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AdLib On June - 20 - 2016

Lipstick Pig Trump

What could account for Donald Trump’s continuing decline in the polls? Could it have been his bigoted denigration of U.S. District Judge Gonzalo Curiel and all Latino judges as not being capable of fairly acting as a judge in any case against him?

Could it have been his knee jerk (and various other “jerk”) reaction to the Orlando mass shooting by congratulating himself on it then accusing President Obama of possibly being an ally of the killer and terrorists seeking to kill innocent Americans?

Maybe it was the damning details about what a fraud and con man scheme his Trump University was?

Or Republican politicians all around the country announcing they won’t endorse or vote for him?

Perhaps all the corporations backing out of sponsoring the Republican National Convention because of Trump or all the wealthy donors refusing to contribute to his campaign?

Growing talk and organization among delegates to change the convention rules to prevent Trump from receiving the nomination?

Apparently, Trump might argue that the real problem was his campaign manager, Corey Lewandowski so he fired him.

Lewandowski, known for his bullying of reporters and offensive treatment of others would seem to be Trump’s perfect echo, well known for his resistance to any who would suggest that Trump should tone things down for the general election with his cliche, “Let Trump be Trump” statements and mentality.

It really is a win-win for both sides to let Trump be Trump. For his supporters and opponents, Trump laying out what an ignorant, lying bigot he is was energizing.

Instead, the RNC and establishment Republicans have been lobbying Trump to change his campaign persona into a “more presidential” one, to go by a script and stop saying incendiary things. In other words, they want Trump to pull a bigger con on the American public than he has been, deceiving voters into thinking he’s not the sociopath he really is.

With Lewandowski gone, the leader of the opposing camp within the Trump campaign who will happily cooperate with the GOP’s wishes to put lipstick on the Trump pig, professional scum bucket Paul Manafort, wins control of Trump’s campaign operations

Who is Paul Manafort and why have I already been sued for defamation by The Scum Bucket Association of America for comparing them to Paul Manafort?

Here are the names of some of the people from Manafort’s unsavory lobbying career:

  1. Philippine kleptocrat and de facto dictator, Ferdinand Marcos
  2. Somalian dictator and torturer, Mohamed Siad Barre
  3. Zaire authoritarian tyrant, Mobutu Sese Seko
  4. Corrupt, bribe paying French Prime Minister Edouard Balladur
  5. Pakistan’s Inter-Service Intelligence agency’s false flag operation, KAC
  6. Disastrous Ukranian president and Putin stooge, Viktor Yanukovych

According to Wikipedia:

His firm also lobbied on behalf of the governments of the Dominican Republic, Equatorial Guinea, Kenya (between $660-750,000 yearly 1991 and 1993), and Nigeria ($1 million in 1991). These activities led Manafort’s firm to be listed amongst the top five lobbying firms receiving money from human-rights abusing regimes in the report “The Torturer’s Lobby.”

And this is the man now in charge of putting lipstick on the Trumpian pig. This hired gun for murderous dictators, the evil and the corrupt. This is who will right the Trump ship that Lewandowski is blamed for sailing onto an iceberg? Or will he just be re-arranging the deck chairs to spell “Trump”?

As the old saying goes, you can’t put toothpaste back in the tube. Trump has squeezed his inner ugliness out all over the MSM and Manafort may happily collect big checks for trying to put it back in the tube but that isn’t going to happen.

You can’t unring a bell that has both repulsed Democrats and panicked Republicans. In partnership with the GOP, Manafort can try to deceptively repackage Trump as he has with other tyrannical and criminal sorts but no matter how thick you lay on the lipstick, a pig still smells like a pig.

Written by AdLib

My motto is, "It is better to have blogged and lost hours of your day, than never to have blogged at all."

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  1. fjb says:

    Excellent post AdLib.
    I don’t get here very often, which is an error on my part. I will try to amend.

    One thing that must be kept in mind is that Don the Con is born of one of NYC’s biggest slum lords and to be one takes a great deal of conning the city and the state.. So donnie learned well from daddy.

    BTW: Did you know that in the UK the word trump means a fart?

  2. Beatlex says:

    Good post Ad,you can’t take the asshole out of him.He can’t change

    • AdLib says:

      Thanks Beatlex! Yep, Even if you put lipstick on a pig, he’ll still tweet antisemitic propaganda!

      If you wanted to defeat Trump, you couldn’t come up with worse than he does to himself. He’s a disaster that’s only gotten by from throwing money at things and that’s not going to work in this case.

