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The race between Hillary Clinton and Bernie Sanders has become quite combative, making tonight’s debate between them quite timely. As usual, PlanetPOV will be hosting a simultaneous live chat open to all members…the best way on The Planet to watch a debate!

Tonight’s debate in New York begins at 6:00 pm PST on CNN and can be streamed live at Our live chat will accompany the debate (and feel free to arrive early for appetizers and cocktails…open bar though so bring your Bitcoin).

To join our live chat, click on the “Live Events” floating bar in the bottom right hand corner of your screen (if you only see a small button there, click on it to sign in then click the “Live Events” bar).

And everyone is welcome to read along with the live chat, you don’t need to be a member to do so!

There should be a lot of electricity in this debate, hope to see you here!

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To dispel any rumours that Bernie will not play nice if he loses, well they are as false as many other Clinton campaign manufactured untruths.


Jane Sanders: Bernie and I Will Vote Hillary if We Have To


CNN. Fair and balanced? So fair and balanced that they cut Bernie off mid sentence, and allow Hillary to talk over the time limit without ever giving a direct answer to any question.

CNN. Unfair and biased.

This was the first Democratic debate I could actually watch. Disappointed in the way CNN handled it, but that’s nothing new. At least no one was throwing around insults and penis size.

Unfortunately it was loud with a lot of shouting, not only from the candidates. I was taught that to speak when others were talking was very rude. I still believe that. I found both Wolf Blitzer and Dana Bash very abrupt and rude. One of the two candidates will more than likely be the next President of the United States. Some respect would have been appreciated. I remember that in some of the debates in 2008, Barack Obama was treated in the same way.


I just hope they remain civil, and don’t degenerate into the GOPer feces slinging contests. They probably will maintain as much civility as possible, under the circumstances.