One can understand why Hillary Clinton didn’t want to admit to the press and the public that she had pneumonia. Donald Trump and his most unhinged surrogates (yes, Rudy Giuliani, we see you spitting brain cells when you rant about her) have been campaigning against her in a misogynist way to portray the woman candidate as weak and physically unable to cope with “the man’s job” of being President.

One can also understand that the lifetime she’s spent having every part of her life and every word’s she ever said scrutinized and demonized by someone on The Right, may cause her to be more guarded about allowing anything personal to be publicly aired unless it’s unavoidable.

That said, if you know that you keep tripping over your untied shoelaces, maybe you should change your preference for keeping them untied?

Even though there may be reasonable justifications as mentioned above for Hillary not being open and honest about her pneumonia, she and her campaign have exhibited yet another example of why they’re having trouble tying their own shoelaces in the one area that is the most important for Hillary…trust.

Hillary is distrusted by over 60% of voters. It is very lucky for her that Trump is distrusted by about the same amount of voters, otherwise this could have been fatal for her candidacy.

Hillary does seem to have a first instinct to hide or withhold the truth when she thinks it won’t be to her advantage. Again, this is par for the course when it comes to politicians in general but since this aspect has been hammered on mercilessly by her opponents, every time she does it again, she validates that charge and the worse ones about her that aren’t legitimate.

Hillary needs to win this election to Make America Sane Again so this critique is not about undermining her campaign, it’s about slapping her campaign in the face and saying to them:

Since it hasn’t worked to leave them to take care of this like halfway reasonable people would, I think it’s time for a little tough love inspired by the scene above.

A Less Than Polite But Well Meaning  Letter to Hillary Clinton’s Campaign

Hey, Hillary’s campaign! What is your mental malfunction? You don’t understand that Hillary’s main problem is that people don’t trust her? Really?! And your response to that is, “Hey, let’s make up a phony excuse to cover up her having pneumonia because we don’t want to provide ammunition for the crazy and disbelieved accusations about her health. Let’s instead lie about it so if the truth comes out, we’ll only be validating the most damaging and believed charge against her, that she’s untrustworthy! Yahtzee!!!”

I mean, WTF? You defy the most basic thought process of primitive humans! When they burned their hand in a fire, guess what? They didn’t keep sticking their hand in again and again (except the distant relatives of Trump voters, you can’t stop them from self-immolation). If cavemen and cavewomen could learn from this simple exercise in aversion, why can’t you geniuses?

Listen, stop lying about things you don’t want people to know! They’re gonna find out anyway then you all look like idiots! And you give aid and comfort to all the crazy conspiracies about her that she says aren’t true. We need Hillary to win and when you lie, you keep uncovering manholes for her to fall through.

Smarten up!

Prove that your Ivy League diplomas say something more about your smarts than your parents’ wealth and understand that the best campaign tool Hillary can use is the truth. Not only is truth on her side in this election, it lessens her main vulnerability in the election, perceptions that she’s untrustworthy.

It ain’t complicated! If you had come out much earlier to admit Hillary had pneumonia, it would have been before many of the conspiracies came out about her health. You see? You could have prevented a lot of these accusations! You wouldn’t have had Crazy Rudy yammering about how she had all these coughing fits which proved she had ebola-zika-AIDS-IBS-zombieism. You helped cause the very situation that made you want to lie about her condition, get it? You’re helping the Trump campaign every time you lie, how do you not see this, you mooks (that includes you Robby).

Do you need us to do your job for you? Too hard to figure out how you can put Hillary in the best light while inoculating her from more charges of dishonesty? Okay Einsteins, here’s how it works.

You present the truth using your smarts to simultaneously undermine Trump’s campaign. How? Jeez, do we have to explain everything to ya?! You could have come out immediately to address Hillary’s pneumonia and been upfront about why she isn’t excited about sharing this news, because Trump’s people will use it to fabricate lies against her but she felt she owed it to voters to be open and honest. You could have also positioned it as, “Nothing stops this workhorse from getting the job done! Nothing!”