      There won’t be much left of this pig by November except ground sausage.

  3. I think Trump should save his money when it comes to campaign managers. I seriously doubt he actually heeds their advice. He may even attempt, at times, to do as they recommend, but Trump just cannot be anything more than what we’ve already seen a thousand times.

    Trump cannot be anything but what he is. He is a reality TV star and real estate flim flam man. He’s a polished con man, but he cannot be brought to a brighter shine. He’s not good enough to con his way into the white house.

  4. pinkpantheroz says:

    “O Lord, Please keep all the stupid people from breeding. We’re getting badly outnumbered down here.” [img][/img]

    • AdLib says:

      PPO, hope you don’t mind, I did a search based on the file name of the graphic, don’t know if this was the same graphic you wanted to post but I liked it!

      BTW, you have to use the entire URL of a graphic to add it to a comment, from the “http” part to the end.

      Then pray like an otter that it works!

  5. gyp46 says:

    Mannafort and Trump are two peas in a pod. Both corrupt and willing to step on any who oppose them, the only real difference is Trump has the money.

    • pinkpantheroz says:

      What money, gyp? He’s even paying himself as the candidate!

    • AdLib says:

      gyp46, indeed and what the public should be reminded of is that both of them are fans and supporters of Putin. Manafort is essentially a previous employee of his. And the “patriotic” RW Repubs who have called Obama a socialist and communist for years, want a sympathizer of a Russian tyrant to occupy the White House.

      Emotion makes for some crazy “logic”, RWs howling about how horrible Hillary would be to justify their wanting an ignorant, racist Russian-styled dictator controlling the country.

      Trump’s act has grown stale with the majority of voters, polls bear that out. And he will only fall more in the polls as his reality show act grates more and more on people.

      And as he goes down, he’ll take the rest of the spineless, toadying GOP with him.

      • gyp46 says:

        What truly amazes me are the followers! Blindly refusing to see the facts laid out in plain view. The investigation by USA Today on his dirty dealings, the latest is his FEC report, showing a complete misuse of election funds, pay offs to his own companies, millions paid to him for using his plane, and all the while declaring ‘I can not be bought’, yeah right!! He is a crook and has built his fortune on the backs of the same crowd that now cheers his every lie. Yesterday he stands in front of a group of evangelicals and tells them they have no ‘freedom of religion’ and they clap like the fools they are, he declares, another lie, that Hillary ‘has no religion’ and this group of idiots cheer, even though she has been a Methodist since childhood. Trump and his sycophants are a truly disgusting group.

        • AdLib says:

          gyp46, it is a bit depressing to think that maybe 25% of adults in this country are ignorant, bigoted, insecure, fearful, poorly educated and incapable of critical thinking.

          These people are immune to reason because they haven’t learned to do so. They make decisions based mostly on emotions and conformity.

          Facts that dispute their desired beliefs are either outright disqualified or intentionally ignored as “tainted”. What they do believe in usually has no basis in fact but is instead built on a crumbling foundation of blind faith. Trump says “Believe me!” or “Trust me!” and whatever outrageous garbage he’s spewed is gobbled up by such people like baby birds.

          These people NEED to believe that an authoritarian “Big Daddy” will take over the country and change everything to being just what they want it to be.

          Minorities and women will go back to being 2nd class citizens, gays will be shoved back in the closet, no religion but Christianity will be respected and most of all, white people like them will have advantages over everyone else in jobs, income and throughout society just because they’re white.

          This is how an ignorant and racist population in a nation declines, not with a bang but with a very gradual but growing desperation.

          These fools have been and continue to support the very Repub pols who have made their lives more miserable. They may resent the estab Repubs to a degree but the thought just can’t grow in their tiny minds that maybe they were stupid and trusted the wrong people to improve their lives.

          Being insecure, they’re unlikely to admit they were wrong and stupid so they instead conclude that what they need is a President who is everything that’s failed them but on steroids.

          It’s like driving a car off a cliff and barely surviving, thinking that the mistake you made was that you didn’t drive off the cliff fast enough.

          You’d waste your breath suggesting to these types, “Hey, how ’bout you don’t drive off a cliff at all and not get injured. You don’t have to get hurt you know?”

          For many of these emotion/conformist driven morons though, voting against their own interests may be the one thing they do best.

