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Thanks to PlanetPOV’s recent discovery of an alien time machine (it was buried under Ron Paul’s house), we have peeked ahead into the future to bring you this shocking news story from the future, June 18, 2023:


WASHINGTON D.C. (AP) – Making good on his 2020 re-election campaign promise to complete The Freedom Dome which fully encloses and protects the entire continental U.S. from illegal immigration and missile attacks from foreign countries, President Trump shrugged off the desperate gasps of Americans as they suffocated to death under the completed dome.

Shunning the warnings and even participation of scientists and engineers in the project, President Trump addressed the lack of ventilation in the dome as being “smarter” because it prevented biological or chemical weapons from being used against Americans. Speaking from his “New White House” on The French Riviera, President Trump addressed the remaining Americans living outside of the U.S., claiming that The Freedom Dome has proven to be “a huge success”.

“I told everyone I was going to build the biggest and most tremendous impenetrable dome around the country that would put an end to illegal immigration and protect us from being killed by ISIS or nuclear missiles. And I did it!” President Trump exclaimed. “If it wasn’t impenetrable, why has everyone smothered to death? That couldn’t have happened unless even air couldn’t get through my dome! That proves my success! And all those jerks who were complaining about how everyone would die without air holes in the dome or some kind of ventilation system, all I can say is, they’re not complaining anymore!”

When asked about any regrets on exterminating the entire population of the U.S. in the name of protecting the country, President Trump became upset. “Why would you ask me something so stupid? Really, what are you, an idiot? I don’t have any regrets! I promised to stop illegal immigration at any cost and I did! I’m the most successful President in American history and there sure won’t be any more after me so I’ll be the most successful President of the United States forever,” President Trump beamed.

President Trump went on to explain what was going to happen with the continental U.S. now that it was barren of all life.

“This is why this country is so lucky to have me as President, I am the best negotiator in the world. The Chinese love me, so I drove a very tough bargain with them to buy the continental U.S. for $300 trillion dollars but I get to keep the dome and brand each major city with the Trump name. From now on, our cities will be called, “Trump Angeles”, “Trump York”, “Trump Francisco”, you get the picture! I promised to “Make America Great Again!” and thanks to my making it possible for the Chinese to take over the entire country, I’m making that happen!”

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Mad Don and The Trumper Dome?

Who is to say that he hasn’t already dreamed of doing exactly this?

Despicable, low class, reality show slime ball. It sends shivers down my spine to hear that there are other humans who would actually vote for him. It’s beyond sheer madness!

Great piece, AdLib, and a little bit too close to what some must be actually thinking.

The only thing I find remotely funny about this oaf is that he believes no one notices the dead animal he wears on his head. Then of course there are your clever and very witty articles about him here on The Planet.


Hey Kalima. I don’t think he will ever get thenomination, and if by some miraculous turn of events, he does, I would never vote for him (or any of the other clown candidates).

But I have to laugh at what Trump is actually doing. He’s really shaking up the GOPers. The rest of the clown candidates are scratching their little heads wondering why, or how is Trump in the lead, above so many other candidates. I think that this is causing the other clowns to reveal more of their true nature as they try to imitate him, but Trump says things they agree with and some things they despise. The other clowns are throwing away their dog whistles and trying to out Trump Trump. I think this can only benefit the dems, in the long run.


Hi KT.

Yes he is pushing the dismal repub candidates into a corner that they can’t get out of, but it’s just so tacky, embarrassing, and disrespectful to the Office.

If there are benefits for the Dem candidates, I haven’t seen many yet, especially with some in Congress speaking out against the Iran deal. Shameful in my opinion.

A friend of mine who is aware that I’m involved with The Planet, emailed me a few days ago to ask what is going on in America. She is an Iranian living in London for decades, and lived and worked in the U.S. in the 80’s and 90’s.

“Has everyone gone mad” she asked.

“No, not everyone” I replied.


Thanks for the reply Kalima, you never fail to do so. That’s appreciated.

As far as being disrespectful or a shame to the office of POTUS, I don’t mind that much, because these clowns don’t yet hold the office. There are always pretenders to the throne, so to speak.

Now, if any of them should get the actual office, then I would have a problem.

A famous comedian once said, “When you are born, you are given a ticket to the freak show. When you are born in America, you get a front row seat.”


I try my best, KT.

My little orange light to tell me when someone has replied, is not working, and emails to let me know about replies are on my Mac, so sometimes there might be a delay due to my time zone.

Well if that’s how you feel I can understand. I’m giving my perspective from outside of the U.S. so it might differ from those living there. Still, I feel sickened and embarrassed about this farce of a lacking serious campaign.


I’ve been away from PlanetPov for a while. It is so good to return to read an AdLIb article! You have summed it up my friend, a President who lives outside the country bragging about how wonderful his decisions are for the peasants living inside the nation that he ultimately will sale to the highest bidder.