She could also have said, “I’m being honest with voters about my health but Donald Trump is not, he hasn’t released any of his medical records and the public should demand that he releases all of them and his tax returns!”

Turning a weakness into a strength is what winning Presidential campaigns do. Look at Obama, I don’t remember him once denying that he was black and he won using that as a strength, despite all the racial attacks against him.

Listen up, Hillary’s numbers ain’t gonna get better due to any lies that are told, they just ain’t! Ever heard, “The truth will set you free”? Think about that! You want to unshackle Hillary’s polling numbers? Tell the truth and you disarm that powerful accusation that’s hurting her most. If she is stridently honest, she can’t be dishonest, simple logic, I’ll bet even you could understand that!

I’ll leave you with one last thing my grandfather used to say, “Sometimes you’re so smart, you outsmart yourself.” When you’re sitting around the conference table and patting yourselves on the back about how clever you are for coming up with a lie to cover something up that you think will be a negative, just remember this incident and work instead on coming up with a positive spin on the truth that helps Hillary and throws a punch at Trump.

By being aggressive about being truthful while using the truth to hammer Trump, you can have your cake and eat it too…as opposed to handing Hillary a custard pie and telling her to throw it in her own face. I think we’ve seen more than enough of that.

Now get to work, knuckleheads!

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I, like so many of us, am utterly sick of the MSM and it’s vulture reportage.
Goebbels himself, and Stalin, would burst with pride at the magnificent , utterly insane – but attractive – Propaganda machine that the MSM has become.
God help the USA. What will be left of the GOP? The media? Is the USA condemned to this type of shite unto eternity? Will any kind of navel-gazing bring the MSM back to anything approaching normality?
Who knows. I’ for one, am turning away from US reportage and checking the other World News outlets. You know the ones, those that are fully convinced Trump is a dangerous lunatic and aren’t backwards in calling it. The ones who think ‘enough of friggin emails already’ and recognize that HRC is flawed, but infinitely more of a genuine prospect for POTUS.


Well said, PPO! The MSM doesn’t vet stories before reporting any more.
Remember when Walter Cronkite was the most trusted man in America? That was because all the stories he reported on were checked and double checked for accuracy. They don’t do that now.


Very well put, P! It’s beyond embarrassing at this point. Money, once again, has won the day in America.

I understand that we were founded by a bunch of rich guys, but at least they had certain principles that were beneficial to mankind (and some that clearly were not). I truly fear this country has lost any sort of decent ideology and concern for mankind as a whole. Money is all important. Fucking sad!

Aquarius 1027
Aquarius 1027

Hi, AdLib – Chill! 😉 Your scathing summation of Hillary and her campaign is like a simmering stewpot that is ready to boil over. There is more derision, denigration and disrespect than in some of the MSM articles against her. – It was 48 hours between her diagnosis of pneumonia and the notification of the public. Perhaps we should be notified immediately every time President Obama has a cold. – This is not a “lie” that has earth shattering implications for the election or for our nation.

Discussions about her pneumonia on the MSM have been nothing more than speculation with attributions to political agendas. The individual medical history can be significant when determining how serious pneumonia could be. Each person has their own usual state of health that may or may not affect the recovery from pneumonia. There are those who take antibiotics and continue their usual routines. This determination can only be made by one’s own physician. – Of course Hillary should have rested more and could have informed everyone that she had pneumonia in that first hour she knew. Yet finding out 47 more hours after that does not transform her into some nefarious and pathological liar who is untrustworthy…..that would actually be Trump.

Clinton is more than aware of how to interact with the public, she has had over three decades of interacting in public service both in the U.S. and internationally. Her campaign staff are not that ignorant and incompetent – she IS the Democratic nominee to be President.

