The most bigoted, misogynist, dishonest, hateful, narcissistic, egomaniac man that’s ever run for president has just been installed into that position of the most powerful man in the world. His whipping up of the worst emotions in human beings (in mostly white people, that is) yielded this victory and now the other half of the nation who he has attacked and threatened throughout his campaign is dazed in disbelief that they are at the mercy of this mentally unstable man for the next 4 years of their life.

To those who think they’re being reasonable by saying, “You’ve got to give him a chance, he’s all of our President now and we should want him to succeed,” I say “Duck!” because I just threw a Trump Steak at your head. I won’t be like the nasty Repubs who insisted that Pres. Obama wasn’t their president, it is an indisputable fact that as an American, Trump will indeed be my President. But that doesn’t mean that I click and drag all that I know about what a monster he is into the trash. He has told us all what kind of self-serving, vindictive strongman he intended to become if he became President. As Maya Angelou is often quoted, “When someone shows you who they are, believe them the first time.”

Trump is who he is and all the pandering, obscuring blather he reads off of teleprompters (including his contrived and mechanical acceptance speech) that is actually not written by him but by deceptive people not named Trump, is just Trump being a performer. It’s not him, we’ve seen the real Trump in his horrible attacks, admissions of sexual abuse and tweets. We know who he is and he’s a threat to our society and democracy as my president.

We’re in store for a 4 year long shitstorm and wandering off into wishful thinking right now about how Trump may not be so bad as President isn’t going to help anyone’s future other than Trump’s.

There were a variety of factors that led to Trump’s victory. Preying on fear, hatred, racism and spite is pretty effective to motivate struggling, uneducated white voters to the polls. What is also inescapable is that, as the numbers now show her underperforming Obama’s numbers while Trump only achieved Romney’s numbers, Hillary Clinton was too uninspiring and too loaded with baggage to bring out the amount of voters needed to defeat Trump. There was also the Russian hacking, Wikileaks leaking and James Comey/FBI suppressing the vote for Hillary while whipping up the vote for Trump but they merely exploited the heavy baggage we all knew Hillary was carrying. In the end, despite it’s probably being made illegal soon, this election was an abortion.

But here we are, looking down the barrel of a Trump presidency that will make George Bush look like Abraham Lincoln. So much of our society and democracy is poised to be dismantled, from the ACA to Dodd-Frank, from voting rights protections to press freedoms, from the EPA to Planned Parenhood and the right to abortion, from a non-nuclear Iran to a restrained Russia, from non-privatized Social Security you can claim in full at 67 to non-block-granted Medicare that pays for seniors’ medical necessities. Taxes for the wealthy will be slashed while taxes go up on the middle class, federal revenues will tank and social programs will be stripped down to pay for them. The wealthy will be free of estate tax and their wealth will skyrocket while the 99% have minimum wage reduced or eliminated and Wall Street and big banks prey on them unrestrained.

The disasters brought by George W. Bush brought about the election of Barack Obama. The catastrophes unleashed on the country and world by a President Donald Trump with a Republican Congress could bring about a desperate need for another remarkable Democratic candidate for the Presidency in 2020…and that person’s name might be Elizabeth Warren.

I agreed with Warren’s decision not to run against Hillary this time around (though I would have voted for her in a heartbeat). It would have gotten very ugly (as it did with Bernie) and in the end, since a Dem primary is playing in the DNC playground, she too probably would have been deflected and defeated by Hillary and the Dem machine. However, when one looks at the devastation that Trump and the GOP have in store for the people and institutions of this nation, Warren sure seems to be the ideal antidote to it all.

Elizabeth Warren is everything Hillary needed to be but couldn’t be to win this election. She is authentic, inspirational, one of the people, sympathetic, has an enthusiastic following in the Dem base and is a powerful and energizing speaker. She also knows how to get things done. She is a fighter for the regular American worker who feels left behind or neglected by their government/society, the very voters Trump used to win election because they felt they had nowhere else to go. She is principled and tough…we all saw how unafraid she is to go toe-to-toe with Trump, one can imagine her doing so in a presidential campaign against him in 2020.

