Vox-PopuliIt’s freezing across most of the U.S. and raining in much of the rest, a nice night to stay home by a crackling fire and sip a warm cup of Vox Populi.

Join us tonight for our live member chat about the week’s events (and even more)!

You can participate in one of two locations. There will be a Vox Populi widget added shortly before Vox Populi begins, in the right hand column on any page (please make sure to refresh/reload your screen around 7:00 pm so you can see it) or you can go to the full Vox Populi page which you can find under the Live Events menu item at the top of the page. For your convenience, here is a direct link to our Vox Populi page: Vox Populi Page.

Keep warm, stay dry, hope to see you then!

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