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Welcome to Vox Populi!  This is a live chat, open to all members to discuss the week’s events.

Comments in live chats are more spontaneous and abbreviated than in regular comments and posts. This can lead to misinterpretations of content and intent so please don’t assume any negative tones in the comments below, we’re all colleagues and friends here.

Any comments that are not respectful of a fellow member will be immediately deleted and a member may be barred from participating at any time if repeatedly disrespectful of one or more colleagues.

Please help us keep Vox Populi fun and engaging. Thanks!


There is a simple format, The Moderator will use ALL CAPITAL LETTERS for all requests and changes of topics, please follow his lead. You can freely post a comment or reply to anyone once The Moderator has announced a topic.


Begin your comment with the name of the member to whom you are replying.

The comments can sometimes fly fast an furiously so if you want someone to know you’re replying to them, begin your comment with their user name and they’ll know to read it.

Use the “+” and “-” links under the bottom right corner of the comment display window to enlarge or shrink it.

On laptops and smaller displays, it can be difficult sometimes to keep both the comment display and the comment entry box fully visible at the same time. By using the “+” and “-” links, you can grow or shrink the comment display box so that it and the comment entry box are fully visible.

Stay scrolled to the top of the comments and they will autoscroll with each new comment.

Instead of having to keep scrolling down to see the newest comments, if you scroll up to the top of the window, the window will autoscroll as new comments are posted.

Open two browser windows of the Vox Populi page to make reading and posting comments easy.

For better visibility and use, some members like to open two browser windows of the Vox Populi page, one to fully display the comment display and one that displays the comment entry box.

If The Moderator announces a new topic for discussion in ALL CAPITAL LETTERS, please follow The Moderator and all other members to discussing just the new topic.

Sometimes, when the conversation is very swift, The Moderator may use ALL CAPS to announce a new discussion topic. If this happens, you are welcome to continue ongoing discussions but when possible please do join in on the new topic.

We hope you enjoy this unique and exciting feature at PlanetPOV!

UPDATE FOR 8-22-2014:

This week we are using a new chat software which will be accessible from anywhere on the site in the lower right hand corner of each page including this one.

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