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AdLib On April - 19 - 2013


This is the current information at this time:

The Associated Press identified the surviving Boston bomb suspect as Dzhokhar A. Tsarnaev, 19, of Cambridge, Mass., and said that the suspects were brothers. The second bombing suspect is Tamerlan Tsarnaev, 26, according to NBC News, who was found with an IED on his body. The brothers are of Chechen origin, according to NBC, a volatile southern Russian republic. Photographer Johannes Hirn took this photo essay of the older brother, a boxer. The captions suggest Tsarnaev came to America as a child with his family as refugees after fleeing Chechnya for Kazakhstan. Dhokhar Tsarnaev appeared to have posted links to Islamic and pro-Chechnyan independence sites on his social media page.

The mayhem began at approximately 10:20 p.m. Thursday when police said the bombing suspects robbed a 7-Eleven store in Cambridge. Minutes later, police said, the men shot and killed an MIT campus officer responding to the robbery call. The terror suspects then carjacked a Mercedes-Benz with the driver inside and fled, eventually letting driver go. They were then spotted in Watertown where they exchanged dozens of rounds of gunfire with patrol officers.Tamerlan Tsarnaev was shot by police and brought to Beth Israel Medical Center. He arrived at the hospital under cardiac arrest with multiple gunshot wounds and blast-like injuries to his chest. The second suspect fled on foot, leading to the tense manhunt that is still underway at this hour.


Law enforcement appears to have Dzhokar trapped in a standoff at this time.

After finding the additional IED, police are concerned about other bombs so the city of Boston is in lockdown.

Written by AdLib

My motto is, "It is better to have blogged and lost hours of your day, than never to have blogged at all."

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  1. choicelady says:

    I heard several law enforcement people say that Tamarlan died as a result of his brother’s running over him with the car. Apparently the younger brother gunned the vehicle at the police who jumped away from Tamarlan who was then run over by the younger brother. Deliberate? Incompetent? What a very bizarre thing. Wonder if the younger brother took this opportunity to get rid of the older brother’s influence over him? No one has said more about it in recent days, but that is a nagging question -- why???

  2. Kalima says:

    Great teamwork by all agencies involved, and peace of mind for the people of Boston.

    Across the world eyes and hearts have been turned in your direction, and it played out without any further casualties which was a great relief. Well done to all for taking him alive so that they can find out the details and see if there are any connections in the U.S. and abroad.

    I have square eyes, this is the most tv I have watched in almost 10 years.

    Take care.

    • AdLib says:

      Kalima, the morning started off with the big story of the one terroist being killed and the other being sought…then a whole day of no developments and gabbing heads…then at the end of the day, they got him.

      A long day for the people and law enforcement in Boston for sure but for those of us watching and waiting, it also seemed long.

      But in the end, so satisfying and a massive relief.

      Very proud of our nation’s and Boston’s law enforcement!

      • Kalima says:

        We only have CNN and BBC World here, so for me it was the morning switching between the two. At least the BBC coverage was accurate without the speculation of those reporting that was so annoying on CNN.

        You have every reason to be proud of the law enforcement agencies in your country, they did a tireless and quite amazing job to bring a dangerous situation to an end. Then to have the wimpy Repubs start to complain about reading him his rights, and even more disgusting, saying he should be sent to Gitmo, was almost as shameful as their votes on the gun control bill. They feel no shame though because they have no idea what it is. Given half a chance these nutjobs like McCain, his friend Miss Lindy and King would love to see the suspect water boarded, we all know how well that worked out the last time.

        In London after the Tube bombings in 2005, when the city’s extensive surveillance cameras led to identification of four suspects within five days of the attacks, I remember thinking that this was really quick too, and yet so many people complain about their loss of privacy. Personally I don’t mind if it leads to safer streets and quick arrests after crimes are committed. I would rather be safer than worry about being caught on video picking my nose or something.

        Hubby and I applauded when it was over.

  3. AdLib says:

    BREAKING: Dzhokhar has been captured alive by police with no further injuries and is being treated by medical personnel.

    • kesmarn says:

      A job well done by many agencies working in cooperation. I’m sure Bostonians will breath easier tonight.

      • AdLib says:

        Kes, an incredible job. It was only four days ago that the attacks occurred, only one day since the images of the suspects were released and one is dead and the other is in custody. If that’s not an advertisement against those who think they can commit terrorism and get away with it, I don’t know what is.

        Wow, I am very proud of our federal and Boston law enforcement.

        • I have seen many comments on Yahoo, by the same anti-government lunatics, criticizing the government for not having caught the perps. This was just yesterday afternoon. I commented that it had only been 3 days since the bombings and asked them what they expected…miracles? Well the Boston police, FBI and ATF have proven, beyond a doubt, their proficiency in dealing with these kinds of extremists. Kudos to them all.

  4. AdLib says:

    It is striking how Timothy McVeigh was arrested while driving, fleeing from his terrorist bombing of the OK Federal Building and now these terrorist brothers were caught while driving, trying to flee town.

    My concern was that they had already fled Boston and maybe the US. Instead, they had the hubris to stay right there in town and the younger brother went back to school and even posted cynical “stay safe” messages online.

    Dzhokhar will be caught. Whatever hubris he shared with his sick brother, will be long gone then.