If one is honestly concerned about getting Clinton elected rather than that narcissistic dingbat Trump, one should focus their energies on fighting FOR Clinton. Repeatedly attacking her and her campaign staff negatively has been promulgated already by the MSM to the point of blatant bias in their so-called reporting. – Perhaps try getting with the ground troops, my husband and I have been doing the phone calling to help elect Clinton. And my younger millennial daughter has been doing the phone calling as well, she volunteered last month to join our western PA campaign headquarters for Clinton. She is freely giving her time to help organize actual strategy meetings, she asked me last week if one could be held at our house as our community center has limited times available for rooms. I said yes – I will do my part to help prevent any possibility of Trump even getting near the White House.

In politics, it is often open season during a Presidential election year for opinion after opinion after opinion…..each voter has to make his/her own determination as to where are those little things called facts. – Members of her campaign staff already acknowledged their mistakes yesterday yet for some, that will never be enough. – If some citizens decide to relinquish their privilege of voting for true justice in this nation, that is their own choice.

There is another old saying, sometimes “you are damned if you do and damned if you don’t.” – There will always be Monday morning quarterbacking. – As for concerns about transparency and truth, I have far greater of the unanswered and ignored-by-the-media concerns regarding the utter lack of these in Trump’s entire campaign.

Although it is difficult to find the “well meaning” section – your article definitely provided a jump-start to my week! 🙂


Dementia is not a pleasant way to go, poor Rudy, I am sending my sympathies to his family.


It’s so completely undeniable that Hillary is a smart, smart woman. A hard working woman. A woman with dreams and ambitions.

Why does she seem to periodically feel the need to self-sabotage?

It makes me crazy!

This is not the first time she’s fainted. She has broken an arm fainting and falling. She’s had a serious blood clot as the result of fainting and falling. And yet — still — she puts herself in the position of pushing herself to the literal dropping point. WHY?

Her staff said today that she’s consistently “reluctant to drink fluids.” She knows what happens when she gets dehydrated and still she will not drink fluids. WHY?

The doctors told her to rest with this pneumonia. But no. “Mother” must push onward, lest the children become frightened by the absence of “Mother.”

Hillary, I mean this in the nicest possible way. And I speak — not as a mean, judgy person — but as a “Mother” type who has also at times believed that I single-handedly kept the solar system in motion: “This has to stop.”

The only way to be able to take care of others is to take care of yourself. Anything else is hubris. Sorry for the tough-love talk, girlfriend. But it is hubris. You are human — just like the rest of us. You must sleep. You must stay hydrated. You must pace yourself.

Otherwise this job is gonna kill you. And you’re only at the beginning.

Now get well quick, Hillary! And go a little easier on yourself, okay? And tell the truth. People will forgive you for being human, for getting sick. But not for sticking to that old school cover-up game. It ain’t 1935 and you’re not FDR hiding his wheelchair from the public.

Now here’s a bowl of virtual chicken soup, fellow Mom. Drink up.


I really don’t blame her. She knows all about the attacks on her health, before this happened. I’m sure she thought she should try to keep it secret, Jeebus knows how the Trump campaign would blow this way out of proportion.

It’s really a bullshit issue to begin with, ginned up by Trump and his deplorables.

This alters my opinion of her in no way what so ever. When you’ve been hounded for long as Hillary has, by the “somewhat sane,” right, you’d have to be expecting far worse from this alt right crowd.

President Obama remarked on how incredulous it is to slam Hillary on transparency, when Trump is hiding all sorts of bad behavior, and no one presses him on it.

I agree with Ad, that she should just be straight with us, but who can really blame her for not wanting to give those assholes any sort of legitimacy?

Again, this is yet another nicely manufactured “scandal,” by Trump and his basket full of snot suckers, and our corrupt MSM plays right along, as usual. It really is barf making.


Thank you. Aside from all the reasons listed, there’s also the fact that once you tell a lie, you usually have to tell another lie to cover up the original lie; then another, & another, & try to remember which lie was told when, in what sequence, to which situation. So much easier to just tell the truth. Aside from all THAT, my question is: Why did HRC go along with this? Can it be attributed to feeling poorly, or a fever? Or is it a matter of poor judgement?