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KillgoreTrout On March - 1 - 2014

Hello Homies! I say Homies because we all share the same home, Mother Earth. Wise people everywhere understand that this planet is our home. It’s where we live and if we don’t care for Mother Earth, then where else do we have to go? It’s not like we can sell it and find another. Currently, there are no other listings that would suit us.It’s not like we can give thirty days notice and move elsewhere, and even if we could, we’d never get our security deposit back! :(

This weekend’s thread is about Earth, our environment, the weather and home. Pick your favorite environmental songs, songs about home and songs about the weather here on our wonderful planet . Don’t forget to smile while doing so. 😉

Written by KillgoreTrout

Once a wander, working vagabond, fellow traveler on this 3rd stone from the sun. Hurtling through space and time. Lover of books (especially the classics), all kinds of books from novels, poetry, essay collections, fiction and nonfiction and a big Kurt Vonnegut fan. I am a secular humanist and technically an atheist.....Taoist.

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  1. jjgravitas says:

    Harry Nilsson -- The Most Beautiful World in the World

  2. Nirek says:

    This one is for our good friends from down under.

  3. Nirek says:

    A world of our own…

  4. Nirek says:

    We’ll never find another world, so lets take care of this one.

  5. Nirek says:

    KT and I both climbed lots of poles like the lineman in the picture.

  6. Nirek says:

    My horses loved clover…

    Nothing better than a field of clover , the State flower of Vermont.

  7. Nirek says:

    Pleasant valley…

  8. Nirek says:

    Fair winds …

  9. Nirek says:

    This song makes me feel like there is a future after all …

  10. Nirek says:

    Sunshine on my shoulders…

  11. Nirek says:

    We are the WORLD…

  12. pinkpantheroz says:

    Go Pete!

  13. pinkpantheroz says:

    For all those shivering Up Over!

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