets are in free fall.
  • Condemnation for the results are pouring in from the international community.
  • Many who the Trump campaign targeted and in fear, in pain and in panic.
  • His campaign promises are vague and generally dismissed by those with expertise in measuring such things.

Perhaps Trump will surprise me. Perhaps he will surprise us all.

But there is nothing in his history, in his words, in his campaign that gives me confidence that this is so.

It is up to him and his cohort to make their case by what they do.

It is up to you who supported him to make the case that he deserves the support of people like myself. He will have to work very hard to do that.

A SIDENOTE: As the night went on I said to those with whom I was watching the results that the outcome in the Senate (with control of the Senate remaining with the GOP) that if the Presidential Race was close it would be impossible for Clinton to govern. Impossible. Four more years of gridlock. Without a mandate from the public, the GOP would block her at every turn. We may be in a situation where only single party rule can work….essentially undemocratic and unhealthy but functionally the only way.

WHERE TO NOW….based on his campaign rhetoric here are some future headlines that would not be surprising….

Millions of people lose health insurance.

Trump orders DOJ investigation of Clinton e-mails and Clinton foundation.

Investment in the U.S. significantly declines.

Trade Wars resulting from U.S. default on trade agreements begin.

Undocumented workers face new threats of deportation.

Progress on reducing greenhouse gases starts to reverse.

Conservatives regain a majority in the Supreme Court, and are poised to expand their influence.

Deficits rise, forcing cuts to programs on which the poor and middle class depend.

Russian aggression in Eastern Europe grows, influence expands

Massive tax cuts benefit the top 10 percent and further gut the middle and lower class

Voter limitations/repression no longer opposed by the federal government

Race crimes increase in frequency as racial tensions rise higher and higher

Roe v. Wade is overturned.

AND SO MUCH MORE….I hope I am wrong. It is Trump’s job to prove I am.

Written by MurphTheSurf3

Proud to be an Independent Progressive. I am a progressive- a one time Eisenhower Republican who is now a Democrat. I live in a very RED STATE and am a community activist with a very BLUE AGENDA. Historian, and "Gentleman Farmer."

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  1. gyp46 says:

    Great stuff, as usual Murph, it is now been a couple days and my thoughts are still numbed, believing that half of the voters wished for and got a sexual predator and a robber baron for the leader of the free world still just stuns me. Those white voters think, well maybe they think, that all their measly little troubles will now just evaporate I guess, THEY WON’T FOLKS. Every time the republicans have gained control we the citizens have paid dearly for it. We, the country, are still, after nearly 15 yrs digging our way out of the hole from Bush 2, now we can expect even more disastrous results, enormous tax cuts, pollution of water and air, defunding PP, reversing Roe, and guess what Trump voters?? THOSE JOBS YOUR GUY PROMISED, GOOD LUCK ON THAT, THE PRESIDENT DOES NOT CREATE JOBS.

  2. AdLib says:

    And BTW, as I think you know, there is no “other” Trump. There is only one who will do and say whatever helps him satisfy his emotional needs…including reading pandering garbage off of teleprompters (like his phony acceptance speech last night) when necessary.

    He is who we have seen him to be. He doesn’t give a shit about America or any of those who elected him and that will become clear very quickly.

    No wonder he made a big deal early on about, “I love the uneducated voters!” Of course he does, conning the rubes is how he gets what he wants for himself. I kind of pity those fools who have no idea that they’re about to lose their health insurance, have their SS cut and Medicare reduced…not to mention have their Welfare cut.

    As the saying goes, there’s no fool like an old fool. Or a fool who dies from not having health insurance.

    • gyp46 says:

      Two depts. thumper wants to cut back or eliminate 1. EPA 2. Dept of Ed. gee wonder why the pubbers want ‘dumber voters’!!!!

      • AdLib says:

        gyp46, they want the public dumber and children full of lead so they don’t get smart. So getting rid of the EPA and Dept. of Ed. make a lot of sense to them.

