Trump Finger To Head

Last week was not only the worst week for Donald Trump’s presidential campaign but it’s been described as the worst campaign week for any presidential campaign in U.S. history. The GOP is now panicking over the prospects of not only losing the presidential election but how it may cause a sweep election for Democrats that loses The Senate and possibly even The House for Republicans.

So the hot meme last week was how Republicans were wishing, hoping and dreaming of Trump quitting the race and allowing the Repub establishment to replace him with someone they see as more viable.

Ironically, Trump has indeed brought unity to Republicans and Democrats, both parties seem to agree that Trump is a disaster for the GOP, will likely lose and lose big in November and is a principle factor in Hillary and Dems gaining an advantage in this year’s elections.

Now for the hard truth for these dandelion blowing Repubs…your wish will never come true, Donald Trump is like herpes, your party has caught him and there’s no way to get rid of him.

Some Republicans and pundits have suggested that there are viable reasons why Trump could quit. He may see the writing on the wall that he’s going to lose and want to drop out before he’s humiliated in that way. He may get tired of all the negative press that’s finally catching up with him (which he calls attacks). He may not have been serious about running for President and has been intentionally sabotaging himself trying to escape the nomination anyway. He could be offered a ton of money from wealthy Repubs, Putin, Fox News, etc. to drop out and return to tv celebrity status.

Again, none of these are realistic possibilities. Here are the five reasons why Trump will never walk away from being the Republican nominee for President:

Five Reasons Why Trump Will Never Drop Out of the Presidential Race

  1. “What? And Leave Show Business?” There’s an old joke that goes like this, a mom sees a guy laboring to clean up elephant poop at the circus and asks him why he doesn’t just quit his job, he responds, “What? And leave show business?” Trump has been driven his entire life (probably due to his Narcissistic Personality Disorder) to crave attention. He falls all over himself to get people to watch him, listen to him and revere him. Now, as a presidential candidate, he has achieved his biggest dream. He is talked about, watched and omnipresent throughout our media and country. From news channels to networks to comedy shows to Twitter and all over the internet, he has become everything he’s dreamed of. And he would give up this dream? He would walk away from millions of slave-like followers? He would be content to sit home in Trump Tower and watch from his golden throne as Ted Cruz or Paul Ryan take his place and receive all the media coverage he used to get? His deviant psychological syndrome would never allow for that.
  2. “All Press is Good Press”  When Melania Trump was criticized throughout the media after plagiarizing Michelle Obama’s 2008 speech at the RNC, Donald Trump tweeted, “Good news is Melania’s speech got more publicity than any in the history of politics especially if you believe that all press is good press!” This too is an old showbiz cliche, that as long as the media is talking about you, it’s good for publicity whether they saying good or bad things about you. As mentioned above, when someone like Trump is an addict for getting attention, it doesn’t matter if you’re pilloried for attacking Gold Star parents or hating on a baby for crying at your rally, as long as video and talk about you is filling the airwaves, it’s all good for him. There isn’t a limit above which Trump would get fed up with being dissed in the media, he feeds on being in the media period and would never drop out from the race because it was negative.
  3. “The Election is Going to be Rigged” When Trump was ahead in the GOP primary polls, which was most of the time, that would be his primary opening and talking point in most of his speeches and media appearances. He’s an unashamed braggart (even about things that are completely false) who has no detailed or realistic policies to run on so he made his campaign primarily about…”winning”. He would boast about how he was winning in polls and primaries, how America doesn’t win anymore but if he’s elected, America would win so much they’d get tired of it and a common attack he’d launch on his fellow GOP candidates was what losers they were. Now, with polls showing what a big loser he is in the polls, this central raison d’etre for his campaign has evaporated. Will he quit the race if it becomes inescapable that his loss is coming? Not very likely a result, indeed. This is why, with 100 days to go before the election even takes place and on the heels of his winning all those elections in the GOP Primary, Trump declared, “And I’m telling you, November 8, we’d better be careful, because that election is going to be rigged. And I hope the Republicans are watching closely or it’s going to be taken away from us.” That is the very premature image inoculation of a man who is preparing to lose on Election Day, not one who would quit if it looked like he would lose. Trump wants to win either way, if he wins the Presidency or if he loses the election but can rally his supporters behind him as the victim of the establishment’s “rigged election”. Trump does not want to give up the spotlight ever and it is not inconceivable that he may imagine himself after losing, as the (dictator-like) leader of an ongoing movement of  millions of angry white people that will continue to give him power (maybe even allow him to start his own political party centered around himself). If anyone can bald faced lie to America about so much, who really expects Trump to concede that he lost the election and walk away respectfully, abandoning his position of lording over millions of ignorant Americans who also think the establishment has screwed them? He would turn losing into a lie, a badge of honor and knowing his penchant for wanting to get even with anyone who he views as attacking him and his persona, he could even plot political revenge using his followers.
  4. “I’m Worth in Excess of $10 Billion” According to Forbes, Trump’s holdings may actually be valued at $4.5 billion but for the record, no one knows how much Trump has in liquid assets which is more telling, learning how much cash he actually has on hand or earns per year (no mystery why he’s hiding his tax returns, they no doubt would reveal truths that undercut his claims about his income). Trump’s image is built upon his wealth and he’s bragged and campaigned on not needing anyone’s money to finance his campaign (though he has received millions from supporters,  SuperPACs are spending on his behalf and he has already fundraised tens of millions with the RNC). It would damage Trump’s brand of being independently wealthy to drop his campaign in exchange for cash or a well paid gig on Fox News for example, not to mention branding him as a quitter and being bought off. While Trump may be needier for cash than he lets on, his greed for celebrity and media attention seems toobe stronger than his financial greed. Too many factors going against a viable path for him to be bought out of his candidacy, he’s hard to buy and so is this theory.
  5. “I Didn’t Have To Run For President” Two of the primal rumors about Trump’s campaign is that he doesn’t really want to win and that he may be a false flag candidate working for Hillary Clinton. Oh, and that he will appoint Bigfooot to his cabinet as Secretary of the Interior. The best way to figure out if a conspiracy theory is right or wrong is to first ask yourself if it is a conspiracy theory then tell yourself it’s wrong. It is bewildering why people have such difficulty accepting things for the way they are and need to design complex and convoluted theories for why things happen in a way that wasn’t predictable to them. One can fairly question whether, before he entered the race, Trump truly believed he could win the nomination. It isn’t a stretch to consider that he could have seen it as a win in any case, helping promote his celebrity and give him at least a temporary national soap box to blather on and have the attention of the country. However, to ignore that Trump is an attention addict and invent other explanations for why he would run for President seems a moot exercise. Of course he is not Hillary’s pawn nor is he intentionally trying to lose the election. Just take the obnoxious, egotistical bigot for who he is and there is no mystery (“Believe me.”). His problem is that he is the horrible person that he is and he “learned” a warped lesson from the GOP primary, wrongly concluding that he could use the same tactics to win in the General Election. Core Republican voters do come off as unprincipled fanboys of bullies, the winner of their primaries is typically the candidate who’s the best at insulting their perceived enemies and the other candidates (remember, Carly Fiorina’s bump in the polls came from her vicious attacks on Hillary and lies about Planned Parenthood). In the past, it may have been less extreme but as Trump dove down into the muck and GOP voters cheered him on, Trump  confidently dove deeper. While all around him told him he was destroying his campaign by being such a bigot and a bully, his success confirmed to him that he knew better than everyone else and lying to his supporters while verbally assaulting everyone in sight was his path to the Presidency even in the General Election. Only now, after cratering in the polls, has he learned that he was wrong. Now he is trying a “reboot” to mechanically read policies and attacks on Hillary written for him by others, chastened by those around him to STFU and just read what’s on the teleprompters. So as his nasty attacks on Hillary ramp up and his campaign is dominated by him “staying on message” by robotically reading policy speeches written by Paul Manafort and other people, it will become clearer that not only is he a vicious adversary of Hillary’s, he does not want to lose this race.

