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AdLib On August - 29 - 2016

Weiner Huma

Like a heroin addict desperately shooting up whatever he can find to get high again, the MSM has mainlined the story of Huma Abedin finally divorcing her emotionally deranged husband, former congressman Anthony Weiner as being all about Hillary.

The propagandized meme from the MSM is that “this hurts Hillary” and “this throws Hillary off message”.

No, you in the MSM are throwing Hillary off message over the separation of a married couple that doesn’t include Hillary.

Note to MSM: Hillary is not married to Anthony Weiner. Despite twice-divorced (and counting) Donald Trump’s disgusting and ham handed attempt to portray the separation as a failure of Hillary’s and in some crazed way, connected to “our enemies” getting top secret information, Hillary did not arrange the marriage of Huma to Weiner nor is she personally responsible for anyone else’s marriage.

It would absolutely be fair game to criticize Hillary if Huma had been the one making insanely self-destructive decisions to be sexting with men outside of her marriage after being caught at it before. After all, this is a close aide of Hillary’s and if she reflected that she had deep psychological problems and could be compromised by strangers, it would be pertinent. However, when the messed up person is the spouse of the person you employ it has nothing to do with you. Employers don’t supervise the marriages of their employees and take responsibility for them, in what reality does that happen?

The real story here is that Huma and Weiner are the only ones responsible for their marriage and Hillary is being slimed by the MSM as if she has to bear some kind of responsibility for it.  This is a desperate attempt by the MSM to fabricate a scandal and an anti-Hillary meme to further their goal of trying to manipulate the race into being closer and increasing their viewership due to that.

An unfortunate possibility is that despite the humiliation Weiner subjected Huma to after the first time he sexted and had to resign, there may have been at least some influence for her to stay with him for political purposes, so she didn’t look she was instantly abandoning her husband which the MSM might use to attack her employer, Hillary Clinton (who could imagine they’d do such a thing!). No one can blame Huma for finally splitting up with Weiner but politics and the unfair threat that the MSM poses may have had at least some influence on this decision of hers to do so.

After this latest sexual betrayal and stupidness by Weiner, he would be a permanent albatross around Huma’s neck for the rest of the campaign and as we see, used to undermine Hillary. The Repubs have already tried to use Weiner as a reminder of Bill Clinton’s proclivities, they would have that link as a greater tool to use to hammer Hillary on her judgement (“She surrounds herself with sex addicts!”). He had to go if Huma wanted to continue as Hillary’s closest aide. At the same time, how could this not be a last straw for any self-respecting wife? So, not saying that the primary reason for Huma’s decision is political, just that it had to be an additional consideration when she made up her mind.

What was far too predictable is that Weiner may have been “catfished” by a Trump/Republican operative into sexting. The background on the recipient of the sexts is a bit murky today, some saying it was a Republican man pretending to be a woman while another report said it was a woman. In both cases though, it’s been reported that the recipient was a Trump supporter.

Weiner is pretty remarkably dumb. When your wife is the likely future President’s right hand woman, you might imagine that an anonymous person you’ve never met who showers you with all the ego-gratification you could hope for and asks you for pictures of yourself in your underwear just might not be doing all of that because they actually have fallen helplessly in love with an unattractive loser. They might just be con artists trying to use your fragile male ego to humiliate you and undermine the presidential candidate your wife works for. How could anyone not be on guard for that? Only a fool and that’s Weiner all over.

While all of this is Weiner’s fault and only Weiner’s fault, Hillary’s campaign now has to respond as if they have to defend themselves over this…and thanks to the Weiner-like needy MSM, they do.

Hey MSM, I know it’s a slow news day so far and you’re just a shallow, money-making industry for amoral corporations but try to at least maintain a facade of having a shred of decency and let a woman dealing with a painful, personal issue with her marriage…that has been blown up all over the nation…have a little peace and privacy on a matter that has absolutely nothing to do with her boss, who is not married to her.

Written by AdLib

My motto is, "It is better to have blogged and lost hours of your day, than never to have blogged at all."

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  1. James Michael Brodie says:

    Just vote, my friends. Soon, this part of the clown show will be over.

    • AdLib says:

      James, vote and educate. Too many low info voters out there aren’t getting the full scoop on Trump. The debates should help but we shouldn’t take for granted that everyone’s keeping up on who Trump really is.

    • Hey James. You thought the GOPers went crazy when we elected a black man to the presidency, just imagine what they’ll be like after a woman wins the presidency, and not just any woman, but one they despise with a burning passion.

      HAHAHA! I can’t wait!

  2. Kalima says:

    Then for all intent and purpose, trump should be blamed for Manafort’s interfering in the Ukraine, the shoplifting PR spokesperson before the latest one, Bannon trying to choke his wife and the voter fraud in Florida. Just to name a few. Right?

    Spot on, AdLib!

    The msm are sick, slimy bastards. They’ll win nothing by pushing this nonsense.

    • In a more perfect world, Kalima. Unfortunately, we are stuck with a corporate owned mass media.

    • AdLib says:

      Kalima, sure looks like Trump loses that game hands down!

      But America loses when its press becomes simply a Trump megaphone for hateful attacks based on irrelevant BS.

      The good thing is that this story has no legs and will be gone in a day or two. Trump has no substantial platform to stand on except bigotry and that ain’t going to get him elected.

  3. With a 24/7 news schedule to follow, they fill their time with stupidest shit.
    The fact that they even treated this as anything other than it is, is maddening.
    Sometimes I just want to slap a few of these talking heads, because they DO know better, but are too chicken-shit to stand up to their corporate overlords.

    Anthony has a real psychological problem. I wouldn’t be surprised either, Ad, if he was conned into this. An easy target.

    • AdLib says:

      KT, I can understand Trump trying to twist everything into trying to make Hillary look evil and terrible but the MSM is disgusting for running with his BS and making it legit just for ratings and revenue.

      This is the future of our country we’re facing in this election and the corporate owners of the MSM would be just fine with Trump getting elected and launching a nuclear war because it could only increase their ratings.

  4. Aquarius 1027 says:

    Excellent article, AdLib! -- I was stunned when those so-called journalists actually asked those so-called pundits what impact this news had on Hillary’s campaign as a candidate to be President. My own response was immediate…..what in the world are they trying to do now? 😉

    It is hard to imagine setting the bar lower with the MSM, especially when that bar is already almost touching the ground with their election news reporting. It is not just the sheer s-t-r-e-t-c-h to fabricate negativity against Hillary that is so low. -- As you described so well, it is the utter disregard for privacy in this situation that lands the MSM flat on the ground.

    • AdLib says:

      Hey Aquarius, so true, the MSM is literally stepping down into the sewer with Trump to try and blame Hillary for Huma’s divorcing Weiner.

      It’s insane, their hunger to try and manipulate the race back into being close by trying to slam Hillary this way.

      As Joseph Welch said to Joe McCarthy in the Army-McCarthy hearings, “At long last, have you left no sense of decency?”

      Well MSM? That’s okay, we already know.

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