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AdLib On October - 22 - 2012

This is it, the third and final debate between President Obama and Governor Romney takes place tonight at 6:00 pm PST. Once again, we are pleased to host a live chat for tonight’s debate and invite all of our members to join us for an insightful and entertaining way to experience the debate.

You can watch the debate live and participate in the live discussion on our Live Events page, you can also see and join the discussion in the Live Events widget that will appear on all pages thirty minutes prior to the debate (don’t forget to refresh your browser in order to see it). Please feel free to join our “pre-show” live chat at 5:30 pm as we ramp up to tonight’s debate.

The topic is foreign policy, this should be a solid debate for President Obama but never underestimate Mitt Romney’s capacity to twist the truth and accusations and pass them off as authentic.

Hope to see you then!


Written by AdLib

My motto is, "It is better to have blogged and lost hours of your day, than never to have blogged at all."

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  1. bito says:

    So let’s take a fresh look and recap what Mitt said and his take on Foreign policy is this morning:

    Yes, but let me — let me — let me come back — let’s come back — let’s come back and go back to what the president was speaking about, which is what’s happening in the world and — and — and the president’s statement that things are going so well.

    Look, I — I look at what’s happening around the world and I see Iran four years closer to a bomb. I see the Middle East with a rising tide of violence, chaos, tumult. I see jihadists continuing to spread. Whether they’re rising or just about the same level hard to — hard to precisely measure, but it’s clear they’re there. They’re very, very strong.

    I see Syria with 30,000 civilians dead, Assad still in power.

    What gobbledygook!

    Yet that said, he seemed to follow and agree with everything the President said….this time.

    Romney Debate Strategy: Pretend to Agree with the President

    Romney’s incoherent message last night (updated)


    Speaking from a purely political operative standpoint, I have to admit that the Romney Campaign timed Mitts final flip-flop was near perfect, it managed to catch just enough voters at the right time that they did not catch all the flip-flops he has made in the past. Some are just aware of his one position only and that was when he made his big flip at the first debate.
    I’m not talking about a large number of voters that only saw his last change, it was/is just enough to tighten the race to where it stands now. Combine that with the get the black man out of our White House and you end up with your 1-2% per precinct and that’s enough.
    And with him doing the major flip at the very end he had even the knowledgeable Republican voters in a spot that they had no where else to go but Romney. Had Mitt done all the flips and lies a month before the convention he may not have been the nominee, instead he made the decision to make the complete flop at the first debate.

    • BITO the real challenge here is for the American electorate. If Romney is elected America is beyond lost. Bush scared people enough in 2004 to win but even that campaign tactic was sort of ‘rational’ given the events of the time. But if Romney wins this election with the most cynical strategy ever that even makes Nixon look like an honest pol the right wing has won by dumbing down America and depending on white America being a xenophobic tribe that does not care about character. We just have never ever seen a person with this low level of character be this close to the White House.

    • bito says:

      I don’t believe that this is exactly what they are saying on Hardball. Exactly!

  2. Hey folks. I’m gonna record the debate and watch after the game. When I slept through most of the debate last time it seemed to work for Obama so I’ll try deferring watching the debate until later again. Much better for the ole ticker too.

  3. Kalima says:

    I’m feeling queasy, not because I’m worried for the President in this debate, but because of the nonsense Romninny will spout again. The Libya farce will no doubt be flung around like bird shit falling on everyone’s head, and the national security aspect will once again be ignored and tested.

    Romney has no foreign policy except for siding with the war monger Netanyahu about bombing Iran, and most of us in the international community would never sleep soundly again if he stole the election.

    What I’m hoping for again tonight is that the President with his experience of FP over the last few years, will stomp on him with facts, and leave him once again, red faced, sweaty and foaming at the mouth. Personally I don’t hold much significance to debates, if I could vote, the debates wouldn’t change my mind about the candidate/nominee I want to vote for. If people can’t vote on a candidate”s record to date, then I find that lazy. Romney has an awful record as a governor, his flip flops are world famous, so in my opinion the only reason anyone would vote for this unpopular man and his even more unpopular so-called policies, is to vote against Obama not to vote for Romney because he is the better man. That is so sad America, so very sad.

