Poor wealthy Mitt Romney. He was rich, he was white, he was willing to say anything to get elected (love them “cheesy grits”!), the Presidency was supposed to be his. What happened? Life is so unfair! He gave everything he had to win the election…except tax returns, principled stands, the truth, compassion and the same answer to the same questions. He paid a considerable sum for the reality he was living in, it was Grand Theft Ego to steal it away from him.

In case you missed it, here is an excerpt from Mitt Romney’s interview on Fox News Sunday…which aired this Sunday and thus the title of the show was verified as the one truth broadcast on Fox News each week:

ROMNEY: “I’ll look at what’s happening right now, I wish I were there. It kills me not to be there, not to be in the White House doing what needs to be done.”

People in Iran have actually expressed the opposite sentiment.

As to Romney’s poor performance in the election with minorities…

ROMNEY: “We weren’t effective in taking my message primarily to minority voters — to Hispanic-Americans, African-Americans, other minorities. That was a real weakness. We did very well with the majority population but not with minority populations. And that was a failing. That was a real mistake.”

Now let’s unpack this fertilizer salesman’s suitcase. The man who attacked Rick Perry for expressing compassion towards Latino immigrants, who promoted self-deportation for dealing with them and declared that as President he wouldn’t worry about the poor because they had their safety net…wasn’t effective in taking his message to minority voters? Just like a white elitist born with a silver spoon in his mouth, he doesn’t even know when he has succeeded.

And the white man representing the virtually whites-only political party takes pride in the fact that he won the majority of the white vote? That was a huge surprise, especially to those who are surprised by water being wet…and mighty white of him to say.

In his interview, Romney also addressed his 47% remark by blaming those who heard it for hearing it and once again telling people that they can always take him at his word when he says that he doesn’t mean what he says.

Romney went on to say that he was shocked when he didn’t win the election because he believed up until the results came in from Ohio in favor of President Obama, that he was going to win the swing states in which the polling clearly showed Obama was ahead. He also said that if he was President, he would have successfully made a deal on the sequester, his Presidency would have taken advantage of this golden moment in history and everyone would have a car elevator…whether or not they had a house.

It appears that Romney has misinterpreted the Rove gimmick of turning your weakness into a strength, he seems to think that showing that he was delusional and out of touch with reality, doesn’t take responsibility for his words and actions, lies like a sociopathic rug and blames the people he attacked and insulted for feeling attacked and insulted…that he is turning these failings into reasons to be admired. “I’m greedy, a liar and clueless…just like your favorite sitcom characters so how ’bout clapping for me when I flash the “applause” sign?”

Ann Romney has instead encased herself in a very expensive Baccarat crystal cocoon of denial and claims that the liberal elite media is all to blame for her husband being greedy, a liar and clueless.

ANN ROMNEY: “I believe it was the media’s fault as well, in that he was not being given a fair shake, that people weren’t allowed to really see him for who he was.”

“I’m happy to blame the media.”

She’s so right, if only Mitt had more time to show people who he is, I mean he and the GOP only spent $1 billion dollars in promoting him as the next President and he was all over the media for only six whole years…but that’s just one week in Denialist Douchebag years. I would love to see a reality show based on Ann Romney’s version of what “A Fair Shake” is, no doubt it involves black people not being eligible to run for President and using 99% of Americans as obstacles for training Rafalca to jump.

The ingredient label of Mitt Romney’s interview might read like this:

  • Taking Responsibility for My Loss: 12%
  • Blaming the Media and Others for My Loss: 18%
  • Hating on Obama for Beating Me: 23%
  • Reminding America of My Failings and Why Electing Me Would Have Been A Huge Mistake: 47%

We really do need mandatory labeling on our politics. It would have been a good idea to put a freshness date on Mitt Romney in a place where he could see it (his overseas bank statements?) so that he could read it today and find out that his contents (however minimal they are) have expired.

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Mitt is full of himself. Lots of sour grapes, too.


Romney is not going into ‘retirement’ gracefully or otherwise. Neither has Gingrich; neither has McCain.
He wants, at the very least, to be a major force in the GOP.

He was not going to win the election; nor, was any other Republican on offer.
Good sportsmanship does not apply to politics.


Normally after a defeat like Mitt the Twit experienced last year, people would choose to disappear if they had manners, a good upbringing, or a touch of class, but the Romney’s just whine and bitch like jilted lovers. If they were half decent human beings, I might feel a tad sorry for them, but the Romney’s are just classless rich people like Euro trash I’ve had the misfortune to meet over the years. The only thing they have is money, and money can’t buy you class, it never could. Their tasteless interview was a huge embarrassment, however they will never realize this.

A few days ago I linked to an article with the headline, “Nobody” Romney criticizes Obama’s actions on the sequester”. I thought that the “Nobody” Romney was just a perfect way to sum up what he didn’t achieve with all of his money, and basically who he was going into the election last year. Bitching and whining on tv in front of millions made them look like dogs licking their wounds in public. How gross and demeaning is that?

Nicely done AdLib.

