Vox Populi – 3-8-2013

  • AdLib : I see. Sounds like it works out well! Right, see you here! Night!

  • SallyT : I will see you around here, for sure. But, have a great weekend!

  • SallyT : I have to download because my husband can watch anything until the weekend because of the hours he works. So, one day of the weekend, we watch movies or something. He hasn’t seen House of Cards yet but he will like it. He likes Spacey.

  • AdLib : Very cool! Would be great for Vox, Funnies and Music Thread! WIll do, have a great rest of your evening and see you here over the weekend!

  • SallyT : I have the connection that hooks my laptop to our big screen. I can even see the Planet on there! Pretty neat. Okay, you go watch one and tell me if you like it! I am anxious to know.

  • AdLib : Oh! I can stream Netflix to my tv through my DVD player which is what I was mentioning before, being able to stream films from other sources would be great.

  • SallyT : I don’t have Netflix, my daughter does. I use this service out of Australia and I get the movies sooner.

  • AdLib : Sounds good.

  • SallyT : I know, I hate that, too. But, I don’t think we will have to wait too long for the next.

  • AdLib : They’re on Netflix so I can just stream them, one after the next.

  • AdLib : That’s the drag with watching a series right away. I’ve caught up on series that have ended and it’s great to be able to go through all the cliffhangers to the next season!

  • AdLib : That

  • SallyT : Spoiler alert! It ends with a cliff hanger. But that will make you want to see season two!

  • SallyT : Kevin Spacey is fantastic in it!

  • SallyT : There are 13 all together for the season.

  • SallyT : So, you better download several at a time!

  • SallyT : You do that! I can’t wait to hear if you like it or not. I know you will. You will get hooked with the first show.

  • AdLib : Well, think I will check out House of Cards then!

  • SallyT : There aren’t many here, either. This one has been in the same family for years and they have been able to keep it going.

  • AdLib : Not many of those left here in LA but I grew up with those.

  • SallyT : They don’t have much of a parking lot, so, most just walk there.

  • AdLib : Love those kinds of theaters, not a huge fan of the multiplex.

  • SallyT : We have a little old theater up the street from us and I love going to it. It has the hit new movies but just one screen. It is really like the old times.

  • AdLib : Sally – Yuck indeed, that has turned me off watching it. Don’t need to see AH or MS, bored with them.