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AdLib On February - 25 - 2016


As the media pronounces Donald Trump virtually unbeatable after his win in Nevada and his leads in the polls in most upcoming states, Marco Rubio and Ted Cruz are sitting uncomfortably on the bubble. Marco is way behind in polls in his own state of Florida and Cruz is barely hanging onto a lead in Texas.

Mitt Romney has risen to attack Trump as the GOP Establishment is panicking.

And tonight comes a debate which could be one of the last chances to try and say or do something that can stop Trump’s inevitability.

As usual, we’re hosting a live chat to accompany tonight’s debate and all are invited to join us!

The debate is being hosted by CNN, can be live streamed on their site and begins at 6:00pm (they claim it begins at 5:30pm but that’s to sucker people in to watching pre-show babble. It may start a few minutes before 6:00pm so you can always tune in early).

You can join in the lively conversation or read along by clicking on the “Live Events” floating bar in the bottom right hand corner of your screen (if you only see a small button there, click on it to sign in then click the “Live Events” bar.

Hope to see you then!

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Written by AdLib

My motto is, "It is better to have blogged and lost hours of your day, than never to have blogged at all."

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  1. pinkpantheroz says:

    “My party has gone batshit crazy.” — Lindsey Graham

    • Kalima says:

      Yep, and you helped by putting it there with your endless hysterics about Obama’s lack of force against terrorism and those time wasting, endlessly aggressive Benghazi hearings. You get what you wish for. Deal with it.

      Btw, none of you are sane.

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