GOP Candidates - 2016

Hurry, hurry, hurry! Step up to see the greatest circus sideshow on Earth! Be amazed by the obnoxious and disgusting Trumpo, The Pig-Faced Man! Marvel at the soulless premeditation of The Third Bush-Man of The Apocalypse! Be astounded by the extremism of The Amazing Walker –  The Human Can-of-Bull!

Right this way ladies and gentlemen,  join us tonight for a live chat during the first GOP debate of the 2016 race! It’s guaranteed to be a debate between children of all ages and there’s no better place to discuss this three ring circus as it’s happening than right here at PlanetPOV!

The Center Ring debate with the main candidates will begin at 6:00pm PDT, The Sideshow Debate with the lower tier candidates will begin at 2:00pm PDT. Our Live Events chat will be open all day so feel free to participate during either or both debates and inbetween.

To join in the conversation or just read along, click on the floating menu bar in the bottom right of your screen that says “Live Events – Join the chatroom”. If you aren’t signed into the chat system (it needs a separate sign in), you’ll see the icon of a power button, click that then sign in.

Come one, come all! This is a sight not to be missed…nor a rollicking discussion to be missed either! Hope to see you here!

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Hello everyone. Won’t be able to see it and besides, my BP is already high enough from battling a heat index of 42C for the last month.

Have a great time tearing the deserving to pieces, and try to be calm. All the best for tonight. Sorry I will miss it as I really needed a good laugh.

See you later.

James Michael Brodie

“Isn’t it rich…”


I can’t wait. Am preparing eats, libation and have a lot of yummy MJ. See ya later, Ad.

This is gonna be fun!!!