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AdLib On October - 3 - 2016


DATELINE: Alternate Reality 3546

by Anderson Looper

Despite the flurry of panicked cell phone calls from desperate passengers on board, Captain Donald Trump of the ocean liner, the SS. Titanic, phoned members of the press and assured them the Titanic is not currently sinking.

“Believe me, the Titanic is sailing along just fantastic right now. Really, it’s unbelievable how huge and incredible this ship is,  it’s in fantastic shape and sailing faster and better than any ship in the world,” Captain Trump expressed. “Like always, you people in the corrupt, liberal media, and it is corrupt, so corrupt, are lying to the public and telling them actually the opposite of what really is going on. Yes, we hit an iceberg that had illegally immigrated into this part of the ocean to endanger our lives but because a ship captained by Trump is so powerful, it’s the iceberg that’s now sinking, not us.”

Confronted by journalists that ice doesn’t sink, Trump doubled down on his claim. “Ice doesn’t sink? Let me tell you something about science, it’s rigged. That’s why no one trusts science today! Ice sinks, believe me, I’ve seen it with my own eyes. That iceberg is sinking right now and we aren’t, I promise you that,” Trump exhorted. Meanwhile, in the background, the loud wailing of a klaxon and people screaming and running around the ship in panic continued.

A reporter asked him about the series of severe setbacks that his captaining of the Titanic had brought about over the past week that has caused its owner’s stock, GOP (Geriatric Oligarchy Partners) LLC to plummet. “First there was the losing debate you had with Captain Clinton of the S.S. Sanity when your ships confronted each other, then you threw women overboard after criticizing them on their weight, you sent out an S.O.S. at 3 am just to insist that people watch a non-existent porn video, it was uncovered that you’ve avoided paying the standard docking fees for 18 years, the Titanic Foundation that was set up as a charity, has been ordered by the government to cease and desist due to improper activity and now, a poll of your current passengers says the Titanic is indeed sinking after hitting a number of icebergs in the last several days that you steered into. Can you really continue as a viable captain from here?”

Trump brushed off all of it by saying, “Let me tell you something, not only are we not sinking, my ship is actually rising out of the water. We are defying gravity because gravity is a fraud that’s been perpetrated by the establishment. And even if we were taking on water, water floats in water! It wouldn’t sink us!”

Asked if he would ever resign his position if he had steered his ship into serious trouble, Captain Trump replied, “First of all, I am the greatest captain that has ever captained a ship so that would never happen. And I would never change direction, I’m very happy about the direction we’re going. Where the Titanic is headed right now is where I’m headed and nothing can stop us!”


Written by AdLib

My motto is, "It is better to have blogged and lost hours of your day, than never to have blogged at all."

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  1. kesmarn says:

    AdLib, nobody can reproduce Trump-speak the way you can! (Should we be worried?) Hilarious.

    Recently I came up with the term #Donplorable for him. Somehow, “Donplorable and the Trumpanzees” — put together — sounds like the worst band ever assembled.

    They might want to start practicing “Nearer My God To Thee,” even though that doesn’t seem to be the direction they’re likely to be headed in, after the Trumptanic sinks.

  2. Kalima says:

    And as the last ship’s mast sinks beneath the water, a faint garble can be heard beneath a floating blondish dead animal parading as a toupee, and a right arm raised in a defiant salute.

    “The Titanic is the best ship ever built! I’m the best captain ever! Where the hell am I going Mom?” Gulp! Gurgle! Gulp! Gurgle!

  3. fjb says:

    Trump has reached the point with me that just hearing him nauseates me. That feeling is obviously refreshing to trumpanzees as they keep regurgitating his BS.

    • pinkpantheroz says:

      fjb, same here. Now, if we could only get him on to the new Titanic II with it’s owner, Australia’s version of Trump, Clive Palmer ( serial screwer of workers and bankrupter of companies) and sink it, we would be free of so much shit in this world.

    • AdLib says:

      Hey fjb! Same here and I’m hoping many indie voters are feeling the same way. The guy is so disgusting, it’s still stunning how many idiots in this country there are that would support such a creature.

      BTW, I do like “trumpanzees”!

      • fjb says:

        Every time Don the con spits out something ignorant the trumpanzees have to come along to interpret what he meant. Is he too stupid to speak clearly or just not old enough?

        With that in mind I doubt he ever negotiated any deals; his lawyers and accountants do that.
        It takes a lot of money to own a casino but very little awareness to profit from them; Donnie boy couldn’t even manage that.

        In a bustling real estate market he loses almost $1B and is graced with a possible 18 year exemption on his taxes, but we don’t know how that worked out because he will not release his tax returns.

        Don the con is conning his base and they are too stupid to challenge him. I wonder what is their alt-ternative.

        BTW: I am an indie but I will vote a straight blue ticket and weed out the blue dogs as I spot them.

        • AdLib says:

          fjb -- Trump is trying to take credit for the billion dollar write off that his tax lawyers and accountants weaseled him into. Does anyone really think Donald Trump sits down and does his own taxes? Hundreds of pages of taxes? Crazy.

          And of course the Trumpanzees have to change the meaning of just about everything he says…because Trump says horrible things.

          Trump is so obvious now and his mindless drones are so transparent too. Trump is losing and will lose this race but we’ll still be stuck with a third of this country that’s racist and crazy.

          Lastly, thanks so much for voting for Dems this time around, Trump and his cohorts need to be defeated and indie voters like you will help make that happen.

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