  5. MurphTheSurf3 says:

    The latest word I have is that the two brothers, Dzhokhar and Tamerlan Tsarnaev, had gotten pulled into a radical Islamic circle devoted to the Islamic Destiny. It has links to Khomeni. This is going to create a lot of Islamic backlash. Khomeni had this vision that a great army would arise from the central plains of Europe to bring the faith to the world.

    If this is so….. the cry of the NRA for more guns plus Islamophobia….very bad.

    • kesmarn says:

      I was so hoping that there would be no connection with Islam, Murph.

      Besides the very obvious pain that came to all the people harmed by the bombing and the shoot-out with police, now every Muslim in the country is also going to be affected, if only by the fact that they’ll all be viewed by some with renewed hostility and suspicion.

      These siblings have hurt their own Muslim sisters and brothers in ways that their warped minds could never even have imagined.

      • AdLib says:

        Kes, agreed, that’s the thought that came to my mind after this attack…whoever was behind it would accomplish just the opposite of what they were thinking they would…just ask Bin Laden about that.

        One hopes that people can discern between extremists in a religion and those who follow their religion as a good and compassionate person. Christian extremists have been and continue to be terrorists, that doesn’t cause Americans to demonize the rest of Christians. The same should be applied to those belonging to other religions, especially Islam.

        How many terrorist attacks have been launched on America by the other 2.6 million Muslims in America?

        Prejudice is easy but it’s never right.

      • MurphTheSurf3 says:

        The older son, Tamerlan, made an extended trip (6 months) to Russia last year. Where in Russia? In Chechnya? Was he trained there? Did he “sign up” there? The father seems radicalized. Tamerlan’s facebook account fills up with radical Islamic talk when he gets back. Putin has declared that he believes that Chechnyan rebels and Al Qaeda are connected.

        • AdLib says:

          Murph, it sure seems to be shaping up to be pointing towards Islamic Extremism, possibly entwined with the Chechnya fight for independence.

          A 6 month trip to Russia…which was a huge break from the life he was living in Boston…then upon his return, he posted the extremist Islamist videos on a new YouTube account…it may not be conclusive but it does seem to be pointing into the same direction.

    • AdLib says:

      Murph, this is still early and info could be mistaken but supposedly there was a YouTube video on his site about The Black Banners of Khurasan, an end times prophecy propagated especially amongst Islamist extremists:

      “If you see the black banners coming from Khurasan, join that army, even if you have to crawl over ice; no power will be able to stop them and they will finally read Baitul Maqdis [Jerusalem], where they will erect their flags.”

      Again, we don’t know any of this absolutely but it would seem to make more sense that this act of terrorism was motivated by an extremist Islamic mindset as opposed to anger over the Chechen battle for independence.

  6. funksands says:

    Last night was an interesting experience to say the least. By updating my twitter feed and listening to the Boston Police scanners on my iphone, I was able to get involved on a very very local level with the breaking news out of Watertown. It was gripping drama to say the least to be able to hear the police talk to each other while searching the neighborhood, look at locals pictures and their eyewitness accounts.

    Very dramatic and interesting.

    It took the networks almost an hour to catch up, with CNN finally getting a pajama-clad and bleary-eyed Jake Tapper to the scene to say something boring and stupid. Twitter users the nation over started gloating that “this was the night cable news died” and how much better, quicker and more accurate this type of “news” was.

    Well, it was certainly more interesting. Accurate? Ho boy. There was SO MUCH information coming from so many places that the twitter stream #watertown quickly devolved into an incomprehensible mess. Boston Police were actually responding to twitter rumors for god’s sakes.
    First one of the suspects was a missing Brown University student, then there were four suspects, then they were in an SUV, then they found him, then there was a bomb at a hospital…..by the time I woke up this morning, nearly everything had changed. Russians? Oh wait, Chechens? Oh wait, not that either? *Sigh*

    Last night clearly showed the very sharp double-edged sword that is the effect of social media on day to day life.


    • AdLib says:

      Very interesting, Funk. I do think network news has already died when it comes to breaking news, when up against Twitter.

      CNN had already performed their self-destruction earlier in the week. Once a news organization proves that their reporting is sometimes untrustworthy on important issues, it becomes untrustworthy all the time because one never knows when an untruth will be presented as a fact.

      I didn’t know there was an app to listen to police scanners on iPhones, that’s fascinating. It must have been tense and gripping.

      You always expect there to be confused and just plain wrong reports during a breaking event but the populist nature of Twitter seems to make it more flexible than networks in weaving through the erroneous towards the truth.

      A double edged sword indeed. No doubt, the internet played a key role in these brothers being able to commit their act of terror and murder but meanwhile, the use of it may have helped track them down but certainly helped inform the public as to what has been going on.

      Right now, the news networks have to fill hour after hour until the next event or update occurs so even that blabbering and pundits guessing about all kinds of things makes it seem like a creaky medium, crippled by the necessity of its format.

  7. Greta42 says:

    Hi AdLib: I too live in the Boston area and have just learned there is a 3rd suspect who is an accomplice -- and he is on an Amtrak train heading to NY, which has been stopped and is being searched.
    Others have been taken into custody by police for questioning.
    This has been surreal.

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