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AdLib On March - 3 - 2012

As the human pork product Rush Limbaugh is discovering, you can’t demean and shove women around like it’s still the 1950’s.

To recognize their strength and power that won’t be diminished by obese neanderthals, this week’s music theme is about women. Women singers, composers and songs about women.

Sisters Are Doing It For Themselves – Eurythmics (and Aretha Franklin)

I Am Woman – Helen Reddy

Bad Reputation – Joan Jett

Think – Aretha Franklin

Categories: Music Thread

Written by AdLib

My motto is, "It is better to have blogged and lost hours of your day, than never to have blogged at all."

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  1. Great song, from a great film—Cabaret--Liza Minnelli;

  2. Much love for my ladies of hip hop and R&B too.

    Eve -- Love is Blind

    TLC -- Waterfalls

    Kellee Maize -- Third Eye

    Lauryn Hill -- Everything Is Everything

    Lady Sovereign -- Tango (I call the Boehner mix)

    Love the chorus because it could be a totally parody of Boehner as well as the typical UK chav.

    What network are you on, ORANGE,
    Colour of your bathwater, ORANGE,
    Your favourite fruit must be an ORANGE,
    Bitch, did you know your ORANGE, [x2]
    Slap bang goes on your fake tan,
    Bitch you look like the tango man
    Woodeeyy wooo, do the tango,
    Wooodeeyy wooo, do the tango [x2]

    Its the gone wrong salon”

    • Love R&B, but just can’t get into rap or Hip Hop.

      • Probably an age thing. jk jk

        Most of today’s stuff is just commercial crap but the old school and ’90s stuff was pretty powerful and real.

        Kathrine Tate did a great character who was part of the chav culture in the UK. It was hilarious. “I’m not bothered”.


        • I imagine some of it is good. And I think it may be an offshoot of the Beat’s spoken word with a jazz back round, which I do like.
          I don’t care for the drum machines and forced rhyme, and so much of it is pretty negative, lyrics wise. I don’t care much for many rhyming poems either. Just a personal thing. Each to his/her own.

          • Yup it’s all personal preference. Though I even like the ’90s techno. The ’90s really was a good decade for music. Not the 60’s or early 70’s but pretty good.

            There’s also allot of positive messages in hip hop like from Common, Mos Def, the Roots, the Spooks, etc that was not mainstream commercial like the gansta rap. Even though I liked some of the honest gansta rap when it reflected reality too.

            • KQ, no doubt that music can illicit time travel, for sure. Music can bring back instant memories, good ones and not so good ones.
              Many times I can listen to music in the present tense without ruminating about the past. Usually when I hear something I haven’t heard before. Like Imelda May, a great talent who loves rockabilly, and I’m not a huge rockabilly fan, but when she is involved I just love it and it is due to her immense talent as a singer/musician. She does other styles as well and can take a song by someone else and truly make it her own. Cassandra Wilson can do the same thing. Talk about sexy voices. Her’s is so soulful and sultry, I get great enjoyment from listening to her.

            • Oh I think music is many things including sort of a timeline and time capsule of our lives. When I hear songs from the 60’s and 70’s I think of my youth and old friends for example. It’s just part of the fabric of my life. Though I think there were better and worse eras of music as well for various reasons. The 90’s was really the end of the album era of music so that’s probably a big reason why I’m nostalgic for music from that era. Now that we’re in the MP3 and YouTube age with the iPod and satellite radio music is all one big mix tape where most people buy individual songs instead of albums. But I guess that fits our short attention span society well.

              It’s funny I like most music but I’m not a big opera, twangy western fan or show tunes. Depending on the mood I’m in I listen to about everything else. If you put a gun to my head I would probably say 70’s progressive rock and electric blues guitar along with rock are my favorites.

            • I don’t really judge music by what decade it grew out of. I’m pretty eclectic in my tastes. If it is done well, with real musical talent, I usually like it. I think good music is timeless.
              I never cared much for Opera, but when I heard the very young teen aged Jackie Evancho sing, I was blown away. I even like the classic oldies that reigned in my father’s time. Sinatra, Bobby Darin, Dean Martin, Tony Bennett…etc. I love the original jazz musicians like Miles Davis, Coltrane, Charlie Parker, Lester Young, Chet Baker, and the great female jazz singers like Billy Holiday, Sarah Vaughn, Ella Fitzgerald…etc.

  3. Can’t have a lady’s thread without this little Irish ball of fire! Imelda May and Jeff Beck;

  4. Then of course there is no greater power on earth than a woman scorned.

    Alanis Morissette -- You Oughta Know (Video)

    She was great in concert too.

  5. Lina Ronstadt--Blue Bayou;

  6. Sade sultry and sexy lady power.

    Sade Live -- No Ordinary Love

  7. Melissa Etheridge--Like I Do;

  8. foodchain says:

    Here’s one for all those good ole boys who like keeping their wimmin in their place with special thanks to Gov McDonnell; VA, Sen Blunt, MO; John Boehner for effort; Rush Limbaugh; and any voting official who lies or jokes about issues important to women. Add Brietbart for calling anyone an animal for exercising their freedom of speech.

    “I’m Not Ready to Make Nice” by some women who know

  9. AdLib says:

    This one goes out to Rush Out-on-a-limb-dog:

    You’re No Good -- Linda Ronstadt

  10. Kalima says:

    Nora Jones -- Come Away With Me

    Tina: Live! -- What’s Love Got To Do With It

    Whitney Houston -- Waiting to Exhale

    Mary J. Blige -- Not Gon Cry

  11. Khirad says:

    Too perfect.

    Ayria -- Bad List

    I wasn’t kidding.

    Somehow it feels I’m getting more frustrated
    With every tongue tied, wild eyed, overrated
    Narcissistic, self absorbed spawn of a generation bored

    Want to see you vulnerable, I am not your equal
    Ruling with an iron fist, and you are on my bad list
    A routine casualty
    Razor sharp beauty queens
    Bridges built are bridges burned
    You will get what you deserve

    What did they do,
    That made you so awful
    Why do you say,
    The stupid things you do
    The ones you’ve hurt,
    I hope they hurt you too
    The things you’ve done,
    Will eat away at you

    And now I think I’m done caring
    Too many mindless, self obsessed, overbearing
    Misogynistic, plastic hearts
    Can’t wait to see you torn apart


    You’ve made this list,
    You won’t be missed
    You’ll have to learn,
    Some things you don’t deserve

  12. lalalu says:

    Pat Benatar, Blondie, Heart,……this thread is rocking, lol

  13. zenith1959 says:

    Out of the 100’s of concerts I’ve been to, only time I ever saw a band booed off stage was when an unfortunate top 40 lounge band got picked to open for Patti Smith at the height of punk in the late 70’s

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