It would not be surprising to see Republicans soften on their resistance to Trump and cease their calls for him to drop out, as he conforms to regurgitating standard Republican pablum. There may be a real miscalculation here though because in order for so many voters to forget how horrible Trump is, Hillary and the Dems would have to cooperate in this charade and not run campaign ads using video of Trump spewing bigotry, lies, disrespect and cruelty.

And that kind of wishful thinking should only be reserved for Republicans who are sadly manacled to Donald Trump as the nominee and party leader, they may be doomed but let them dream their dreams of Donald Trump whispering gently in their ears, “I’m fired.”

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A terrific analysis of the state of the Trump campaign and the state of (so-called) “mind” of The Donald himself, AdLib.

Once again it seems that you were prescient when you said:

He would turn losing into a lie, a badge of honor and knowing his penchant for wanting to get even with anyone who he views as attacking him and his persona, he could even plot political revenge using his followers.

As I just posted in Time Out, he recently hinted that his followers might need to “resort to 2nd Amendment options” if Hillary crosses them in the appointment of SCOTUS judges. Nailed it.

Any working person who believes that The Donald is going to “be your voice” has only to look at the economic policy that Stephen Wright wrote and Paul Manafort put into “easy words” for Donald to read from the teleprompter to see what’s really going on. It can be summed up in one sentence:

Death to the poor.

Which is really even worse than herpes.


More like syphilis than Herpes, Ad! Untreated that goes to the brain and sends you mad…oh wait. Too late!!


Well that’s what happens once they kissed the toad instead of the frog AdLib, and he didn’t turn into a handsome prince after all, but left them more diseased than before they allowed him to wreak their dwindling world completely.

Looks like trump has really stirred the hornet’s nest. I’m quite amazed that Senator Collins still thinks that there is a republican party left to save.


GOP senator Susan Collins: Why I cannot support Trump


Well, Trump IS like a raging cold sore on the lower lip of the republican party. And they’re all out of Herpecin!


AdLib, trump is immature. That is the nicest thing I can say about him. He was born into wealth and feels that he deserves all good things to happen to him. He has never done any real work for anything he has got.

He feels entitled to the White House. I will be damned if I’ll help him either directly or indirectly. So my vote is going to Hillary.