    • MurphTheSurf3 says:

      I am now…as of today working with three of those “uneducated voters” who voted for Trump and will be losing their ACA coverage.

      • AdLib says:

        Murph, very interested to hear what their perspective is. They’ve voted to have their health insurance taken away, do they feel it’s worth the sacrifice to themselves to have Trump in the WH? Or do they believe that somehow Trump will give them other health insurance (even though that’s not possible without the ACA)?

        Curious to hear…

        • MurphTheSurf3 says:

          They are three who I helped sign up/enroll last week for next year. I called all three today and told them what could be/is likely to happen. They each told me that I was wrong because Trump promised to do healthcare better. Invincible ignorance.

          • kesmarn says:

            It’s hard to imagine the howls of outrage that we’ll be hearing when there’s no new magic healthcare plan, no Wall, no once-and-final-forever defeat of ISIS, and no millions of good union coal mining jobs.

            It won’t be pretty.

            • AdLib says:

              Kes, I wonder though if they’ll just rationalize away all of Trump’s failures or blame them on the Dems or Obama.

              They did that in the campaign, wonder if they’ll do that when their health insurance, welfare. etc. is taken away from them by their savior.

          • AdLib says:

            Murph, I guess that’s about what I expected they’d say.

            It’s astounding to me how naive and trusting they are towards a politician who promises them the moon…after being so upset that they’ve been betrayed time and again by Repub politicians who have done the identical thing.

            Critical thinking is something that’s acquired, if one hasn’t learned how to do it along the way, it’s like not being able to understand a language.

      • RSGmusic says:

        Like your style and always have and your very accurate!

        Agree with many points!

        The only you missed is that loyal sanders voted both 3rd party and Republican, they had too with this margin of victory very small

        They literally committed political treason on him even in his own state! Now Sanders did do the right thing or it was a very good Quarter back Bootleg!! They should have followed sanders backing Hillary!

        Sanders has always wanted to bring the democratic party down

        Sanders is a GOP moderate on too many of his policies.

        He even did not release his latest Taxes!!
        He claims no super pacs he has them .
        he claims no big donors he has them.
        He has broken the law in his campaign at lest twice!
        IN other words he can not pass his policies with out
        the dem senate and he has 37 senators against him!

        if he has a few victories. !
        essential he is running a con game. One to fuel his
        senate bid and another to make money himself!!
        #?FeelTheHypocrisy? ?#?FeelTheFraud?

        FEC violations

        Super pac

        busted stealing camp funds
        http://tothedeathmedia.com/busted-man-of-the-people…/ ——————--

        Bernie is a phenomenon—a remarkably good populist orator and an authentic socialist. His socialism explains much: authentic concerns, unrealistic proposals, and some of his tactics. In short, it explains his consistency. But his socialism is not what you’ve heard it is. First, here’s a slice of what you’ve heard. It’s a puzzle with a telling answer.

        “I am not now, nor have I ever been, a liberal Democrat.” 1985
        “The Democratic Party is ideologically bankrupt. Their ideology is opportunism.” 1986
        “I am not a Democrat, period.” 1988
        “the old Democrat-Republican, tweedle-dee tweedle-dum, two-party system” 1989
        “greed and vulgarity perpetuated by the Democrats and Republicans” 1989
        “You don’t change the system from within the Democratic Party.”
        “My own feeling is that the Democratic Party is ideologically bankrupt.”
        “Why should we work within the Democratic Party if we don’t agree with anything the Democratic Party says?” 1990
        “It would be hypocritical of me to run as a Democrat because of the things I have said about the Party.” 1990
        “I am running as a Democrat. Obviously, I am a Democrat now.” Nov. 5, 2015

        Sanders’ are still profiting from Sierra Blanca nuclear waste …

        sander invest in fracking!!

        invested in wall street

        Fact is If Sanders a self professes Socialist wins every
        republican voter comes out to berry him !