    I will watch again on C-Span because CNN has too many misinformed pundits thinking whoever speaks the loudest wins.

    See you after the debate, or if not, in your morning. Have a great night.

    Obama/Biden 2012!

    • I’m with you K about watching Romney and all his lies, especially live during the debates he makes me physically ill. It’s just so upsetting to me that such a huge liar is so close to the presidency.

      • Kalima says:

        3,000 dead in Syria, where does he get his info, it’s close to 30,000. Idiot!

        Romninny has just given a list of everything that the Obama admin is already doing. Pathetic.

        Romney is parroting the President, it’s ridiculous.

        I call it for the President, Romney has nothing to offer on foreign policy, nothing at all.

        Shut him up!!


        The night belongs to Obama!

    • AlphaBitch says:

      ;Hi K! I grant you the power of “wishful voting” for this election. It’s not fraudulent.

      Hope to see you. I predict it will be a draw, with each side seeing what they want and each side scoring some points (valid or not).

      I loved my drive with my sticker. I’m now in Arkansas and you should SEE the slow down stares from the Bubbas. I go get coffee and peek outside. Oh well -- if they break in, I have clean clothes and my netbook now. Blov loses his stuff and we would lose the gifts -- none expensive. C’est le vie. I’m not ready to make nice, as the Dixie Chicks sang.

      • Kalima says:

        I will vote for Obama in my head and with my heart AB, I have too many American friends who are uninsured.

        For some reason I thought you were already home, silly me. Be safe and see you soon. Don’t know if I’ll make it back here after the debate, but I’ll leave my snotty opinion on tomorrow’s Morning Blog if I don’t.

        Many hugs to you and the Blov. Come home soon.

    • AdLib says:

      Kalima, I think that tonight’s debate will be similar to the previous one. Romney will rattle off lie after lie, phony accusation after phony accusation and Obama will repeat, “Again, what Governor Romney said is just not true”.

      Who do you think will come across as more authentic and knowledgeable about foreign affairs? The guy who can’t even visit the London Olympics without screwing up?

      I would like to see Obama remind folks about Romney’s disastrous European trip. And of course, Romney’s rush to judgment in attacking Obama on “sympathizing with the terrorists” the night of the Benghazi attack.

      Hang in there, Romney will not trump Obama on foreign policy, especially when it comes to terrorism which is what Americans are most concerned about.

      I’m annoyed by Romney but confident in Obama’s abilities to come across as smart and in charge while showing Romney to be a phony who will say anything to steal the Presidency.

      • Kalima says:

        I know that Romney won’t trump Obama AdLib, the thing that makes me feel queasy is the lies and that there are people who are watching who will believe them. My heart goes out to all those who have to watch this Romney circus, who know the truth about what a Romney/Ryan WH would look like for America.

        I was one of the few people who thought that Obama won the first debate, and just felt sick to my soul that so many gave the debate to Romney based on his pack of lies. That didn’t sit well with me, and never will. I have far too much respect for the truth.

        Benghazi shouldn’t even be up for discussion on an open arena yet, there is no way a sitting President should or would disclose full details of what happened that day, the investigation is still ongoing. Can you imagine Romney as president giving away classified information on the TV, he would be a disaster and a diplomatic nightmare. America would have Romneyleaks on its hands, and the world would be in shambles.

        I’m watching tonight for the President and for everyone here who believes in him. Like the last time, I’m armed with soft things to throw at my computer screen, and have a barf bag next to me on the sofa.

        See you later maybe. Take care.

  4. AlphaBitch says:

    Heyho, everybody! I’ll be here. It’s my last night on the road -- home again tomorrow, Inshallah (my Secret Muslim Society word). Blov flew home yesterday, and I left Nashville this morning. In Little Rock -- not exactly a bastion of liberal thought, so I decided to hole up, watch the debate in my very nice room and see what’s shakin’ bacon with the Planeteers.

    FWIW: Watch the Iran talk. That will be HUGE and play well with Rmoney and his ilk in Boca Raton. Israel at all costs. Watch.