          • gyp46 says:

            In 1932 Hitler had about the same number of followers, 25% to 30% and look at the result. Blind followers are dangerous. Many reply that some of us are blind to Hillary’s faults, WRONG, we see them and still realize she is qualified for the job, not one who has run this time has been even close to her level of knowledge about our government or of the world and it’s leaders. If one had run who was more ‘ready’ believe me that person would have been examined very closely. Trump in my opinion is not even qualified to run for dog catcher.

            • AdLib says:

              gyp46, the advantage we have today is that there’s already been a Hitler so we know what could be, the Germans in 1932 didn’t have that foreknowledge of how horrible a hateful, bigoted tyrant could be and how he could destroy their nation and the world.

              At this point, I think there will be a growing and powerful unity in the Dem Party behind Hillary and Dems will be so much more energized than Repubs who are running away from Trump.

              Trump isn’t even qualified to run his own campaign, so is there any question that he’s not qualified to be President?

  6. Kalima says:

    Had never heard of this “new” guy until I read your article and checked him out, AdLib. Wow, what a sleaze bag! Well they say that trash collects more trash. I think that trump changing the direction of his campaign is a wasted effort, that train has already left the station the minute he opened his nasty trap. The whole world know what he is. He can’t take any of it back. He belongs with the Orcs in Middle Earth.

    Loved the graphic, it looks so much like him.


    Had to laugh at this Fox video saying Manafort is now totally in charge. In charge of what exactly, the most disorganised and frankly vulgar, racist and stomach-churning campaign in recent history anywhere in the Western world?
    Trump senior adviser: Paul Manafort is now totally in charge

    How’s that “totally in charge” working out fer ya, Paul? I can’t see trump giving an inch in this ugly clash of egos.


    Trump rejects new adviser’s push to make him ‘presidential’



    Free tv slots. Paying no taxes and stealing from vets, could this creep be any cheaper? No wonder he claims to be rich. One thing is certain though, money certainly can’t buy class.


    The Daily Trail: Donald Trump’s day started out bad. It got worse


    • AdLib says:

      Kalima, you beat me to it, trash does collect more trash.

      The sad thing is that the MSM has already fallen off the wagon and is guzzling the Trump Vodka again, realizing that if they allow the “He’s too batshit crazy to be President” reality to take root then their Trump Gravy Train is derailed.

      Saw MSNBC pumping up polls all day from PA and OH that showed Trump in a virtual tie with Hillary…but Florida turning strongly for Hillary which would make PA and OH irrelevant and hand Hillary the WH. But the meme they were trying to push is that the race is neck and neck…even though they also stated that Hillary’s national lead is growing and solidly ahead of Trump.

      As for the video of Manafort saying he’s in charge…here’s a video of him outside of a Trump rally that might seem to contradict that:

      I think Trump has been cheap with his campaign because he’s really not a billionaire, it’s a con like everything else which is why he won’t ever show his tax returns. And with the revelation on how little money he’s raised and has on hand (only raised $3.1 million last month and only has $1.3 million on hand), I think it’s clear that he doesn’t have the money to finance a real campaign nor can he attract money at this point.

      In his case, money sure didn’t buy class, it just financed a spoiled brat’s ability to bully, steal, deceive and gratify himself throughout his life.

      You can’t teach an old brat new tricks, this fantasy Repub Elites have of Trump suddenly becoming Presidential is as delusional as Trump himself.

      I think we’re in for months of the MSM struggling as hard as it can to insist that Trump is neck and neck with Hillary because it means lots of revenue to them. As the head of CBS said, “Trump may be bad for America but he’s good for us.”

      This may be the first time “the press” is actually trying to manipulate a Presidential election to reap profits even if it destroys the country.

      There’s little difference now in my mind between the greedy corporations that own the MSM and the greedy sociopaths that own Wall Street and cut open the country to grab all they could.

      Nihilism is the new greed.

  7. filo says:

    Nice piece Ad Lib. Paul Manafort’s biggest problem now is Trump himself. It really doesn’t matter to him. He’ll pick up a yuuuge paycheck win or lose.

    • AdLib says:

      Hey filo, nice to see you!

      They would seem to be each others’ problems now. The facist and the facist-loving campaign manager. A marriage made in Hell…which is also somewhere Manafort lobbies for.

  8. Assumed Name says:

    Very nicely written, Ad Lib. (With your permission, I plan to cut and paste that list of former clients left, right and center.)

    • AdLib says:

      Thanks Assumed Name!

      Yes, of course, please do share it around!

      It is astonishing that a slimeball like Manafort who is an expert at supporting and promoting tyrants, torturers and criminals around the world…is running the campaign for the Republican nominee for President!

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