        Sanders was always overrated and is not even near FDR!

        rule one in poly sci one Never split the party on a new president election

        Rule 2 Never vote 3rd party of any kind the are all GOP oriented.

        Again Loyal Sanders fans on purpose torpedoed the dem party!!

        So again political treason caused this victory!

        • AdLib says:

          RSGMusic, your blind rage is unflattering.

          Just to be clear, I would wager that every active member at PlanetPOV voted, whoever they supported in the primaries.

          It’s clear that you’re angry and upset, many here are as well but they aren’t turning on each other as you are doing. You’re actually doing Trump’s work for him by trying to attack and divide Dems.

          Consider that none of your accusations are backed up by any facts or studies, just similar unfounded claims by others wanting to strike out destructively at fellow Dems.

          It can feel like a salve to point a finger at others you don’t even know and claim they’re solely responsible for something that makes you angry (while you’re unaware that they are just as angry about the same thing but aren’t trying to scapegoat others) but it’s self-deceptive.

          Hillary lost and several factors were behind it. Not being a change candidate in a change election, FBI and Comey, Wikileaks, Putin and Russia and the MSM promoting Trump because he was good for ratings.

          Drilling down, what is proven in the exit polls is that Hillary lost white conservative “Reagan Democrats” in MI, WI and PA. Those are not Bernie voters so what you’re so upset about isn’t grounded in the reality of the facts and figures.

          Had Hillary won those three states, she would be President. She lost them and FL because those white conservatives moved over from Obama voters to Trump voters.

          Why they did it seems to be that they saw Hillary as an establishment candidate who would continue Obama’s policies and they wanted change no matter how ugly and dangerous it is. In the eyes of most Dems, including me, that’s insane and moronic.

          The irony is that these were the same voters who supported and got Bill Clinton elected, not to mention Obama…but also Bush. They are fickle and ignorant, they vote against their own interest because they act out of emotion instead of facts and reason.

          Which is why when one acts out of emotion instead of reason, one undercuts oneself.

          I would propose that you research this instead of preaching unfounded accusations about people you don’t even know. There is data behind what I’m presenting and what you’re upset about has no credible basis that I’ve seen.

          Here is a link to an article that came out today that uses facts, figures and reason to illustrate why Hillary lost:


          If you really want to fight against Trump and beat him in 2020, attacking half of your potential allies in that pursuit is just as much acting against your own interest as those who voted for Trump.

          • RSGmusic says:

            Ab lib no i do not know who you voted for or i would not have asked !!

            i vote for who ever wins the dem party and that means sanders if he won

            So politely again who did you vote for?

            • Kalima says:

              Hi RSGmusic. I was away for your election so excuse me for butting in, but your misguided impression of how members voted is both rude for asking, and blatantly false on assumption. Had you been active commenting here, you would have known that no one was voting for trump. Bernie supporters agonised for many months about voting for Clinton because she didn’t represent their issues. In the end they were all going to vote for her to stop trump. I think you owe them an apology considering that we are, and always have been a Progressive site. Blame the people who swallowed trump’s lies, and know that Sanders has been working harder than Clinton herself to get Progressives into the Senate and the House.

              I live in Tokyo. I’m European and can’t vote, but even I knew that much.

              You are not the only angry person around the world.

              To further legitimise AdLib’s point below, here is the lowdown on who voted for trump.


              The Daily 202: The Reagan Democrats are no longer Democrats. Will they ever be again?


            • AdLib says:

              RSGmusic, I never answer questions that are part of an accusation. Especially an unfounded accusation. It’s not respectful or polite to “interrogate” someone even if it’s self-described as “polite”.

              If you can’t figure it out, I suppose it will always remain a mystery.