“Ann Romney reflects on the election loss” By Ann Telnaes/The Washington Post


If Mitty honestly thought he was going to be elected President clear up to the election day, boy oh boy, are we lucky he isn’t President! This guy is delusional. He obviously surrounded himself with people that tell him only things he wants to hear or they are just as delusional as he is. Perhaps they are just not good at their jobs but Mitt being the guy who “loves to fire” people wasn’t smart enough to do that! I am sure that the Romneys have found people willing to fall all over them and their money and that has lead them to believe they are entitled to everything they set their little heart desires. This desire to occupy the White House should have just come to them in their thinking. People around them have enabled this thinking. This includes FOX News and their polling errors. But, it couldn’t be the Romney’s fault for not looking or listening to any other sources. (Keeping close to only those that agree with you is typical of Mormons. Except when they are out spreading the word on their missions that they know the truth and you don’t.)
Naturally Ann has to blame the media because everyone around them know how perfect they are and the media wasn’t allowing everyone else to see this. Silly girl, everyone else saw too much of how you and Mitty are even without your tax returns.
Going on FOX now and saying all this shows how important they think they still are and they have to let all the rest of us know how stupid they think we are. They have enough money to ride off into the sunset and never look back but where’s the fun in that unless we are chasing after them yelling, “We made a mistake! It should have been you!”
Well, why don’t you two hold your breath until you hear that from us!


I am totally sick of these deluded narcissists.

We got the message. They sneer at us – even those who work, pay taxes, serve their country. The fact we do that is IN ITSELF a source for their contempt. We heard that – and we’re MORE than the 47%. We are the majority of AMERICANS, and he did NOT win “the majority” but lost because he glommed onto the MINORITY – fearful white people.

These people are despicable. They’re worse than W in their sense of entitlement, and I never thought I’d find anyone more boldly self serving than he.

He is blaming his campaing OK – because he’s blaming his STAFF not himself. These are the same people whose credit cards he cut off election night leaving them to get home on their own money.

It was all summed up when he said, “I LOVE firing people who give me services.” That’s all of us. The ‘servers’ he despises, looks down on, and kicks in the gutter.

Just shut up Romneys. You are NOT Americans – you live in a tulle-lined fantasy world because you can. Take your money and move elsewhere. Or if you don’t – just SHUT UP. We don’t want to hear it because we never again wish to hear from YOU.


Of course Ann is happy to blame the media.

Certainly, she couldn’t blame the dysfunctional campaign her husband ran. Surely, she couldn’t blame the horrible policies her husband spouted (if we could ever figure out what those policies are/were). Positively, she couldn’t blame the fact that she and her husband looked down their noses at everyone who wasn’t like them. Absolutely, she couldn’t blame the fact that her husband lied through his teeth and then lied about his lying. Or, as AdLib said in another great article, “They are so deeply in denial, that they will deny they are denying anything and if the irony of this is pointed out to them, they will deny there’s any irony about them denying that they are denying their denials.” (Hope you don’t mind, AdLib, but I copied and pasted that line because it was so fitting for republicans/tpartiers.)

Of course Ann is happy to blame the media. Blaming the media takes away all of the “personal responsibility” from her and her husband. I lived up to my personal responsibility and voted for President Obama; Ann and her husband need to start living up to theirs.


Ah, sweet schadenfreude. I know it’s naughty to see/hear Thurston and Lovie fuming and whining, and to smile about it, but I can’t help it.

America. This country of ours just baffles me. We veer so incredibly close to the cliff sometimes, as with this near-miss with a Romney presidency. Sometimes we kinda go over the cliff — as with Nixon and Dubya.

And yet, when the chips are down, we sober up. (Or at least have so far.)

Then begins the phenomenon I’ve begun to call The Great Forgetting. Which goes along with The Grand Silence.

Notice how quiet it got after Nixon bowed out? After Dubya took off in that helicopter (“na-na-na-na, hey, hey, good-bye”)? And now, after the election, with Romney?

All three of them became “He Who Cannot Be Named.” The GOP can never, ever admit that they were wrong. But their substitution for that inability to own up to bad judgment is that the doofus in question is relegated to total obscurity and irrelevance forever.

I think that’s what’s really killing Mittens (and Anntoinette). He’s toxic to even his own party now. He’s no longer welcome at the country club.

And there’s nothing worse for a snob (or a pair of them) than being snubbed.


hear hear

Romney is, like GWB and Nixon, in the category of “He who cannot be named.”


But Mitt was “entitled” to the White House, damn it.
This is kinda what I hear when he ans Ann speak.


I for one am very glad that the Romneys will be relegated to the dustbin of US history. They did not deserve to win. They grossly underestimated the intelligence of most average Americans. Money neither makes one more intelligent or principled.

I think it’s quite humorous to see the Romneys still in a daze about losing to an African American. I have little doubt that they just instinctively counted on a misconception that white people are superior. Whoops!


Spot on , KT!
They are not “entitled” to the top office just because they are very rich.


Btw: “Baccarat crystal cocoon of denial” is awesome. 🙂


Poor Mitt. Poor Ann. It simply must KILL them to be on the outside looking in. All the other plutocrats simply lost their money last year. Mitt and Ann lost their time, their dignity, and their political juice to boot! This is tragedy on a Shakespearean level indeed.

I am starting to get the sneaking suspicion that perhaps their staggering wealth isn’t to blame for their tone-deaf attitudes and platitudes.

Maybe they’re both just inherently assholes.


Funk, no disagreement here.


I hear there’s a sale on Rafalka at IKEA.


You guys are killing me. Seriously.. 🙂


I have often read, rarely if ever commented, so I thank you first of all for your good work. During the election season I build a folder of bookmarks about Romney that I could use when refuting the nonsense that he spouted. I thought I had closed that file forever and with relief. However, I am please today to add this post as the final, perfect entry for that file. You have just post The Last Word on Willard Mittens Romney. Amen.


Welcome to the commenting part of the Planet experience, Maryl. Hope to see/read more of your thoughts here.

I love the way you expressed that: “The Last Word on Willard Mittens Romney.”

May he and Dubya dwell in the Land of Obscurity forever!