Boston Marathon bombing

This is breaking news, keep in mind that early reports are not always accurate but there were two explosions near the finish line of the Boston Marathon, killing at least two people and injuring at least two dozen other people.

They have been called “two bombs” by The Boston Marathon in their immediate response.

“There were two bombs that exploded near the finish line in today’s Boston Marathon. We are working with law enforcement to understand what exactly has happened.”

Some initial details:

Two bombs exploded near the finish of the Boston Marathon on Monday, killing two people, injuring 22 others and sending authorities rushing to aid wounded spectators, race organizers and police said.

One runner, a Rhode Island state trooper, said he saw at least two dozen people with very serious injuries, including missing limbs.

About two hours after the winners crossed the line, there was a loud explosion on the north side of Boylston Street, just before the photo bridge that marks the finish line. Another explosion could be heard a few seconds later.

There are reports of dozens of serious injuries to spectators and runners.

Another explosion reported, possibly a controlled explosion by law enforcement to dispose of a suspicious package. A fire at JFK library started shortly after the explosions, it is being investigated to see if it is connected to the explosions.

Updates to follow.

UPDATE – 1:25 PM PST: Airspace over Boston has been closed. Access to Pennsylvania Ave>, in front of the White House, has been shut down.

UPDATE: 2:00 pm PST: In press conference, Boston Police Commissioner says simultaneous explosions near Boston Marathon finish line, 50-100 yards apart. Explosions were caused by explosive devices that were planted. FBI has sent resources. A third incident occurred at JFK Library and still investigating connection. Citizens in Boston are asked to stay in their homes as it is an ongoing event.

UPDATE: 2:22PM PST: Conflicting reports state that 22, 60 or over 100 people have been injured in the bombings. Cellphone service shut down in Boston to prevent remote detonations of explosives, official says.

UPDATE: 3:00PM PST: President Obama delivered a statement on the attack. Stressed that we don’t know who did this or why and that people shouldn’t jump to conclusions. The responsible groups will be found and feel the full weight of justice. The American People are with the people in Boston.

UPDATE: 4-16-2013 – 11:00AM PST: Law enforce officials have determined that the bombs were made of explosive materials placed inside pressure cookers which were placed inside backpacks, likely triggered by a timer. More than 170 people were wounded—17 of them critically and two people were killed. The two fatalities to date have been identified as Krystle M. Campbell, a 29-year-old from Medford, Mass and 8-year-old Martin Richard who was running away from the first explosion with his family when the second blast killed him. His six-year-old sister and mother were injured in the blast as well.

UPDATE: 4-17-2013 – Police have persons of interest that they are pursuing. Incorrect reports of an arrest were made by CNN and AP. Letters to President Obama, initially found to be laced with ricin, were intercepted.

UPDATE: 4-18-2013 – The FBI has released images and video of two suspects in the bombing:


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Boston Marathon explosions attract an outpouring of help from city’s residents–boston-marathon-explosions-attract-an-outpouring-of-help-from-city-s-residents-022321905.html

Bostonians are really coming together over this. It’s nice to see the outpouring of love instead of the hatred that the perps surely have. Love grows, hatred corrodes.


KT, I agree. Hate festers while love heals. We need more love in America and far less hate.


This was shocking news to find in the morning here, and my heart, sympathy and condolences go out to the victims and their families, and all those injured in this senseless act of terror whether domestic or foreign.

I have never understood the reasoning behind killing and maiming innocent people in the name of any cause. There is no cause that would ever be worthy of this kind of destruction. Fighting for a cause or against a government should never be violent because it loses whatever meaning it was trying to make.

Terrorism is a coward’s way out. They kill people they don’t know and have never met to make a point in their twisted minds, but all they do is weaken their stand on any issue they think they are fighting for.

My hope is that these maniacs are found as soon as possible and made to pay. Who would do this at a sporting event, it is just too awful and mind boggling to even contemplate.

My thoughts are with the people of Boston and all those affected by this tragedy of pure madness.

I’ve been watching on CNN but the repetition is just driving me nuts.


Perhaps this has been said, but the 26 miler was to commemorate the 26 killed iNewtown. Kinda makes me want to to hurt whoever dId this


And now we will have second by second, minute by minute, hour by hour coverage of the same information over, and over and over again.

It is just what those who do these kind of things want and need.

By all means cover the event but what end.


bEcause we have repeated oppotunities to explain how the terrorist (s) are not changing us and how very shameful these acts are viewed


Just home from an afternoon/early evening away from home and was horrified to see this. I had checked my cell phone while I was at the park with the Fave and caught the headline, but could hardly believe it.

I’m just listening to the President’s statement now and I’m so grateful — once again — that he is at the helm.


Why is there so much hate in this world?
Why is there so much senseless violence?


There are far too many sick people who want to kill, injure, and maim innocent folks.This kind of senseless act has to stop.


Hey Ad. Yeah I just saw this news. This is bad, very bad. I used to live just a few blocks from there. I sure hope no one else dies as a result of this heartless and insane act.


KT – I did as well. I did grad research at the Boston Public Library, directly across from the first two bombs, and at the original Mass archives now at the JFK library. Reports of two undetonated bombs, one at a hotel, another not yet disclosed.

I am beyond sick at heart. Many of you know I’ve had too much experience with this. Whoever is responsible – and experts say everyone will claim “credit” – they are despicable and yet solid in their belief they are justified. Solid in the belief that this somehow “changes things”. Solid in their belief they just did something noble.

Well – it changes NOTHING save for the awful impact on the lives of the innocent. Apparently the first two bombs occurred AFTER the main runners, the professionals, had crossed the line, so the targets were ordinary people. And they are evil – why? The two who died the 100 who are maimed – why?

NOTHING has ever gotten better from terrorist actions. Nothing.

I cannot stand the mindset of those who think they have an exalted right to do harm. They always make things worse.

In the famous rally: “Cry havoc and let slip the dogs of war!” Julius Caesar, Act 3, Scene 1. How’d that turn out for them? Not well, if one recalls.

So many died in Oklahoma City, April 19, 1995. So many died on 9/11/01. Two also died in September 1976. One died in Atlanta 1996, another in Birmingham 1998. In all cases it added up to – nothing.

In no case did any good come of it for anyone. None. And yet the self righteous let slip the dogs of war against their own or other innocent people.

Do we ever learn? Apparently some never do.


CL, I lived on Marlborough Street, just a few buildings off of Mass Ave. Been to Copley Square many, many times.

There is a real spiritual sickness in this world. Not sure that’s something new though. I know America suffers from it to a great extent. All the needless hatred.
When people are quicker to hate than to love, there is a serious problem.