        • MurphTheSurf3 says:

          Thank you. I am with Ad Lib in not wanting to single out Sanders…..and I too believe that Sanders through his ALL into campaigning for Clinton but One Thread running through your critique is that our system does not do well with the also-rans, the others in the mix who do not belong in either column A, GOP, or Column B. It further illustrates my ever-present criticism of our constitutional structure which promotes the kind of brittleness that led to last nights tragic results.

          • RSGmusic says:

            OK murph who did you vote for!!

            a simple question it will not harm you at all!

            i vote for who ever wins the dem party even if it where sanders!

            So politely again who did you vote for?

            • AdLib says:

              RSGmusic, I will ask once more that you restrain yourself from trying to interrogate members here to prove this obsessive accusation of yours.

              I am bewildered why you are so obsessed with this.

              The Russian government and our own FBI have successfully manipulated our election and you show absolutely no concern or recognition of that. I don’t understand it.

              You’re instead consumed by trying to prove a spiteful rumor against around half of the Democratic Party as being traitors because they preferred a different candidate in the primary.

              Most of us respect democracy, we don’t look at having a choice of candidates as “betrayal”.

              Dems who supported Bernie in the primaries did not cost Hillary the election, you may need to believe that but it’s just emotional finger pointing with no facts behind it.

              Again, Hillary would be President if she won the traditionally Dem states of WI, MI and PA. All the info is in now that she lost them because conservative white Dems flipped and voted for Trump. Those were not Bernie supporters and Hillary failed to inspire those conservative Dems to stay in the Dem party and vote for her. That’s on her and all the other forces that I mentioned above who were arrayed against her.

              Dems attack Repubs for denying Climate Change despite all the data being in and 99% of scientists stating it’s real.

              All the data and professional analysis of why Hillary lost is in and is clear as Climate Change. If you insist on denying it, you’re in the same boat as Repubs denying Climate Change.

              And it’s a leaky boat.

          • RSGmusic says:

            Well Murph
            You and all that believe Bernie and his fans did not back and voted others did bring Hillary down fall your all wrong!!
            What is the problem with the platform they developed together? They where very close at the start!!

            Bernie Sander is not FDR and is not even close. He really has not passed much either.

            Did you vote for Hillary?
            IF you did not and all here on this site that did not, your the problem!!

            That is why i did not post here often!
            JFK said it right. the ignorance or one voter can bring down democracy!! If your behind Sanders he several times said to vote Hillary you vote for Hillary, you back stab Sanders if you did. Trump is the result of all those who Bernie repeatedly ask to vote for HER!!
            SO you all that did this elected Trump
            So live with your back stabbing!

            THe only reason many voted the other way is they hate the Clinton name.

            If her last name was Kennedy i bet you vote for her.
            and she wins in a land slide. with out the third party votes for stein and all that did not vote for here she wins the election
            If you back stab your own guy stop complaining

            HEre who this made USELESS
            Sanders he could have been in the fiance committee.
            you made Warren useless She could have be the leader of the senate!
            Obama could have been on the supreme court
            Now that court and all the lower court get filled win conservatives
            All the dem senators are now useless !
            THe only thing they can do now is filibuster to stop all the bad stuff from the GOP.
            Gun laws get worse.
            no infra structure bills get passed!
            Religious Freedom bigoted will start passing!
            THe fine LGBTQ citizens are in danger
            Obama care is in big trouble and 20 million people may lose there h/care
            SOcial security is in danger.
            planned parenthood and roe vs wade are now in trouble
            voter blocking bill pass
            the pipeline may pass!
            the pipeline going thru the NATIVE INDIANS LAND has no allies now
            You can forget about global warming bills passing
            the regs will get loser and more pollutants do not get captured!
            THe vets and military do not get the money they really need for medical issues!
            oh Unions are in trouble
            50 other reasons
            Also the biggest nuclear arsenal now is in the hands of a madman . Do you know what a high yield nuke can do! one is a blast of 120 mile circle is gone. It would make Hiroshima look like a pop gun! OH i can tell you how to build one so i know what i am talking about!
            Clean water bills and do not pass either.

            in other words all of you who did not vote did not realize every thing that get in danger!! OH i can list many things of hers that are good did before. not going to now it is USELESS like all the other things are USELESS and in Danger !

