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AdLib On March - 30 - 2016

Trump Cosby

Comedian Bill Cosby held a stunning press announcement this morning that he would be hosting a fundraiser for Republican Presidential candidate, Donald Trump.

In the opening of his announcement, Cosby stated, “I know how it feels to be famous and wrongly accused by women of abusing them, believe me, it’s a tough pill to swallow,” Cosby announced to the cringe of attending journalists. “I love women just as Mr. Trump does, if they only knew how much, they’d be knocked out.”

When informed that Cosby was now backing him and will be holding a fundraiser for him, Trump happily greeted the news. “Now here’s a man who knows that women exaggerate abuse. You give ’em a little push, just a little push with your hand or your penis and they act like  something horrible’s been done to them. They get worse just trying to get on my plane, believe me!”

At his press conference, Cosby went on to explain his newfound support of Donald Trump. “When I heard of the accusations made against Mr. Trump and his campaign manager, my reaction was identical to Mr. Trump’s. First, I denied that anything happened and said that the woman who made the charge was delusional. Then, when proof emerged, I changed my story and admitted something happened but placed the blame squarely on the shoulders of who was responsible…the woman who caused these things to happen to her. In this era, shouldn’t we take personal responsibility for what happens to us when we’re not wealthy or famous?”

After taking a moment to wink at a female journalist in attendance, Cosby continued, “Let’s face it, that lady reporter’s arm was dressed provocatively, her arm was asking to be pulled, you can see in the video how brazen it was, the way it was attached to her body right next to a breast and how it dangled out wantonly in front of Mr. Trump and Corey Lewandowski . If she didn’t want her arm to be pulled, why was it extending from her body?”

Cosby dabbed an imaginary tear from his eye. “What really gets me are the real victims out there of sexual abuse. Just because you’re famous, when you assault a woman, the media portrays you as a criminal. It’s not fair to ruin the life and reputation of someone who’s famous because of a rumor or indisputable video evidence. What happened to our justice system? Isn’t everyone supposed to be innocent until proven guilty?  It’s like justice in this country has been lured into a hotel penthouse by promises of helping it’s career then after drinking a strangely bitter drink, becomes dizzy then wakes up the next morning with its clothes on wrong and forgetting everything that happened the night before. It’s an outrage!”

Refusing to answer any questions from reporters, Cosby wrapped up his announcement, “So, to show my solidarity with Donald Trump at this time when he too is undergoing this unfair persecution by women who claim to be victimized by him and his campaign, I’m going to host a fundraiser for him which I’m calling, ‘Preventing Erroneous and Reckless Victimizing and Slander’, ‘PERVS’. I’m no novice at contributing money but this time it’s not to keep the person who’s getting it to stay quiet,” Cosby joked.

Cosby went on to say that admission to the Trump fundraiser would be $5,000 for men but free for women as long as they agreed to a two drink minimum.

Written by AdLib

My motto is, "It is better to have blogged and lost hours of your day, than never to have blogged at all."

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    • AdLib says:

      Very funny KT, nails what a child Trump is! That’s what I think appeals to all those less educated bigots who support him, “He’s got the mind of a child…like me!”

  1. I sometimes wonder if Trump really wants the presidency. It does seem like he’s doing everything he can to lose the election.
    I wonder if he started his campaign as a joke, then got caught up in all his popularity among the RWers. Maybe he has said to himself, “Hey, I might just win this thing.”

    • AdLib says:

      KT, to channel Trump:

      “Believe me, I want to be President! I’m just sick of all this PC out there so I tell it like it is. In other words, I’m obviously ignorant and make things up as I go and hope that this shtick will work long enough for me to get elected President. Trust me, I’m too much of an ass to know what an ass I am.”

    • pinkpantheroz says:

      KT, have been thinking the same thing! He keeps getting more and more obnoxious, the GOP/TP fools lap it up, and the media love it!

      He really should now fire a gun down 5th Avenue!

  2. gyp46 says:

    It is such a wonderful feeling to find another who is ‘simpatico’ with you in life, these two sincerely do belong together, possibly they met at a party in the ’60s where Quaaludes were on the menu and young women were the edible foods. Seems their views do coincide completely as far as the fairer sex is concerned. Don’t know about how the majority of women in America feel about Cosby but polls have climbed over 70% unfavorable for the ‘Hairman’, bye bye Thumper in November!

    • AdLib says:

      gyp46, maybe we’re looking at Trump/Cosby 2016! All they need is a slogan now…hmm…maybe “Make Chauvinism Great Again!”?

      Or “Make America Rape Again”?

  3. Kalima says:

    Love this, AdLib. Thought April Fool’s Day had come early but it’s not far fetched after all.

    Trump is having a very bad week that just became worse. If I didn’t know better I would swear that he is fully aware of his limited knowledge about everything to do with domestic policy as well as being clueless about foreign policy so he has nothing that would credit him on becoming the nominee for the WH. It’s almost as if he is deliberately blowing his own chances. It baffles me why any woman with an ounce of self respect would vote for this disgustingly ignorant man. Then again, this is Donald. He lives to win, so why crucify himself with women voters so close to the convention? Is he really that bloody dumb?

