trump-vrDATELINE: New York City, NY 2020

Since losing the presidential election and his famed Trump Tower in bankruptcy proceedings in 2017, ex-millionaire Donald Trump has spent his life shut away from the world in his rented condo wearing a virtual reality headset. Though he hasn’t been seen in public since February 2017, when one walks into his condo and sees him dressed exactly as he was in the 2016 presidential campaign and speaking loudly and enthusiastically to a wall (which is somewhat ironic), one can’t help but feel a bit of sympathy for him.

According to his closest aides and therapists, videos of excited crowds at his old presidential campaign rallies have been converted into VR and play in a loop on the VR headset that he hasn’t taken off since he dropped out of view in 2016. He seems content to be living in a virtual world where he is cheered constantly and can see his name adorned on signs, shirts and banners.

It is difficult to speak with Mr. Trump, with him ensconced in his VR world of adoration, and he frequently believes he is on a stage giving a speech so is prone to calling for his virtual supporters to beat up anyone trying to interview him.

Mr. Trump does appear to have put on a bit of weight, his personal assistant noting that the combination of him not getting much exercise by staying in his condo and her having to prepare great deals of food he thinks he’s eating at local restaurant photo ops may be the cause.

Surprisingly, his children seemed not to be aware that he was essentially a shut-in, claiming that aside from the campaign, they see him as much now as they did when they were kids.

With his fortune gone and investors wary of supporting any new venture of his, Mr. Trump may have little motivation to leave the VR environment he’s been immersed in for three years. He doesn’t receive many visitors, other than Chris Christie stopping by occasionally to make offensive gestures at him that he can’t see before raiding his refrigerator.

When asked if Mr. Trump will eventually take off his VR headset and rejoin reality, his personal aide explained, “He likes things as they are, his life may be fictional but he’s used to that.”

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