          • AdLib says:

            Murph, I’d also add that there is an ironic spite of democracy that I’ve seen expressed for example at DailyKos by Hillary fans who blame Bernie’s participation in the primary for Hillary’s loss.

            In other words, they complain that had Dems just allowed the Dem Party elites to pick Hillary as the candidate and not allowed there to be a primary that allowed voters to participate, she would have won.

            So the less democracy the people have, the better it is for the people.

            And someone noted that Hillary contested for the nom against Obama in 2008 and took her best shots at him and he won the Presidency.

            If a candidate is too fragile to compete in a primary, they’re too fragile to compete in a GE.

        • AdLib says:

          RSGmusic…sorry but it is bewildering that instead of holding Hillary, Trump, Comey, Putin, Assange, etc. responsible for the trouble she had in the campaign, you go on a long unrelated attack against Bernie Sanders.

          Sanders did not run in the GE, he supported Hillary throughout, campaigned repeatedly for her in AZ, MI, etc. and repeatedly called for his supporters to vote for her.

          There is no legit estimate of how many Bernie supporters didn’t vote for Hillary, just from anecdotal evidence, most apparently did. The research is already in showing that it was the “Reagan Democrats” who cost her the election, the older, white conservative Democrats in WI, MI and PA who switched parties to vote for Trump. That is documented and contradicts your scenario.

          There are so many to blame for this horrible outcome but Bernie Sanders isn’t one of them. He didn’t have anything to do with Reagan Democrats jumping the fence to support Trump in those key states that gave Trump the win.

          And in a change election like this, like in 2000, independent candidates always do a little better because…people are looking for change. And an establishment candidate like Hillary will always have an uphill battle to win in such years.

          • RSGmusic says:

            Again Ad lib simple who did you vote for?

            i never am mad at anything!!

            • AdLib says:

              RSG -- If you’re not angry then that’s a good thing.

              Even so, anger can be very productive if it’s channeled properly.

              I think we should be angry that a minority of voters, some of whom are racists, misogynists and other nasty things, pushed this mentally unstable egomaniac into the WH.

              But they had help from the greedy MSM, Putin, the FBI and Wikileaks…a true manipulation of our election by outside forces.

              And I’m sure you can figure out who I voted for, it’s pretty obvious.

  3. AdLib says:

    Murph, you put your finger on so much that I think needs to be recognized and discussed with a sense of urgency.

    What the numbers point out, as you describe, isn’t that Trump outperformed as a Republican. It’s that Hillary underperformed as so many warned she would if she became the Dem nominee instead of Bernie.

    Hillary is not a bad person, she is not a criminal nor are her genuine political views far outside of many Americans.

    This was a populist election and despite the obvious evidence through massive crowds and rising from an unknown to a legit rival of the most powerful and connected woman in America, Bernie was sidelined by the Democratic Party establishment that had already placed the crown on the head of an old school politician representing and emoting the status quo. The concept of Hillary as the first woman president inspired people but Hillary herself as a person and a candidate was uninspiring.

    I think the Hillary campaign came down to the proposition that with enough money and political operations, she could be forced past the populist voters into the WH past the faux populist in the other party.

    Too much of America has moved on from the cliche of the uninspiring elitist politicians who play the game as it’s been played for decades (if not centuries).

    It was a tough battle to beat a media savvy populist with an old school elitist.

    Hillary was not one of “us” but we hoped this woman who seemed so detached from us could represent us. Trump ran as one of the “us”, it’s all a lie but his followers can’t tell a lie from a pit of acid.

    The way I look at it this morning, the night after Donald Trump has been crowned as the most powerful man in the world for the next 4 years, is that Hillary was fatally flawed from the start but the Dem Establishment anointed her because she was one of them, ignoring all of her handicaps because having one of their own in power was the priority over having the best candidate who stood the best chance of winning.