    I loved these two stories. One where Anderson Cooper nails his answer as being from a 5 year old, and the other about Trumo’s grammar being that of an 11 year old. That about sums him up for me, and the fact that he uses women as decoration for his arm to deflect the fact that he is such an ugly looking man with a very bad hair piece hiding his rotting brain cells.

    I wonder how many abortions Trump has or hasn’t payed for in his “privileged white” life? Did Daddy, the flaming racist pay for them?

    Your article was so convincing that it was scary to think that some men are actually thinking, and in some cases saying out loud, the things you wrote.

    As for Bill Cosby, I will never get over the shock I felt when someone I had admired and laughed at for so many years had abused so many women and then denied it for decades.

    Watch Donald Trump respond to being called a 5-year-old by acting like a 5-year-old.



    I strongly disagree with the level of vocabulary comparison between Bush and President Obama though. Half of the time I couldn’t understand what Bush was talking about. I don’t think he could either.


    Donald Trump’s grammar ‘typical of children aged 11 and under’

    Abraham Lincoln used the most sophisticated language in his speeches


    • AdLib says:

      Kalima, in the GOP race, every day is April Fool’s Day!

      I don’t think Trump is trying to hurt his campaign, he has been succeeding in the GOP despite all his many outrageous statements. This one might just be the straw that broke the camel’s back.

      No one should be surprised that in the end, Trump is nothing more than a childish and ignorant bully. People assume that having a lot of money means you have to be brilliant but there are plenty of brilliant people who aren’t millionaires and plenty of millionaires who are truly stupid.

      Depending on what is being discussed, Trump is usually stupid. His whole campaign is premised on the stupid idea that you can insult the majority of voters to get the GOP nomination from ignorant, lesser educated and mostly bigoted white people and somehow all those voters you’ve offended will forget it all in the GE.

      He’s ignorant about nearly every issues he talks about, willing to nuke Europe, somehow arrest 11 million immigrants, jail women for having abortions, make Mexico pay billions for a US wall…just about everything he says is jaw dropping stupid.

      The way I see it, thanks to the greed of the MSM, Trump has been treated with kid gloves despite his horribleness because he’s making them a lot of money but he’s finally gone so far off the rails with encouraging violence, blaming a woman reporter for the assault against her by a man Trump employs and now open to imprisoning women for controlling their own bodies.

      I’ll bet the MSM is disappointed now, having such a great run with propping up the reality-show-outrageousness of Trump all this time and now having to admit they can’t keep up their promotion of him for greed’s sake.

      It’s like the Emperor’s New Clothes, we’ve seen all along what an ignorant loser Trump is but the MSM was making a fortune selling pictures of him in his New Clothes until the buyers started drying up.

      Even so, he’s going to head into the GOP convention with the most delegates so when they try to refuse him the nom, it’s going to tear the party apart which is well worth all the garbage we’ve been put through with him.

      Really looking forward to watching that convention!

  4. kesmarn says:

    Wonderful, AdLib! And I know that you’ve mentioned how often the far right tends to take your parodies and turn them into real life — or something waaay beyond real life.

    And they’ve done it again!

    Not only is Trump declaring that men should not be punished for assaulting women, he’s now saying that it’s the women who need “punishment”!

    Yes. Women who have gotten abortions “should be punished.” How? He doesn’t know for sure. Is there a statute of limitations? We haven’t heard yet. (Look out, ladies in nursing homes! The Abortion Inquisition may be coming to a bingo game near you to do some interrogation.)

    You have to wonder what the punishment will be. Stoning, perhaps? To show our superiority to those Muslims that he wants to ban from the country? A little time in the stocks? A scarlet letter?

    One thing we can bet on for sure though: no male who refused to use a condom will be “punished.” After all, irresponsible sex is a 1st Amendment right — for men. (Or would that be 2nd Amendment in Trump’s case? Given his unfortunate tendency to go off half-cocked.) It’s all about “freedoms.”

    But not for the little ladies. They should take their cue from Melania. Smile and stare at Donald in adoring silence. Otherwise…. there may be “punishment…” :-(

    • AdLib says:

      Hey Kes!

      It’s so true, it’s a neverending race to put out a Trump parody before he tops it!

      I know he’s gone back on it now but think about the prison population in America being mostly young black and Latino men and women who’ve had abortions. No doubt you know Margaret Atwood and “The Handmaid’s Tale”, it would come to life under a President Trump.

      I watched his whole interview with Matthews which included that quote and so many other rambling, wack comments of his. It is plain and obvious to anyone who has some street smarts that Trump just uncomfortably improvises answers when cornered into having to give details on anything and it’s just crappy snake oil salesman shtick.

      He squirms as much as he can to get out of ever answering any question with specifics and is successful in most cases but to his credit in this case, Matthews wouldn’t let him squirm away on abortion and several other issues and he looked like the slimy con man he is.

      In a General Election, Trump will disintegrate like wet toilet paper (something far more valuable than him). I’ve been on the fence, deciding whether I want Trump to win outright are come up just short so there could be a devastating battle at the GOP convention that Cruz might win…and send Trump and his share of the GOP into an indie campaign…I suppose the contested convention would be the most destructive to the GOP so that may be the best but I absolutely want Trump to be their nominee so that may be sacrificed.

      Good thing it’s not up to me!

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