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After six and a half years of the Obama Presidency and the related Obama Derangement Syndrome of Republicans, we have become quite accustomed to the Republican response to anything that President Obama proposes or accomplishes (except regarding the TPP which would help the corporate owners of the GOP reap greater wealth), instantly oppose it and warn of the destruction of everything on Earth if it isn’t stopped.

You can play the most boring round of  “Mad Libs – The GOP Hysterical Version” to sound just like a Republican, filling in the latest Obama deal or proposal in it’s place:

“I will do everything in my power to stop Obama’s _____(name of policy)_____ plan. I have never seen such a feckless, weak and dangerous action that will endanger this nation and the safety and futures of every American! It will empower ____(name of enemy or bad thing)_____, endanger _____(name of U.S. interest or ally nation)______ and destroy ____(name of something that absolutely shouldn’t be destroyed)________. ”

You can fill in the blanks using  Obamacare, gay marriage, the Iran nuclear deal, Keystone XL pipeline, immigration policy, a low fat diet, you name it.

The problem with one of the only two major political parties in the U.S. having a rote response to anything Obama does…which they wrote on a Mad Libs page, is that it only serves to demonize and destroy what the other party is trying to accomplish…but never honestly expresses to the American people/voters what will result if they succeed.

Take Obamacare for example, Republicans are still frothing at the mouth to repeal Obamacare but offer not one word about what would happen to the 11 million Americans who would have their healthcare taken away or the skyrocketing costs of healthcare that Obamacare has reduced and would resume for all Americans. They just mumble about “we’ll replace it” though what it may be replaced with is a tax credit for Americans for dying sooner.

As for the Iran deal, Republicans are ranting and drooling like meth addicts, walking the network tv streets wearing sandwich boards that proclaim, “THE END OF THE WORLD IS COMING…UNLESS WE STOP THE IRAN DEAL!”. Once again, the New Know Nothing Party just “knows” that this deal will lead to Armageddon (although the Christian extremists in the party are rooting for The Apocalypse to come as soon as it can…which is a tip off that they don’t think the deal will lead to the End of Days…but stopping the deal and going to war with Iran is a better bet?). And if the deal was killed, what words would fly out of their mouths about what comes next?

Doing impressions of five year olds lying about not eating all the cookies with chocolate and crumbs on their faces, the Republicans claim that if they kill the deal, they’ll increase sanctions and force Iran to do everything they want them to do. Or they’ll bomb them and that will solve all our problems with Iran (it worked so well with Iraq, why not try it with a bigger and more powerful nation?).

As most informed people know, the Iran deal is not a U.S. deal with Iran, it was negotiated between Iran on one side and the permanent members of the UN Security Council on the other (plus Germany) which is comprised of the U.S., China, France, Russia and the U.K.. So, anyone but the GOP Mad Libs crowd would comprehend that all these nations are seeking to end sanctions, thus the negotiation, and most if not all would never agree to continue or increase sanctions if the U.S. unilaterally decided it wanted to.

Surprise, surprise, the GOP’s vague solution is dishonest and impossible but of course, they don’t care. Like the nihilists they are, all they really care about is defeating every effort of their true political enemy, Obama and Democrats. Not preventing Iran from having nuclear weapons.

Would their faux “answer” hold water? Let’s say there was a boat named Sanctions Policy in the middle of a lake with six holes in the bottom of it and six people, one each from the UN Security Council nations plus Germany, had their fingers stuck in the holes. Five of them pull their fingers out but the American doesn’t, will the boat sink or float even better than before? Hint: It’s harder to answer this is you’re a Republican.

But that’s not all the five year old Republican minds have to offer. You see, they will instead “make a better deal”. Jeez, why didn’t Obama and Kerry think about that?!

KERRY: Mr. President, we’ve finally got Iran to agree to “The Not The Best Deal”. That’s the one you wanted me to negotiate, right?

OBAMA: Absolutely. I highly considered “The Worse Deal” and “The Better Deal” but I think “The Not The Best Deal” was the way to go. That’s why I’m the incompetent, brilliant, weak, dictatorial, Neville Chamberlain, Hitler President that I am!”

That’s all they had to do! Choose “The Better Deal”! What dopes! At least the Republicans have the smarts to know that you just have to ask for a better deal and you get it! Even if only President Obama can negotiate such deals and the Congress can’t. But who cares about what’s constitutionally possible, Republicans just have to win the political war.

And talking about what Republicans really hope will come next, it’s a real war against Iran. The only real alternative to this deal, with sanctions imploding whether the U.S. agrees to them or not, is to bomb Iran. And not just once because they will rebuild, to have an eternal war with Iran as the war mongering administration of Netanyahu in Israel has wet dreams about.

As Obama and his administration have rightly explained, not exaggerating at all, the only choices at this point is diplomacy through this deal that took years to negotiate, or war with Iran. Republicans have invented the ridiculous, “We’ll just increase sanctions and get a better deal!” crap to lessen the impact of their simultaneous bravado about wanting to bomb Iran but they know it’s just throwing sand in Americans’ eyes.

And unfortunately, many Americans remain, frankly, very simple minded when it comes to responding to having “enemies”. Despite Iraq, Afghanistan, ISIS, Libya, Vietnam, etc., they still believe that you can just decide to push a big red button labeled, “BOMB!” and it will blow up all your problems with a country. And Republicans exploit this misguided wishful thinking of Americans, to gain political wins over Obama and Dems and promote the opportunity for more war and war profiteering by their corporate and military industry backers.