    I posted this to FD but just to underline my point, check this out from today’s USA Today:

    Would Bernie Sanders have defeated Donald Trump?

    During the primaries, one of the most common attacks on Bernie Sanders was that he wasn’t anywhere near as “electable” in the general election as Hillary Clinton.

    As Donald Trump is poised to assume the presidency, let’s take a look back at how Sanders was polling against Trump in a head-to-head general election matchup.

    The RealClearPolitics average from May 6-June 5 had Sanders at 49.7% to Trump’s 39.3%, a 10.4-point cushion.

    In that same time frame, Trump was polling close to Clinton and was even ahead in multiple polls.

    During an appearance on Meet The Press at the end of May, Sanders acknowledged that disparity: “Right now, in every major poll, national poll and statewide poll done in the last month, six weeks, we are defeating Trump often by big numbers, and always at a larger margin than secretary Clinton is.”

    That polling was of course based on a hypothetical scenario, five months from Election Day. However, Sanders’ popularity among white working-class voters might have been the difference in this election; voters that Trump ultimately won.

    Sanders defeated Clinton in both the Wisconsin and Michigan primaries, two of the states that Trump surprised in on Tuesday.


    It’s kind of like mass hypnosis. We knew, we were told way back in the midst of the primaries that Hillary was more probable to lose to Trump than Bernie but it was waved away by the Dem establishment that manipulated so much to complete the coronation they had predetermined should take place.

    We knew. The numbers were clear, Bernie’s big enthusiastic rallies vs. Hillary’s small uninspired crowds, Bernie’s widely viewed genuineness and honesty vs. Hillary’s perceived dishonesty and untrustworthy.

    We all watched this head on collision happening in slow motion and instead of being able to steer into a different direction, we just assured ourselves that the accident wouldn’t really happen.

    Looking at it in this kind of perspective, were the results of last night really so surprising (putting aside the deceptive polling that validated our denial of reality)?

    These results were presented to us months ago but we just chose to ignore them. And I say “we” loosely. The Hillary nomination was not organic nor driven by the base of voters. It was constructed behind the scenes a long time before the primaries began. Hillary lined up her support in the Dem establishment, got her pledges from Superdelegates, brought the Congressional Black Congress on board and of course had her previous campaign manager, Debbie Wasserman Schultz, as head of the DNC, planning drastically limited and poorly-scheduled debates and doing all they could to diminish and scare off any competition while they custom fit the nomination for Hillary.

    Add to that the greatest fundraising network every constructed, thanks in no small part to the relationships with the wealthy and Wall Street she and Bill had built through The Clinton Global Initiative and she had a preset path to win the nomination that would frighten away any serious contender who could take it away from her. Of course, then came Bernie.

    In the era of Trump, it’s ironic that perhaps the core failure of the Dems was having an elitist group choose the candidate for the party and present her as inevitable…completely disconnected from their membership and their wishes, ignoring any value of having their base decide for themselves who would be the best candidate.

    Dems had no choice, it was already decided before the primary that Hillary was entitled to the nomination. All the big money and Dem elite were already lined up behind her and they rattled the cage to threaten anyone from challenging that. The fact that an unknown named Bernie built up such enormous and daunting support is a further testament to how much Hillary was not the natural choice of party members.

    Ironically, before the primaries, many thought it would be another Bush/Clinton face off. Jeb Bush was foreshadowing what Dems refused to recognize. He had the party behind him, he had the huge war chest, he was one of the elite family who had already reigned as President. And he was crushed in the face of a populist despite how disgusting he was.

    Hillary is the Dem’s Jeb Bush. They went back to the well with the old school elitist pol who wasn’t inspiring but was entitled to be a nominee and President.

    It failed with Jeb and it failed with Hillary.