The Five Stages of Grief are listed as:

1. Denial & Isolation

2. Anger

3. Bargaining

4. Depression

5. Acceptance

Now, I’ve got no problem with hitting the cycle but it is annoying to take up all that time to finally get to Acceptance, which is the stage when you can really start doing something about the thing causing you grief. So I propose multitasking, let the programs of the first four stages run simultaneously to work themselves out as we jump to Acceptance so we can do something about what we accept to be the case.

Focusing energy on a solution to the next 4 years of hell would at least be a productive use of emotion and energy…as opposed to weeping or eating a gallon of cookie dough ice cream. It could also help block the DNC from once again anointing another establishment type who they choose as entitled to the nomination. We can’t undo Trump’s win but we can resolve ourselves to end the damage he’ll be doing as soon as we can, supporting and building up a candidate who can take away Trump’s base voters as well as energize Democrats and independents. Someone who not only would make a great candidate but a great President who would be dedicated to repairing the damage Trump and Repubs will inflict on the country and going much farther.

This is not to say that there aren’t other good potential candidates that could take on Trump in 2020, the next Dem primary should be open and competitive (and free from the meddling and manipulation of the DNC and establishment Dems). I do think though that Warren is the kind of fearless Dem superstar who will have crossover appeal to Trump voters too. Now that we’ve seen the way things are with the electorate, a candidate who could not only inspire big Dem turnout but pull white rural voters as well could have a real recipe for victory and the potential for big coattails in 2020.

I think the action plan for those sickened at the thought of a Trump presidency is to both do whatever can be done along the way to fight against him and the Repubs while supporting and drafting Elizabeth Warren to begin preparing to toss Trump out of the White House in 2020.

This election is over but in this country, that also means that the next election has begun. Drafting Elizabeth Warren for resident in 2020 could be the short term focus that helps Dems get through their current stages of grief quicker and channels those feelings into really doing something meaningful to remove Trump from the White House as soon as possible.

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I think it’s only natural to sooth with a surrogate like Warren but instead of thinking of the corpus of the DNC or a 2020 candidate we need to monitor the snot out of this administration. The best candidate will come out of the process. This person will have to understand the patterns of behavior and thought processes of a person like DJT.

DJT won because he employed classical tactics of the narcissist to gaslight, stump, and free-associate into tangential reality to mesmerize and disorient . He used menacing tactics and probably won in no small way due to the internalized misogyny of women.

Whatever entity enters into a watch-dog dialogue will need to include at least a good part of that chorus of disenfranchised whites.

Trump is susceptible because he is very insecure, his identity is an amalgam of defense mechanisms. He can be played just as easily as he seems to play people. What is important here is to remain conscious, vigilant, and in reality by not being intimidated into a dissociative trance of dreams and self-soothing false optimism.

Trump is a direct product of what some of us were told to expect in the years following the trauma of 9/11. In order to navigate the present one must prognosticate the future. Cap’n Trump may appear to be a black box but he shouldn’t be something upon which to project our fears. Rather, he is a shallow and simple conjurer with a limited repertoire of tricks.


Tulsi Gabbard is our best bet, in my opinion. She was a part of the DNC and saw what was happening within the DNC and she quit to support Bernie. She is a veteran and has the same ideology as Bernie and Elizabeth. She is a true progressive.


Another magnum opus…with the same observation as the last one…..an invitation to publish at Yabberz.

Several observations: Warren will be 71 in 4 years. I know the Clinton was 69 and Trump is 70. Both are also too old to hold the office of President….given its wear and tear.

And she is attached to this campaign.

I don’t see it. She could be a leader of the opposition but that will only be good for noise making.


Hey, Adlib, great writing. Been gone, now I’m back. Spent most of my energy on the twitter, tweeting my case about how good Hillary would be for our country what a disaster Trump would be. It seems like our American brethren never learn anything from politics. You would think people would have learned from George W. Bush not to elect disasters. And Trump’s character and record virtually screams “not presidential material”. You would think, but you would be wrong. I’m even more disappointed than I was in 2014 when the GOP got their solid majority in the legislative branch. The country is slipping away from us and I fear we might never get it back. I thought Dubya wouldn’t make it past 4 years and was wrong there too. But I agree with your suggestion about Elizabeth Warren. I think what we need most — what we’ve needed all along — is to unify the Democratic Party. No more infighting, even during primary elections. Save the third-party crap the right wing and present a solid brand.

Have fun watching the four-year train wreck.