With who they are now, Republicans are not equipped to lead on any issue. They have the mentality of a destructive, minority party, only really equipped to attack and undermine policies of a Democratic President as opposed to building anything.

Consider that nearly all that Republicans do in Congress is to try and damage existing policies, whether it’s health care, financial and environmental regulations, Social Security and Medicare, the right of women to control their own bodies, virtually everything they do is aimed at damaging the what exists (except when it comes to gun proliferation and making their wealthy owners wealthier).

So of course, they light their hair on fire and howl that the end of the world is coming if Obama is trying to accomplish something, hysteria is pretty much all they have left to try and convince the other 70% of Americans that they should support their destructive agenda.

If they were honest (they wouldn’t be Republicans though) and explained that killing this deal would not result in “a better deal” nor harsher sanctions (in fact, sanctions are already as good as gone as leverage since the rest of the world will follow through on the deal) but that we would then have to be in an endless war with Iran and bomb them (or back Israel to bomb them)  as they secretly built a nuclear weapon that they could then use to have far more leverage over the U.S. and Israel than they have now. Is that when Republicans will be able to get “a better deal”?

But then, would having a peaceful approach to restricting Iran from gaining nuclear weapons be as satisfying as trying to deny Obama an accomplishment and getting to push the U.S. into a new and unending war in the Middle East?

That question might be the only one that elicits and honest answer from Republicans.

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HELP! I don’t have cable, so can’t watch the debacl…. er- debate on Thurs. Does anyone know if it will be shown Free to air or free to Internet? I can get Cspan. I so want to contribute to the special Vox Pop, so any assistance will be muchly appreciated.


Hi,PPO…I believe it will be broadcast by C-Span.

Hello friends, have been away but back on full force.Lovies.


welcome back, Exfan! Many thanks. I’ll be checking Cspan pronto!


PPO, apparently it will not be broadcast by C-Span.Neither one….And I don’t have TV anymore.Bought a Roku and Netflix/HBO Go and happy about it….But somewhere online there will be a minute by minute follow up on the clowns….xx


I’m hearing Katie Couric will be covering it on yahoo news.


AdLib, I very much needed to read something that dealt with this subject with a little humor. Because — frankly — it was starting to terrify me.

Not having cable, I wasn’t able to watch the hearing on the Iran deal, but I read an article that included long excerpts from the transcripts of them. As always, the GOP “questions” were much more about obscuring the truth and insulting Moniz and Kerry than seeking real information.

The GOPers were either genuinely ignorant on just about everything connected with this deal, or — like Cruz (who did graduate from Dartmouth after all) — they were pretending to be.

The President, Kerry, Moniz, Rice and others in the administration must feel like an intelligent, capable school principal and staff who are trying to negotiate the next year’s budget and labor contract, but who have to get approval from the inmates of the 8th grade Detention Room (after they’ve all been deprived of their Adderall and fed Cherry Kool-Ade and Pixie Stix instead).

I saw short bits of video (and still photos) of Kerry’s face during those hearings and he looked so utterly weary — bone-weary right down to his fractured femur — and seemed to be struggling so valiantly not to roll his eyes and/or just get up and walk out of the room. It was hard just to see it. I can’t imagine what it must have been like to live it!

And every day, all this ignorance (either faux or genuine) is feeding the ignorance and paranoia of a sub-set of the American people. Just today, a truck full of yahoos fired at American soldiers who were participating in the Jade Helm operation in Mississippi.

Apparently what begins as a game of perverse Mad Libs in DC, ends up being a game of War in the nether regions of the country.

Who would have thought that the most dangerous aspect of the military’s war game simulations would be the paranoia of their own fellow ‘Murkans? Cranked up by the likes of these guys. Sigh…

Kerry’s next assignment may be to negotiate a peace treaty between the American troops and the Shi’a rednecks.


A brilliant piece that covers everything from the psychosis afflicting the GOP party, to the fact that the President has the final say and only authority on the deal brokered by not just the U.S. but by all countries that have worked their butts off to reach this historic deal. Taking it to the know-nothing Congress is just a matter of curtesy, the final decision can only be made by the President. Most of these losers haven’t even read the details of this deal, most of them didn’t read the ACA bill either but it didn’t stop them from being against it because it will inevitably be part of Obama’s legacy.

What a bunch of useless and clueless fools now falling all over themselves to obtain an office that not one of them is capable of running. They not only want to take the U.S. backwards, they believe that they control the whole world too. Good luck with that mates, on the international stage, you really don’t amount to much. No one knows who you are or really cares. That open letter threatening Iran was swatted off and you became a laughingstock. Well done. Great way to bolster you non-existent image.

Thursday’s debate should be the circus they so deserve. Bring in the clowns.


Perry out, Kasich in: Fox News announces the participants in Thursday night’s debate


Mad Libs was our go to in the summer.

The Rs are continuing their shenanigans. I think they are reaching the point of diminishing returns, but I fully expect them to double down.


Ad, the TPP is the only thing Obama and the GOP (Greedy One Percent) agree on. Well the TPP is the only thing Obama and I disagree on! I guess you could say that whatever the republicans want is bad for us and good for the 1%ers. So, if they want the TPP it only makes sense that the TPP is a bad deal for us!

AdLib, I always liked “MadLibs” so it was good to put the two in perspective.