    In this environment, motivation and inspiration is needed to drive out sufficient voters to win a national election. Obama had it, Bernie had it, Trump had it…but Hillary didn’t. She came off as archaic, a dinosaur of a politician who originally planned to cynically swing to the left in the primary to steal Bernie’s thunder to cut his knees out from under him then move back to the center in the GE. When it became clear that Dems, already questioning her as being genuine, wouldn’t be too keen at her swerving back to the middle, she stayed with much of Bernie’s platform through the GE.

    It wasn’t enough though to attract the rural and outer suburban whites though who still were only looking for an angry outsider (like Bernie…and Trump) to politics-as-usual who would really fight to change things.

    It never felt right from the start, Hillary installed as the untouchable, inevitable front runner even before she announced her candidacy. And Bernie’s incredible rise to compete with her neck and neck was as big a warning sign for the “inevitable” candidate as there could have been.

    Hillary is not a natural campaigner nor a very good one. She lost the 2008 primary despite all these advantages she had then too, she nearly lost the primary this year to an unknown despite all her strengths and now, she’d lost what should have been a slam dunk win against a con man.

    Hillary has always been a pretty poor candidate with too much baggage to escape. She rebounded off of Bill’s presidency and the public humiliation she was subjected to due to him and won the NY Senate seat. There too, she had all the power and money of the Dem establishment to push her past the finish line. It worked then, it worked in the primary this year but it’s proven to be a flawed strategy that’s inconsistent.

    Sometimes, using primarily muscle and money doesn’t help an uninspiring candidate get the turnout they need to win elections.

    This is Groundhog Day…except the groundhog is now going to become president. Hillary has been an uninspiring candidate who has lost or nearly lost most of the elections she’s run in despite enormous advantages.

    Thanks to this (in addition to many other factors including the whipping up of white racial anxiety by Trump), we now have a tsunami of terribleness coming our way that’s going to last at least 4 years.

    The best things we can do is take a little time to work through this disaster, unite to fight against it and strip the DNC of having the kind of power and influence they used to install one of their own elitists as a nominee who was too flawed and uninspiring to win against a man despised by 60% of the nation.

    • MurphTheSurf3 says:

      This magnum opus deserves a wider. Please, won’t you consider cross posting at Yabberz.
      Failing that….may I copy this and post it with attribution at Yabberz. It needs some headline divisions for easier reading that I would like to add.

      P.S. The print here is very small and hard to read. Is that intentional. When I post it returns to the usual format. Weird.

      PPS….To add to your post. Hillary may have gotten off the hook here. I really believe the GOP would have summoned her to Congress, both House and Senate, right now for grillings on her server, her foundation and whatever else they could come up with. I have no doubt she would have been impeached, although not likely convicted. All to weaken her, to immobilize her and to distract from GOP incompetence, indolence, malfeasance and corruption.

      • AdLib says:

        Murph, really appreciate it. Yes, you can share it with our Yabberz friends.

        I do think you’re right, The Repub House would have tried to destroy her presidency with hearings and possibly even impeachment hearings. Don’t know that they would have impeached her but as they did with Obama, they would have spent her term doing all they could to destroy on disempower her.

        Also, considering that a key reason she might have won the presidency is that she was running against Trump, I would guess that adding the Repub Congress’ gridlock and persecution to having even a modest Repub candidate to run against in 2020, I think she almost certainly would have lost and been a one termer.

        So one could argue that out of the next two terms, we’d lose one of them anyway but the problem with losing this term is the SCOTUS pick and the destruction of the ACA which would have been much harder to destroy 4 years from now. On the other hand, after all of Trump’s disasters, Dems should be able to do very well in 2018 and 2020, in time to change redistricting to be more reflective of the real population.

        Either way, we’d have to take a big bite of a crap sandwich. It’s just going to be sooner instead of later.

    • kesmarn says:

      My “thumbs up” button isn’t available at the moment, AdLib, but all I can say is: “Bravo!” Well said.

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