    OK who’s picking what phrase/catch word? Maybe I’ll go with “strongest ally”. I need a drink. -- AB

    • AdLib says:

      Hey AB, look forward to seeing you here!

      Absolutely, Romney will be pandering at full power to Jewish voters with his praise of Netanyahu’s saber rattling and how the US will support them…in bombing Iran, but he’ll skip that part. And he’ll portray Obama as an enemy of Israel and the Jews.

      Will that work in Boca, will they buy the words of the lying Mormon? Jews aren’t necessarily going to fall for it. But Obama should hang the prospect of war with Iran heavily around Romney’s neck and connect him repeatedly with a return to torture, wars and the Bush years. I mean, with so many of Romney’s foreign policy people ex-Bushies, that shouldn’t be hard.

      And immigration should be front and center, that is not a good issue for Romney and it is an international issue.

  5. Nirek says:

    Folks, I shudder thinking about Romney in charge of diplomacy for America. He is so out of touch with 99% of Americans about everything. I hate the thought of him trying to invade Iran. Or Russia which he says is Americas worst enemy !
    Clueless may be tame for Mitt but that describes him to a tee!

    • AdLib says:

      Nirek, this is very similar to the Bush mentality. He was clueless and had Cheney and the neocons calling the shots and programming him with their war agenda.

      But Romney isn’t going to win.

    • SueInCa says:

      Trouble is he has a whole army of people behind him that are clueless as well. Understanding how Mitt Romney changes like a chameleon, I don’t think anyone can really count on a steady person in the Oval office. The man never thinks he is wrong, that is a serious character flaw and dangerous for the country. It will be worse than Bush.

  6. Surely Romney will hit Obama with the Libya embassy attacks. He got bitch slapped for accusing Obama of taking 14 days to call it an act of terrorism. I think Romney will now focus on what the right has been calling a cover-up of some sort.

    What’s to cover up, really? Conflicting reports? just like a crime here in the US, there are always conflicting reports by the media, in the few weeks following the crime. Obama should also mention how counter productive it would be to give a blow by blow account of what our intelligence agencies discover on a day by day basis. I wouldn’t be surprised if Romney calls the investigation itself a cover-up. He’s that stupid.

    • AdLib says:

      Yes, KT, that is one of the very rare topics that Romney has to bring up and he will no doubt wring the hell out of it, stating that it is either incompetence or a scandal but the issue itself is of little interest to most Americans. I think Obama counters with Bin Laden dead and Al Qaeda demolished.

      And find a way to bring back up the War on Women as long as Romney is clamoring for war on Iran.

    • 2belinda says:

      KT, this is the part that has me flummoxed. Cover-up what?

      Some folks watch way too much TV. Do they think murder/overseas political assassinations can be solved in 60 minutes with a few commercial breaks in between, ala CSI or Law and Order. Then there are those who know full well (Issa and gang) that there is no cover-up and are just being disingenuous. Last among the least there are the deliberately obtuse.

      • Exactly 2Belinda. I think this ploy by the GOPers only works on those low informed and no-informed republicans that willingly believe anything they are told by their GOPer masters. If it’s anti-Obama, no matter how ridiculous or reality defying, they’ll swallow it, hook, line and sinker. Fortunately, they make up only about 25% of our voting population. If that much. They’re the same people that faithfully supported Bush, no matter what he did.

        • 2belinda says:

          …and I am hoping that 25% will not turn out in large numbers to vote. It’s baffling how some hear Mitt bouncing from idea to idea, position-position and each time they say yeah yeah that’s the ticket.

          I love, “reality defying” LOL

          The miseducation of America is more than a notion…

      • AdLib says:

        Hey 2belinda, this is just a transparent attempt to whip up a scandal out of nothing, the Repubs know what they’re doing and just hoping the public will buy their phony charges on this.

        So far, most Americans aren’t even following Benghazi so it doesn’t seem to be working.

        • 2belinda says:

          I just returned Stateside and folks in some of the most out of the way places in the Caribbean are doubled over laughing at how could this Election be so close, calling Romney a logga head. (a stupid person).

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