In this case the nation he will make his deal with appears to be China, but I’m sure Trump wouldn’t be particular about which country wins the bid to become the final owner… I actually believe Mexico could strike a deal with him that would negate their need to build that wall he is so obsessed with.

I find it amazing that someone who does business with other nations including Mexico is so willing and ready to close off relations with the world for the rest of us. If the dome doesn’t end us, I’m sure the police state that will be needed to protect our sovereignty and keep us in check will. 🙂

Is anybody here a the Planet actually considering Trump for President?


Hey stranger, how are ya? Long time no see.

I actually think Trump is doing the dems a great service. Maybe not intentionally, but by happenstance. He really is causing a lot of mayhem within the GOP. The clown candidates do not know whether they should agree with him or run away from the things he says.

Trump has the unusual opportunity to just say whatever he wants. He doesn’t have to worry about upsetting donors and supporters like the rest of the clowns do. He says some things they agree with, on immigration, for instance, then he says other things that they hate, like his position on the Iran deal.

I don’t quite know what to make of all his mishigas, but I think he is hurting the GOP far more than Bernie or Hillary. He’s causing the other clown candidates to throw away their dog whistles and just come out and say what’s closer to what they really believe…which of course, is not good for them. Some are trying to out Trump Trump, and clearly showing, as a result, their truer natures. It’s good for the dems.

I really don’t think Trump will get the nomination, but he sure is stirring up a hornet’s nest within the GOP.


Hello KT!

I agree with your assessment of this “Trump Campaign for President.” I don’t believe he is saying anything the democrats don’t already know about the republicans. I believe the dems should have been pointing out these sentiments held by the republicans during every speech, at every Town Hall meeting, and during every press conference. I believe he is actually doing the republicans a service by allowing their actual platform to be discussed in the open rather than in some closed door meeting like the one they had to discuss sabotaging the President or at a Koch resort, etc.

We as citizens of this nation should understand that these “ideas” Trump has are not ideas he has made up himself, I believe it is ideas he has nurtured over the years while dealing with the upper echelons of the republican party…only problem is, he evidently didn’t get the memo regarding camouflage. What do I mean by that? Dog whistle camouflage, you know, the Lee Atwater strategy.

In regards to Trump having the opportunity to say what he wants because of the absence of a need for donors, don’t you think that is sad commentary regarding our “Democracy,” how interesting it is that a politician cannot be honest and discuss openly their true sentiments without having to worry about what the wealthy think about what they are saying…Is the country bought and paid for or what? It’s sad that neither the democrats nor the republicans can function as politicians for the people without first consulting with those who have more money and therefore more speech.

I actually believe Trump is giving the GOP an opportunity to say “See we really aren’t that extreme” thereby helping rather than hurting them. Bernie and Hillary haven’t actually hurt them either, they don’t point out the fact that they know that these utterings of Trump are the true sentiment of the majority of republican politicians and that the blunt manner in which Trump is laying out his platform is exactly what most republican politicians would do if their handlers would allow them the opportunity. I believe I prefer someone who tells the truth about their feelings rather than people like Scott Walker who promises one thing and then does another as soon as he gets the power to do so. I feel that at least in the manner in which Trump is operating we as voters have the opportunity to reject the party and the platform because we disagree with the policies or potential policies he appears to be contemplating during his march to what would ultimately become a dictatorial throne rather than have him espouse one thing during the campaign and then do another when he actually gets the ability to influence congress.

If Trump does get the nomination it will be because the wealthy backers of republican politicians have given up on actually winning the White House and are instead using him as a test case to see just how effective their efforts in local government have been…Groups like ALEC and others are quietly working in the background to change hearts and minds of those that adhere to Trump sentiments so that someday they may be able to force these ideas upon those who wholeheartedly disagree with just about everything he says. Sad day in America…just look at how far we have come, and how quickly we may be returning to the days of hate and bigotry due to our acceptance of inequality in this nation.

Sorry for the rant :), hope all is well with you and yours.


Trump Triumphs!! Thanks for the view of the future under the ‘HAIRMAN’!! My thoughts lie with the ignorant, I wonder always how can I convince myself that I should vote for a guy who still believes the President is from ‘somewhere, anywhere, but here, a guy who calls for forcing another sovereign country to build a wall they do not even want, a guy who claims he will make a great country ‘great’, a guy who would deport Americans to some other place, a place unknown to any but him, a guy who will give all a job and maybe a chicken in every pot?? In other words how do I convince myself to vote for a guy who really should be under a doctors care and on medication for delusions!!


Perfectamente, mi amigo Adlib.


Ad, by far amongst your best. Had to share on FB when I got this on my phone. Thanks for the laughs.